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  • Re: The Official Hip Hop Podcasts & Interviews Thread (Drink Champs, Budden, Brilliant Idiots & More!)

    hahah did we really need ctha god to tell us this. niggas turned on ctha god ever since he started fucking with drake,like seriously why do you niggas hate drake so much, he makes good music, not saying you have to like his music but I dont get why people hate him so much, would he be more liked if he was not as successful as he is?
  • Re: The Official Hip Hop Podcasts & Interviews Thread (Drink Champs, Budden, Brilliant Idiots & More!)

    lol real niggas seen right through Buddens act. Hippity Hop niggas hate Drake so much they want ANYBODY to bring him down...even a podcaster like Joe Buddens.

    Facts, people hate drake so much that they actually rooting for tory lanez against him and saying tory is better than drake lol. at this point I believe someone like lil uzi or lil yatchy can diss drake and people will make a case for them as to why they are better than drake lol. The drake hate in hiphop is something that just baffles me, like why do niggas not like drake he does make good (in my opinion great) music and he is lyrical, people really be acting like drake makes pop songs, he does make songs that get played commercially but he still is very lyrical and witty with his lyrics, I'm not sure what you guys are hearing when you listen to drakes music but the boy is dope. but you dont have to like him I just dont get why the hate, drake may be the most hated nigga in rap history lol. I believe its his success, if he was an underground mc niggas would be on his dick like that boy is dope with the rapping and singing lol
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  • Re: What is so special about J. Dilla?

    RIP dilla but i have always thought he was very overrated with his beats, there are joints he has that I really like but overall his beats are not as dope as the hype of his legacy imo.
    to me he is like mf doom, i find extremely boring and overrated but ppl who like him think he the best thing ever
  • Re: Yall remember when Drake backed Hov and Ye down lol

    who has jay-z killed lyrically, really? why niggas act like jay is god when it comes to beef and dissing. Jay ducked game cause he knew lyrically he won't win vs the game. Jay got mobb deep but he aint kill them, he made fun of them being short and called prodigy out for wearing a tutu that was it. jay's reply to camron was so average for someone who jay should totally destroy on dig a hole, his reply to jim jones was so avarage again on the ballin remix. Jay is dope but he is extremely overated, especially when it comes to beefing and dissing. pusha-t has had way better disses and lines he has thrown at drake and wayne than most of jay's disses
    My point is there are a lot of rappers out there that will win and even destroy jay in a battle but niggas act like aint nobody fucking with jay. I give jay his props on that cause he has built and marketed himself as this untouchable god mc to the people.
    and to be honest I know drake is a sensitive topic on this forum with a lot you guys lol, but drake's back to back is better lyrically than most if not all of jay's disses to people. back to back does not get the lyrical credit it deserves cause its drake and also it was such a commercial diss song and very popular
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Gets Kicked Out, After Crashing A Wedding

    hahah what this nigga doing, people trying to get married and enjoy their special day and this nigga trying to pull a publicity stunt,
    I guess he trying to be drake now dabbing lol