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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    All you niggas that gave me that "lol" bet y'all ain't laughing now.

    Myndset wrote: »
    So the cavs played 2 bad games. What happens if they win 2 games at home? Let's not act like this isn't the nba finals and it's over. I think Lebron will take over in the next 2 games. Clown all you want but I still have the Cavs winning it all. Let's not be prisoners of the moment.

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  • Re: Valedictorians Brag About Being Illegal Aliens in Valedictory Speeches

    What exactly are they asking for? No one wants anything for free? They want papers to have an opportunity to work, provide for their families. People kill me with this immigrant bs and act like it's only Hispanic people. Somalians are flooding the country, Russians, and Asians.

    How are Hispanics the biggest consumers of welfare? When you are undocumented you can't get those benefits. Get all they the fuck out of here with that.

    I'm a United States Marine, a 2nd generation Hispanic in the United States. don't ever demand that someone show their loyalty to the country that I served if you didn't.

    You close minded piece of shit.
    Myndset wrote: »
    I hope you were in the military because if you didn't serve stfu. Prove your loyalty bitch nigga [/quote[

    I was born here, as a matter of fact my family has been in Nachoghes, TX since the Civil War. As far as military service, I should of service, it would been a good experience. However, these illegals act as if America owes them something. Why is it that they're demanding shit from a nation and a people when they're foreigners, as opposed to the governments of their country of origin?

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  • Re: The Official MMA Thread: UFC 202: Conor vs Diaz, AJ vs Glover

    Myndset wrote: »
    I posted a perfect link 3 post ago.....

    How do you even set that up?

    Download the shit from the website.. goto the media tab hit the 3rd one down paste and there you go
    Read that it doesn't work for mac
  • Re: NEW Jay Electronica - The Curse of Mayweather

    All this, while Jay Z is out here taking Kendrick out everywhere like his step son and Jay Electronic still can't get a release date.. Lol
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  • Re: Smashin' Another Dude's Lady: Gather And Share

    I smashed a married chick one time about 4 years ago still regret that shit. She is married to my dads friend both her husband and her are my younger sisters god parents. Her husband was an asshole I guess and my stepmoms would joke around about how chick that I was cute I thought she was joking till one day she tried to kiss me. Long story short my pops and dude went to the casino one night she stayed at the crib all night came and knocked on my door I fucked all night (pussy was good)... But now I can't even look dude in the eyes he always been cool with me, my dad would kill me if he knew. I was only 19 young and dumb.
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