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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

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    It's funny to see all the ref talk and influence yet for years y'all mock and laugh when I say they cheating or the script. This shit been going on since magic and bird to Jordan to Shaq and Kobe to Bron to golden st. The refs will put teams in the penalty when they can't score be non consistent with calls get caught up with momentum and make calls based off of it.. the shit be obvious but folk play dumb until the team they hate benefit or the team they like gets fucked

    The funny shit is seeing these Lakers/Kobe turned GSW fans talking about the league rigging games when they played in a game that is easily seen as the most rigged in NBA history vs the Kings

    I can't understan how Laker Fans are rooting for GS.

    I wouldn't want anytime in my state to win Rings

    they not rootin for GS they rootin against LeBron..
    every game that nigga scores a point grabs a board or get an assist he sets himself that much further from that fuck nigga Kobe..

    all these niggas got is Kobe's 5rings to hang on..

    even tho he wasnt responsible for 3


    Hold on fam. I don't usually do this but I gotta throw the cape on right quick. Y'all gon stop discrediting my nigga Bean.

    What did Shaq do before Kobe became Kobe? I'll tell you. Not a damn thing. Orlando went to the ship, cool but he didn't get no ring.

    Lakers were routinely getting put out of the playoffs until Kobe emerged as that nigga. I'll give you '00, Shaq did his thing but Kobe was also intentionally injured by Rose in the Finals so there's that.

    In the next two title runs Kobe was fooling. Y'all just look at the Finals stats (he balled in 01) and say that he was carried. When the truth is Kobe was busting ass every round.

    People seem to forget Shaq literally had no equal.
    It was just smart basketball for him to be the number 1 option. Shaq would've been number 1 no matter who team he was on. He was impossible to stop.
    Outside of Dikembe and a Google search most people can't tell you who Shaq matched up against during their run.

    When Shaq big ass was fouling out and needing oxygen tanks on the sideline Kobe was putting on for the squad.


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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

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    The change in narratives would be hilarious. I hope he leaves for that reason alone. Lebron would be the undisputed GOAT if he left again. The amount of fucks he don't give is astronomical.

    "The Clippers never even made it to the WCF before it's not like they been to the Finals like the Warriors. "

    "Bron only had two other all stars in Cleveland now it'll before just like GS."

    "Blake and CP3 are always hurt anyway"

    "They only won 51 games last year"

    "This KD fault. If he stayed in OKC this wouldn't have ever happened"

    The possibilities are endless.


    Oh shit a typo. Idk how I'm going to go on with life now.

    Thanks fam

  • Re: What is the most powerful Hip Hop picture?

    Completely unrelated but seeing Biggie in that crew made me think about it.

    What happened to that pride in HBCUs? In the 90s we stayed rocking HBCU apparel.

    Was it more of a trend that just died or it had to do with us not being represented as much as we used to be in the media?

    Cosby Show
    Different World
    Fresh Prince
    Higher Learning
    Def Comedy Jam
    Living Single

    Cosby and Martin stayed in HBCU gear. You'd see Will with a hoodie or hat. Many of the comics rocked it. A Different World was an entire show about black college kids.

    Were we more prideful in the 90s?
    This might be a good spin off thread.
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    Harrell and Dekker should've got tick. Dantoni should explain that one.
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  • Re: Best Rapper Of The New Millennium is.... Lupe Fiasco

    Niggas insecure, that's what it boils down too. I'll play whatever the hell I want in my car. I'll go from jazz to rap to r&b to gospel in a matter of a couple songs.

    If you listen to 50 (or similar artist) you're somehow more validated to live a life filled with naked women, money, sex and other bullshit. As opposed to if you listen to Lupe you live at home, eating pizza rolls and watch anime all day.

    My dad was a pimp, sold drugs, had a bunch of kids and that nigga could tell you every single detail about Marvel and DC superheroes. According to the IC, that shouldn't be possible.

    Y'all living in some fantasy world where what you like is somehow connected to a life you may or may not live.

    It's funny as hell but it's still top 5 dumbest shit I've ever heard.
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