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  • Re: SHOOTING YOUR SHOT FAILS......let's talk about them

    Posted this in the Playas Lounge, but this should liven up this thread. Grab some popcorn, this is a long worthwhile read.
    Aight so here we go...

    Met this jawn on Twitter that goes to my university named Deja. Initially I'm not even attracted to her in any type of way because she's Super Saiyan average, but looks aren't everything. We meet, hit it off, shits cool, she coming over, spending the night all that stuff. I think I like this girl.

    Mistake #1

    Before I actually met her, I peeped her twitter and see that she calls some nigga her boyfriend. We will call him Ellington. Whatever I'll see how she plays that but I don't bring it up.

    Mistake #2

    She used to always mention all the other niggas she talked to and why it didn't work out. But shes still a Virgin. She also tells me this cat at school tried to rape her but she got some football niggas to beat his ass. I'm thinking "niggas really out here trynna rape bitches. Foul shit." whatever kept it moving cuz I'm trynna fuck and get the ball rolling on this relationship thing. Also I give my people the heads up about this nigga because we can't have a serial rapist running around campus.

    Mistake #3

    We are supposed to get together for valentine's day. I can talk shit with the best of them so we are jokingly talking shit to each other, and she goes "well what do you want me to?" I say "me." she goes "its funny because you sound like those other guys" my response, "its funny because you still managed to fall for all of that dumb shit those other guys told you"

    Shes heated and stops talking to me for the weekend. No valentine's pussy for me.

    Mistake #4

    She has a friend she calls her best friend but you know how that goes: they talk so much shit about each other behind their backs. This friend starts to fall for your boy too, but she's not my type whatsoever and I made that crystal clear. Despite this, her and her friend compete although I made it clear I already chose. She also decides to not tell her friend she comes over and whatnot.

    Mistake #5

    One weekend we made plans to study and go on a date. Cool. Friday rolls around, no response. Saturday comes. No response. Sunday comes and I'm not the type to sweat bitches, so I cool it and study with her best friend who is in my other class. They are both in this ceremony and I'm like oh OK. Then her friend goes "Yeah you didn't know? Ellington came up here to take her to this ceremony. He's been here all weekend"


    Mistake #6

    I bring that shit up when I see her Monday. Mind you, I already knew she was claiming this nigga, but she tells me that they are really close because they've known each other since for forever and her family is nonexistent, but they aren't dating. Shes like "I like you. I even told Ellington how jealous I was that you were studying with my best friend because it bothers me" hook, L, sinker.

    L #7

    This girl used to call me and cuss me out if I wasn't texting her back fast enough. Now all of a sudden she's really aloof and whatnot. She'll always ask what I'm doing, say she's doing nothing, then decline if I'm like "well come to the library with me then". But if I'm studying with her friend, "why do you hang out with her so much? You know that it bothers me."


    Chilling with her friend one day and she goes "oh yeah you know Deja has a boyfriend right? They've been dating for a while" I think it's just her being jealous because she wants me too, so I ask deja about why her friend said that. Her response "idk why you listen to her. You know she wants you and will say whatever. I like you"

    Cool I'm like damn, I really like this girl. It's been a min since I've felt like this

    L #9

    Its the week before mid semester break. Me and her get into an argument because she's playing too many games. In my mind, if two people are interested in each other, then it would make sense to spend time with each other. I guess that's not logical,although she hates when I'm with her friend. Trust me, I wouldn't even hit her friend out of spite. I'm like let's just talk it out. She's like that sounds good, and we set up a time and place. We are supposed to meet the Friday before break, no response. No response all break. I get back to school see her in class, say hey and keep it moving. Later on I get a text message from her "can we talk?" we talk and she goes on about how she saw my tweets that we were in the same area, she's sorry for standing me up, then she says "are we good? Because I felt some type of way when you looked at me in class and kept it moving. And it hurt when my friend was texting me about how you put her on to the rapper Blu" I was like, this talk literally solved nothing. We go our seperate ways and we still text sporadically but I get a message maybe every 5 hours.

    Super Saiyan God L #10

    Fathers, teach your kids early that bitches aren't shit and that sweet shit DOES NOT WORK. Im in my feelings, so I write this FIRE poem about her. It came from a place of bitchnigganess, but that poem was pure, unadulterated, flames. Show her friend, and I ask her "what's the deal with your friend? Why she bugging?" her friends response:

    "honestly CashmoneyDux, idk why you are so into her. She's a really popular girl, so there are a bunch of guys that want her. Has she showed you she's into you? It's like you project your feelings onto other people and get mad when they don't feel the way you want them to feel. You're honestly, just one of they many guys she talks to"


    Super Saiyan Blue L #11-13

    I text deja and was like "let's talk" she accepts, and we shoot the shit and I then asked "what's up between us?" she goes "after break, I thought you had moved on and so I distanced myself."

    "how? I told you I was clearly into you" I even show her the poem.

    "Yeah well Idk what I want right now" (she told me she wanted a real relationship with no bullshit)

    "so am I wasting my time here?"

    "I don't want to say no, but it would have to happen organically again. I still want to talk to you though"

    My heart broke into miniature pieces, but I kept it moving. We still talk and flirt, so I'm like maybe this could eventually work out


    Ether #1

    One day she calls me while I'm asleep so I text her back and ask her what's up. She's like oh I wanted to talk to you about something. I'm like Word what's up?



    Like youre really going to ask me of all people that? And act like you don't know what rejection feels like?

    That was our last real conversation. Oh and the kicker:

    Found out from someone that cuz she said tried to rape her actually didn't. She told him she wasn't a Virgin when she was and when he hit and found out, he dreaded that shit because he thought the bitch was crazy. Mind you, she told me she was a Virgin. THEN ON TOP OF THAT, she told people i was going to date her bestfriend.

    Also her boyfriend knows NONE OF THIS.

    I hope you all learn something from this.

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  • Re: Thoughts on this pic...

    Materialism isn't specifically a black issue.

    Smh but it hurts black people more because we have less discretionary income due to the systematic shit I just mentioned, but yall keep saying that to make yourselves feel better
  • Re: Thoughts on this pic...

    Can I choose both? This picture is rather racist, but it calls out the materialism in the black community.

    But it also fails to acknowledge the systematic oppression and indoctrination that made 1) this picture possible 2) our community disoriented

    Fuck who made this picture
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  • Re: Young M.A. hustles $33,000 from New Orleans promoter then doesn't show up

    So niggas are gonna act like the south isnt dumber?

    and im from the south
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  • Re: White Privilege: Joe McKnight's killer, Ronald Gasser, released from custody.. Smh...

    Trillfate wrote: »

    And he'll be fined for it by the Niggas For Lease

    nah, this week players can wear customs cleats for a cause of their choice

    Massa has a heart
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