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  • Re: Do You Believe In The Illuminati

    Its very simple, your news, education and entertainment are controlled to affect the way you think and spend your time and money.

    A very small group of people decide what ideas/narratives get the most money/exposure and flourish/fail.

    All you have to do to control people is make them believe that they are free when you actually predetermine their choices.

    Whether the system works for you or not, is irrelevant to the fact that it was indeed designed and is still carried out today, hence why every leadership role involves ceremonial activity.

    It's actually quite literally the money we spend that is the proof of its existence if you ever feel like doubting.
  • Re: If Hip Hop Ended Tomorrow Would Lil Wayne Be Top 10 DOA?

    Ya'll trippin, Lil Wayne rap Iverson, no chips, but he pulled off some pretty amazing feats.. For his stature.. I mean Wayne had some greatness in him, but top 10-20 is more accurate.

    Jay Z rap Kareem tho
  • Re: Dez Bryant Says Black People Are The Reason They Are Unsuccessful,Not White People...

    meh.. what is successful then? He catches footballs for a white owner. I've flown halfway across the country to meet clients for my own programming business. You'd think that in a league that's mostly black and almost 100 years old; that there would be a competeing league of mostly black owners that have become "successful" in the nfl and learned the business so they can do for their own. But that's just a thought. Maybe people would hate on a player that plays for a regional team and makes $75k a year. He's probably right on some level. We were suppose to support each other first. All those sit ins and pushes for integration were smoke screens. We held eachother back, instead of demanding to be served at white diners, we should have been making and supporting our own diners. That's why we ain't got nothing today. You can't have the pride of ownership if you don't own nothing. How many black people work for this Vanilla company that AHH forum is powered by? Plus, we don't dream big enough. At least one of us should have come along and said, " I want to make it to the league, then I want to own a league." In before a black person says that's a terrrible idea and points out all the problems with it.

    What your saying sounds good, but all your why's literally are answered because they couldn't.

    Systematic racism is bigger than a mind state. Why didn't they support their own diners? Because the only diner near them was white owned and traveling to find one wasn't always practical.

    Being denied work opportunities, loans, access to connections and the development of critical thinking, the act of owning/developing your environment becomes an impossibility when you barely control your own mind.

    The problem is that people need to be accountable for themselves, but it becomes hard to tell people that when they are taught they are not good enough for not having. Everybody is not stable, many react much differently to not having and will ruin their own and others lives to get it. Some people will sit there and try to dream up solutions because they are allotted the comfort to do so.

    This issue is much to complicated to play the blame game, its more about how can we teach people that the best option is always to work together. Create more opportunities, approve upon the way you are living, preserve your health, ask many questions, grow up. Don't lead your whole life trend hopping and always worried about what is cool like a child, this problem plagues every community but its worse on the black because we are a much smaller percentage.

    I just wish white people/media would stop making it a question as to whether this country is racist. It's treated like a deep dark secret and thats what keeps our minds in shackles. They always frame it like they are just discovering that racism exists no matter what year it is. As long as we continue to treat this like a new topic, we will never get past it. It's almost like the phrase should have been #blacklivesdontmatter because stating the obvious gave them an out with #alllivesmatter and the whole "No were all equal" bullshit. No, we are not equal, we are far superior and thats why they shit on us for 500 years to keep us down.
    MeesterblacktuxKwan Dai
  • Re: Jay Z Pulls Music off Spotify. Can HOV Get Other Artists To Follow?

    I think its wack cause I pay for it, but its whatever...

    Its greed that drives these moves, nothing more.

  • Re: An 18-Year-Old Lied About Being Kidnapped, Raped

    Its crazy how news works, they spread a bullshit story, then are real brief with the recant.

    Now you have a whole bunch of people who saw this, and they still probably believing and spreading it.

    More people probably still think this is true than ones who heard or researched that it was false...