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    I'm not even going to front, I would've shitted on his wife and put her to work or something lol.

    Yeah that kinda fucked of the greatness of his history for me. Showing compassion for your captor and slaver's kin is something I couldn't or should I say wouldn't do.

    Smh so much hate...

    My nigga you can love and shoe compassion to someone who used you as a farm animal? You're better than me in that aspect.

    My point is you dont know how they treated him... im not gonna lie if i was a slave and I had good masters when i was set free if they needed me i would help them.... im sure if they were that evil he would have stayed away..

    Now on the flip side if I had evil masters then fuck them... die slow... id probably kill them myself..

    This nigga whilin, anybody that considered me a SLAVE and I had to call them MASTER dies as soon as the opportunity presents itself along with their family and friends.

    Nigga you probably only shot yo gun at the gun range... lol yall the weakest "real niggas" on the Internet..

    but you aint shooting yours at slave masters tho

    Dumb ass I said if they were bad masters I would kill them myself... you niggas have selective reading skills..

    There's a such thing as a good slave master?

    Im actually reading a book right now about slavery.. yes there were.. Do I agree with slavery? Fuck no.. But im not naive to assume none of the slave masters actually cared for their slaves.. whether you know it or not the slave masters and slaves knew who were the "good" masters were and who where the bad..

    Nigga read ONE book now he's the leading expert on slavery.

    You're dumb as shit
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    Stop feeding the troll
  • Re: Guy Code Violation! NBA Player Nick Young gets snitched on by teammate.

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    It's interesting that the public hates Russell for exploiting someone's trust, when nick did the same thing to his girl in the first place. Shit is weird

    Exactly. Niggas in here are always talking about accountability, but this time it's different apparently.

    Nick Young didn't purposely record a video of him smashing ol girl and have it leak out though...that's the difference. Not 1 person has said Nick Young is right for cheating...the issue is him being recorded w/o him knowing. That's just not an idea most people are ok with no matter what you're talking about let alone something in your personal life

    Then when I asked the question if cheating was wrong how come no one answered? The games you niggas play bro. They are both wrong but you all are clearly diminishing the fact that he cheated.
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    5 grand and Kingbiz been getting real disrespectful lately Lmao