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  • Re: gets the rims on his Mercedes Benz repossessed after missing payments... LESSON!

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    Who rents rims?..

    Better question. Who still puts rims on their cars?.. smh.. That is a complete waste of paper.. Buy that shit cash or don't buy em at all b...

    No lie.. I had that same Benz on 20's 10 years ago.. smh.. We gotta grow....
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  • Re: RIP Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys

    werd rip

    they always had entertaining videos not the same shit everyone else was doing
  • Re: The Playas Lounge 2.0

    Cinco wrote: »
    What a time
    To be alive
    havent been in here in a while and the link doesnt work
    someone reup
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  • Re: The Playas Lounge 2.0

    Alright, let a nigga drop his

    I'll be quick about this, about how I got my elmo tickled by two different hoes on the same day (New Years Day)

    So since a nigga been international all throughout 2015 (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France (Cutting thru), Amsterdam (Cutting thru), and Liechtenstein. And since I started off in Canada, last year for NYE, I thought I hit it up again, this time Toronto

    So there I was right, running thru the six, with no damn woes, cause too real to have em

    Posted up in Nathan Philips Square during NYE, wasn't able to bag anything

    But a nigga was like "Nah, I ain't leaving without results"

    Nigga stayed up till 4am, went to bed around 5am, got up at 11am, hungry as fuck

    I'm like a nigga got to get some food in his stomach, to keep hunting

    So I see a 5 guys across the street of the hotel I'm at, and never had that shit before

    Let me just say, that was some of the greasiest ass food, I've ever had in my life. Like the bottom of the bag, had a big ass grease spot. But, nonetheless, when you hungry, you got to get it in

    Speaking of getting it in, I saw this girl at the register, big nice lips. A nigga wasn't even thinking about pussy, but after I ordered and started eating, I saw the girl glance at me across the room

    I was like herman-cain-smile.gif

    "oh I see you bitch", let a nigga finish this and see what them lips about

    So she come over and senses the presence of a real nigga, and asked me about the food

    I was like "Eh, it's alright, but I'm trying to see what's good with you and me".

    She's like "Well, I'm off work right now", I'm like most def, lets roll out

    and just like that we posted in the whip, chatting it up about bullshit that I can't care to put down

    And then I told her "Let's get something to eat later, that's not 5 guys"

    She's like "Sure". Drop her off at the bus stop, and before she go, she hugs a nigga, and puts those lips up against my neck. I'm thinking as she gets outta my car like "yea there is a green light on that pussy".

    So keep that one in mind, I'll get back to her, Fast Forward, a nigga is posted up in Nathan Philips Square (The whitest name I've heard in a while) and seeing what else I can get into

    See these two girls taking pics, I tell them I can be the photographer. One's dark skin, curly hair. The other light skin, straight hair, big chested, nice lips. We start talking, find out that they're both from Brazil. Her friend translates for the other chick saying, that she thinks "im cute", I told her "tell her that I'll be her bf for NYD"

    After I said that, the bitch eyes light up and tells her friend something in portuguese and then grabs my hand, and leads me to a bench and starts making out with a nigga

    I'm like "oh real", lemme see where this can go. Also, keep in mind, this bitch SPEAKS BARELY ANY ENGLISH, but then again keep in mind, that I'm no ordinary nigga.

    We get to a stairwell, and then she tries to whip a nigga dick out, and starting jacking me off. Some ppl were coming through, but I covered up my dick by holder her coat

    Bitch kept saying "Delicioso" and "Meus Deus", which basically means my dick is delicious looking and she wants to thank god for the dick that she had in her hand.

    long story short, I bust in her hand. She goes to clean up in bathroom, and that's when a nigga gets the message from the black girl saying "She's waiting at the hotel", I'm about to bounce when her friend stops me and asks where I was going. I was like "Dammit, I don't want to continue talking to these hoes", so I made up an excuse and said a nigga got to leave early as fuck in the morning. Then the girl came back out, and said she"ll miss me and all this shit. She kisses a nigga on the cheek, I leave.

    I get back to the hotel(I had her waiting for a good 45 mintues lol)

    I told her my bad for being late, she's like "it's ok". We head up to the room, we start talking, we make out. Took off her clothes, and then I saw them titties about to bust out the bra

    I was like "oh we going let them thangs breathe", she laughed and then a nigga started sucking on titties like an animal StPOm.gif

    I told her "goddamn, let a nigga suck on one titty, while I talk to the other", she laughs and I pull out my dick, and she started sucking

    Head game decent

    Then a nigga threw on the magnum, went to work and then came on her tits. So, she said "I'm going to sleep" I'm like "Yeaaaaa ok"

    and a nigga starts casually putting my hand on that pussy

    Realizing she's wet, I start fingering her and she goes back to that dick, and then round 2.

    And uh, that's how my New Years went for a real ass nigga.

    Happy New Years Neugguhz

    Sould of got the brazilians number and circled back for the kill. Probly could of chopped down both of them.
  • Re: 50 Cent - I'm The Man (Short Film)

    Young niggas need to take notes on how to make a music video.