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    I'll be sitting in the nose bleeds this Monday Night Raw, but fuck it, it's my first go and I'm excited to see what happens.

    I'm gonna see if I can spot some empty seats from up top and ask if I can switch.
    Lmao yeah this def is your first time going...

    Lmao u just sit there and act like the seat is urs
  • Re: Kendrick Lamar - "To Pimp a Butterfly"

    Who is solange and why does her opinion matter in hip hop
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  • Re: Lee Daniels Says Mo'Nique's 'Precious' Demands "Soured Her Relationship With Hollywood

    Lol I always thought she was a wack actress still do maybe that's why she's getting minor roles
  • Re: All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Chosen

    I like wiig I hate McCarthy and I have no idea who the other two are. Might have to pass just bc of McCarthy
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    Vince McMahon reported to be personally writing Roman Reigns' recent promos

    Ever since Roman Reigns returned to WWE action in mid December, there has been growing online debate about whether he is ready for the push to the moon he is expected to receive in 2015, despite his obvious presence and ability to kick serious ass in the ring.

    The criticism that keeps coming up is his promos. It's not that the man can't speak, as he displayed natural humor and quick-wittedness on last year's pre-SummerSlam interactive panel to promote the WWE 2K15 video game. What Reigns has struggled to do so far is to convincingly deliver the corny material that has been forced upon him.

    I feel for him having to deliver bizarre lines like "You are a sniveling little suck-up sellout fool of suffering succotash, son" and "he's got donkey dung for brains" to Seth Rollins on this Friday's Smackdown with a straight face. I mean who above the age of seven could possibly think such verbiage was cool?

    It's not just WWE's hardcore fans that are flabbergasted at the way Roman Reigns' character is being handled. As we mentioned in our rumor roundup on Friday, even people within WWE think that how he's being currently scripted is holding him back from reaching his full potential.

    Dave Meltzer concurred with those sentiments in this week's subscriber only Wrestling Observer Newsletter, criticizing the WWE script writers responsible for the terrible lines they gave Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw:

    His interview was really lame, even by his recent standards. They seriously need to get new writers for him, and I really question Vince, because this is their handpicked guy and they have him do this material.

    Only it turned out that Vince's minions weren't to blame this time. That's because the person who has been writing Roman Reigns' recent promos was Vince McMahon all along, according to Dave Meltzer on Twitter today:

    @WWMoan Vince is writing his promos. Vince is really out of touch. I hate to say it but the promos speak for themselves.

    I guess Roman Reigns' dated one-liners are sadly here to stay, Cagesiders, but on the bright side, the fact that Vince McMahon is so hands on with his scripting suggests that he won't give up easily on this project. Instead, he's likely to double down on the push until Reigns gets over to the desired level.

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