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  • Re: Chris Gotti: Feds Took $100M Business from Me & Irv, Paying $10M Legal Fees

    Go read 'Queens Reigns Supreme'... IMO it was Irv doing business with Preme for street cred was his and The Inc's downfall, I beleive Chris Gotti didnt even want to deal with Preme but Irv pushed it... The Feds were clealry going to be all over Preme when he got out then Irv goes into buisness with him, cleary for me thats a stupid move, no???

    I got no bias, I liked Inc's music and early 50's... And I think Irv was a great music exec, but for me his biggest mistake and downfall was messing with Preme and trying to claim him as friend for street cred and muscle against 50...

    Had they tried to ride the storm without Preme they may still of come through the otherside...

    Yup, and it didnt help his case when his label was named "Murder INC". But niggas wanna believe its cuz Irv, Suge & J prince combined would of taken over the world, be serious. The ego's alone would of brought down that union.
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  • Re: Reports Of Mass Shooting In Orlando Night Club, Holding Hostages

    Citing unnamed officials familiar with the case, NBC News reports that Omar Mateen’s current wife, Noor, told the FBI that she tried to talk her husband out of attacking Pulse, the gay nightclub where he killed 50 people, including himself, this weekend.

    She said she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster, the officials said, and once drove him to the nightclub so that he could assess the building. From NBC News:

    Authorities are considering filing criminal charges against Noor for failing to tell them what she knew before the brutal attack, law enforcement officials say, but no decision has been made.

    She is cooperating with investigators, several officials say.
    Hope they charge her
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  • Re: Dumbest Things Said in The Reason

    So many posts in the Troy Ave thread that apply to this.
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  • Re: TI’s NYC Show Ends in Shooting (TroyAve's Bodyguard killed,TroyAve Indicted on Shooting Charged )

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    Although careful with his words, YG said he completely understood the decisions Troy made in the heat of the moment.

    “It’s sad homie,” YG said about the recent New York shooting. “Troy, that’s my dude, you feel me? One time for Troy. That’s sad ’cause, I don’t even want to say what I want to say on mic, on air, but it’s the same thing. I don’t know bro because I feel like this – if I got popped, I would have done the same thing. I would have made my way out that joint. Period. And that just goes for anybody. Reaction. Protocol. I don’t know, man, it’s sad, I mean, it was backstage at a concert so the first shot shouldn’t have went off like right there.”

    Yeah because YG has common sense

    And because too it wasnt that long when yg shot himself at that i think his own studio incident lol the most fuked up.thing is if ave did shoot his man on accident thats gotta be worse feeling in the world and hes the only one behind bars and bet none of his homies gonna do shit to tax

    IF Taxstone was responsible for that shit it only lends credence to the stupidity of rappers, rappers being fake and what Charlemange said about "going after the radio guy over an opinion/rumor". If you found out that Shenco or gee was talkin reckless about you or thought you were gay or some shit and you see him in person and decide to beat him up and he presses charges and you get hemmed up that means you were stupid enough to let an opinion someone had over you over social media amongst his friends ruin your career and blessings.

    It's not the radio guys fault, it's rappers believing their own hype and thinking their "king shit" and like they have a rep to defend. Troy Ave is not a gangster, he was just some cocky kid who believed his own hype, he was jaded by money and fame and paid the price. "A fool and his money will soon part". Baby, C-Murder, Mac and now Troy Ave SMMFH. Niggas threw soda at Wale at a Raptors game, Drake got shoved at a club did they shoot anyone ?? Nah cuz they're not fuckin stupid. I partly blame social media tho, social media has blurred the lines b/w entertainment and the truth. If Troy Ave did NOTHING I bet you niggas would be calling him all kinds of pussy, saying he was no G, etc.

    Because of stupidity, we have 4 people dead, one rapper about lose his livelihood and notice how NONE of Troy Ave's peoples got indicted ? Only him ?? Guess it's all fun and games when yall poppin bottles together, buying jewellry and sharing bitches but as soon as shit gets real niggas vanish and all of a sudden got nothing to say. Four people got got from 2 different guns and NO ONE has anything to say.....

    Another point to show that Troy wanted them problems is when Tax got into it with Joe Buddens on his podcast. They didnt start fighting or even really talk shit about each other after the fact, they just dont fuck with each other. Those 2 handled it like 2 adults. But Troy and niggas on this forum, dead ass support going after someone that doesnt like your music and isnt afraid to say it. Which is fucking amazing to me.
    If you're getting as much money and doing such big things like you claim, you dont have time for stupid shit like this. And you think twice before everything because you have a lot to loose.
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  • Re: Future collectible cars (rare investment cars)

    Current cars that I think will become classics or hold their money:

    I wanna get one of these, I think its gonna be the of the V8's for M3's, I love the naturally aspirated sound of them... The Limited 500 run out...


    I think the Cayman GTS could be come a classic, I think I heard that have stopped making them???


    Also I think the Porsche 996 Turbo S could become a classic too, Im sure they were going for quite cheap at one point (after being £120k new) but Im seeing less of them around and I think the prices are rising as a result... They do about 0-60 in 3.1seconds too...

    @water ur seeds

    That BMW isnt a collectable and the only people that will pay top dollar is stupid BMW finatics. They basically made regular E92 m3's in new colors and threw a limited badge on it. Also that was the only generation for m3's to have v8's, now its back to twin turbo straight 6's. In america you can get one in the mid 20's and up.

    The Cayman isnt a classic and they still make plenty of them. If you're talking about collectable, you'd want the Cayman GT4 they made a limited number of.

    They 996 turbo isnt a classic, in fact Porsche fanatics shit on the car for the way Porsche made it look. The good thing about the 996 turbo is, for the amount of money you can get one now, you get a lot of performance. Think you can get one as low as in the 30's.

    Also the picture you used is of a 997.2 turbo, not a 996 turbo.