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  • Re: Nasa's 'holy grail': Entire new solar system that could support alien life discovered

    I'd say that the chances for life are incredibly high considering A. Three of the planets are in the habitable zone and B. they orbit a dwarf star which is the most stable type of star there is.

    Meaning whatever organisms may be present will/have had ample time to develop in a steady and unchanging environment.
  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

    its funny his non singing ass would make such a statement
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  • Re: I lost count on how many times i cheated (((lmaooo))))

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    And I agree with everything @Kai wrote except the part about him loving her cause I dont think it was that deep for him, but who cares. These were kids in college. Who has time to sit up and confront their college boyfriend about cheating? Like really? A 20 year old cheated on his girlfriend. Who would've thunk it. They could both go sit down somewhere

    So let me ask you this. If you agree. Do you expect your S/O to cheat.. And if you caught him. What would be your recourse. Or do have a if I don't know it won't hurt me disposition toward cheating? Just curious.

    Well I'm not in college.. lol

    so it's a little different. But as a general rule, people in college are too young to be trippin off somebody cheating. Thats just my opinion.

    But for an old hen like myself, it's one and done. I dont have time to be lowjacking no man or wondering what he on when I'm not around. I don't expect my guy to cheat but I dont nothin past no man. All I do is trust him and observe if his actions are in line with his words. The benefit of the doubt must always be granted and it remains in tact until it's broken. If there are no signs of him cheating, there is no need for me to assume that he is.

    Got ya..

    How do you feel about having to start all over? Knowing that there is no guarantee that the new guy you run into won't turn around and do the same shit? The other ladies can chime in as well?

    The older I get, the less I honestly care. I have come to understand that men often stray. OFTEN. But more importantly, I have learned how women are socialized to respond to those indiscretions. We literally carry it around like baggage. It ooozes out our pores. It just fucks with your mental. Men will never understand how that affects us. So I refuuuuuuuuuuuse to deal with a cheating nigga cause I don't like stressing over men and I like looking 10 years younger than I actually am. I would literally be dating for the rest of my life before I give a cheater all my time and best years. I will switch these niggas up like fitted caps as soon as they get beside themselves.

    I think its lies that age you, not the cheating in its self. The time a woman or a man spends worrying about whether their partner is faithful, looking through phones, driving past bars, losing sleep over not being certain is what ages you.

    If people were more upfront, you would save a lot of time not stressing. Even if a person gets cheated on, if they immediately find out, they can quickly go through their sad phase and be back up in a weeks time. If you bathe in lies/denial for months/years and then someone finally drops a bomb on you or you catch them red handed, you will feel like shit and it will be hard for you to forgive yourself because you knew better but ignored it.

    These people might even find themselves going back to a cheater because this emotional roller coaster devalues them and has them feeling like they dont deserve better, or like they have invested to much with said partner to just jump ship.
  • Re: I lost count on how many times i cheated (((lmaooo))))

    What the fuck is this guys? Do better please, I dont want to see this sap ass bullshit... Passive aggression embodied
    Stewits....JOHN B
  • Re: Have You Ever Contracted an STD?

    No, but about a month ago i fucked this white bitch, and somehow my dick ended up in her raw for a couple pumps b4 I could get the condom out. Next couple days, I swore I had something cause my stream just wasnt feeling right...

    I went to the doctor though and he told me I was just dehydrated... I took the standard meds anyway for precautionary reasons but my screen came back all negs so I was pretty relieved.

    Still never had a single STD in my lifetime
    Plutarchits....JOHN B