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  • Re: What is so special about J. Dilla?

    RIP dilla but i have always thought he was very overrated with his beats, there are joints he has that I really like but overall his beats are not as dope as the hype of his legacy imo.
    to me he is like mf doom, i find extremely boring and overrated but ppl who like him think he the best thing ever
  • Re: Yall remember when Drake backed Hov and Ye down lol

    who has jay-z killed lyrically, really? why niggas act like jay is god when it comes to beef and dissing. Jay ducked game cause he knew lyrically he won't win vs the game. Jay got mobb deep but he aint kill them, he made fun of them being short and called prodigy out for wearing a tutu that was it. jay's reply to camron was so average for someone who jay should totally destroy on dig a hole, his reply to jim jones was so avarage again on the ballin remix. Jay is dope but he is extremely overated, especially when it comes to beefing and dissing. pusha-t has had way better disses and lines he has thrown at drake and wayne than most of jay's disses
    My point is there are a lot of rappers out there that will win and even destroy jay in a battle but niggas act like aint nobody fucking with jay. I give jay his props on that cause he has built and marketed himself as this untouchable god mc to the people.
    and to be honest I know drake is a sensitive topic on this forum with a lot you guys lol, but drake's back to back is better lyrically than most if not all of jay's disses to people. back to back does not get the lyrical credit it deserves cause its drake and also it was such a commercial diss song and very popular
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Gets Kicked Out, After Crashing A Wedding

    hahah what this nigga doing, people trying to get married and enjoy their special day and this nigga trying to pull a publicity stunt,
    I guess he trying to be drake now dabbing lol
  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Hits the Quan with Terry Crews; Half of Audience Leaves

    I think this is kendrick's attempt to be somehwhat manstream lol.
    nigga trying to do a drake hotline bling video lol
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar - "To Pimp a Butterfly"

    Okay finally heard this album, I gotta say it is an overhyped album. Yea the sound is different but that dont mean its dope or classic, I think kendrick is trying too hard to be different. The album is ok/good nothing more nothing less to me. I think kendrick fans are forcing themselves to listen and like this album lol.
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