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  • Re: Eazy-E - Rare Interview On Studio Gangsters In Compton, California.wmv

    Its crazy these type of scenes never made the movie. Eazy's personality was too big for Ice Cube and Dre's story so they down played him.
  • Re: New Shenco- Road to Damascus(Unmastered)

    You are a lot better! Pick a slower beat tho, something original, I sense some breath control issues
  • Re: Ali Vegas Exposes The Gay Rituals He Saw Rappers Do For Fame!

    How did this turn into a gay rights thread, @Sion talking bout "My best friends gay", didnt no body ask you that.

    Its wild how if you say one thing somebody doesnt believe in they will start lumping in shit no one was talking about to back up a point they never had.

    And stop joking if you dont think media/entertainment influences peoples behavior and what they like/dislike. Of course showing a little kid some gay cartoon could make him question his sexuality and "experiment" if he identifies with the character enough, use common sense.

    One dude even said "lol yeah so I just have to be gay and I can be famous" when that is literally whats going on these days, some of yall are really delusional.

    If Steph Curry werent the best shooter to ever play the game he wouldnt be in on the script, if Drake didnt have easily digestible pop music, he wouldnt have been plugged into the mainstream.

    People have a real problem with being objective, you give them info they dont want to hear and they will instantly turn into a retard who makes jokes instead of thinking, thats why most will always just be a cog in the system, you cant get out of your own way.

    Dont be a coincidence theorist... when Lil Wayne has skeletons in a movie theater in a video and a week later there is a theater shooting that makes national news its not by chance, when the Falcons lose after having a 28-3 lead and Lady Gaga's birthday is 3/28 and the Simpson do a tribute episode for the Pats (Season 28 episode 3) it means exactly what you think it means.
  • Re: Ali Vegas Exposes The Gay Rituals He Saw Rappers Do For Fame!

    At the very least I don't understand how some of yall are missing the simple concept that people in power will often ask for something before they give you something.

    It's so easy for us to say, oh such and such slept her way to the top and no one will bat a lash, but you come talking about your favorite male artist gave it up to get on and people will be like "the fuck, you crazy, I dont believe that devil illuminati shit, get off the internet bruh"

    Its really not that complicated of a concept, and a lot of high level entertainment execs are homos, put two and two together.
  • Re: What is the best thing you've ever downloaded or found on a torrent site?


    No idea what this torrent is...

    But whatever yall talkin bout sounds very illegal