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  • Re: Blac Youngsta Arrested in Connection to Young Dolph Charlotte Shooting

    Idk if he did this, but i wouldnt doubt it. After I watched the VICE doc with him in it, my expectations of him dropped super low. He told a story how he grew up in the hood raised by his grandma in like a 1 bed shack, then he goes to visit his grandma in the same hood in the same shitty how. Worst part is he pulled up in a lambo with all the jewlery on, i cant respect you living lavish and leaving ur kin you claim to care about in that terrible neighborhood. And he should probably get a new manager, nigga let him buy a fixer upper mansion for like 400k cash. Need to teach these young niggas its not always smart to use cash.
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  • Re: Future - Mask Off (Official Video)

    Another thing that baffles me, is when guys on major labels drop songs thats a hit and people upload it to youtube before them. I dont mean hours before, I'm talking days/weeks before their official channel has it and they loose out on tens of millions of views. But at the same time they're pulling all the other videos for copywrite asap.
  • Re: Future - Mask Off (Official Video)

    As usually the video was meh with no real concept. Weirdest part is it looks like they kinda spent some money for this goofy shit.
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  • Re: Indian Hacker Group Leaks Data of 1.7 Million Snapchat Users After CEO’s ‘Poor Country’ Comments

    7figz wrote: »
    India doesn't even have to "hack" their shit because all these cheap ass American companies got Indians working for them.

    Also I don't buy the bullshit claim that there's not enough skilled American IT workers.

    Heard the go for outside IT workers from, India or China because they get to pay them less than Americans. A lot of the companies want people in IT with years of experience and certifications then, dont want to pay them the going rate. So they cant hire anyone because the pay doesnt match the demand and say no one is qualified and hire a foreign coder from a poorer country on a work visa to do it for less.
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  • Re: Anyone else not into weed???

    Never smoked as a kid. To me it wasn't worth all the hurdles i saw some of my friends jumping over just to get high for a little while. And as i got older, Im just straight up not really interested in getting high, because i still got a lot of things on my plate. If im not focused on what im doing in front of me im thinking about the next thing i need to do and i need my mind to be at 100% .
    I also rarely drink. I'm talking im barely a social drinker.