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  • Re: OMG NEW DMX - "Blood Red"

    I think since he older he want to pick these "sentimental" sounding beats, but that shit corny. If he had some of todays more gangster sounding trap beats with his style that shit would be a winner
  • Re: Woat job you ever worked? How long did it take you to quit/get fired

    Cutco and that AT&T door to door shit.

    I never made it pass orientation for Cutco cause im not about to try to sell knives to people I know talking about "Write down everybody you know... These are your clients" bs

    The AT&T shit I applied cause it said looking for Marketing individuals cause that was the degree I was pursuing. I show up and find like 50 other people in there on some MLM shit, but was somewhat persuaded by the trial run we did because my instructor closed like three deals back to back in front of me...

    Those must have been plants tho, because when I got out there on my own, walk'n around in the blazin sun by myself in some far off neighborhood with a button down and slacks, I didnt have luck on my side, ringing doorbells in this white ass neigborhood people peaking through the blinds acting like they werent home. I even had one african guy try to sell me a tv system after he told me what I was offering wasnt shit compared to his Google TV setup (his setup was pretty dope considering it was 2011)...

    Still tho, I actually got three people to commit to full packages, which would have been about $500 for a days work, but when I called in for the credit check, all three failed and would have had to pay huge deposits, needless to say I didnt close that day, and had spent $30 of my own money in gas to get all the way to out there. Towards the end I was just sitting on the curb feeling like shit.

    Tried one more day closer to the city and had even less luck, so the day after that I drove to the office gave them back there contact list and said deuces.

    All in all I worked a total of 4 days including the initial interview, the walk through and 2 days of trying to get it on my own...

    In trying to find work again recently tho, I've found so many "marketing opportunities" that are really just either post up at a store and try to sell direct tv/other bullshit or go door to door and try to get off this U-verse... All of them say, "looking for sports minded marketing individuals who are looking for advancement opportunities." They even go as far as having nice offices and shit to inteview you in the best parts of town, but its all lies

    Working for yourself is the only way unless you are in some good ol' boy network, or can get a guarantee from a contact within the organization.

    It's also become alot easier for woman to get jobs these days, especially black woman. I've seen a girl get a job fresh out of college that I was going for at CocaCola and she had zero experience.
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  • Re: Millennials are going against this major engagement and wedding tradition

    The market determines the value, so its not like the worth of diamonds is imaginary.
  • Re: Who Had A Better Run from 2004-2014 Kanye West or Lil Wayne

    They started off pretty even, but Kanye ran away with it after 08
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  • Re: What is The IC'S Opinion On Drake?

    He's like the Vanilla Ice of the era... Makes corny music, formulaic, trend hopper but he knows how to play the game a lot better than Van Winkle so he's not going anywhere.

    As an actor he is okay, I like him better generally speaking when he is trying to be funny
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