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  • Re: Jay And Kanye Possibly Beefing

    ^^^^Who the fuck makes a Photoshop like that?

    A gay
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  • Re: Public Enemy Chuck D Says LL Cool J Should Get Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Before Tupac

    Their argument would probably be that his impact didn't transcend rap music. Still BS tho, but we need our own HOF anyway
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  • Re: RZA Throws Azelea Banks In The Bushes! Says He Didn't Know She Was Crazy

    How he not know she crazy when a million people who never met her already knew that shit? Seems like he didnt do the education...
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  • Re: Tell us your experience was like when you 1st smoked weed

    First time I smoked weed, was right before a basketball game, and luckily I didnt get high because that would have sucked for my team, but I did cough like shit.

    The first time I got high, which was a couple weeks later on a night where my mom was out of the house... I was 15 I believe, my sisters delinquent boyfriend had some Afghan and rolled up and invited me to hit that shit. I coughed up a storm again but this time shit got real bright and humorous all of a sudden. Next thing I know I'm sitting on my kitchen counter and everything is like movie frames. Like life going by choppy as hell and shit.

    I would take a step and I would be where I wanted to go before I could think about it. I remember saying to my sister and her boyfriend "Oh shit, now I see why all the rappers smoke, this is so awesome." They laughed to themselves and left me alone to experience it.

    I stumbled into the living room and felt real wavy as I tried to change the TV but couldn't keep up with the speed of the channels so I gave up and just laid on the couch looking up at the ceiling thinking about how cool I felt and how much I wanted to share this feeling with my folks. I passed out there.''

    I pretty much smoked consistently since then until last year when I quit. On the cartoon thing though, I remember early on I guess I would have real bad highs because I would swallow the smoke instead of inhaling it (which would lead to spins and eventually throwing up). Well one time I was in my homies 3000GT and we were hitting this aluminum pipe (this was before we could cop blunt) behind a sketchy loading dock or something and all of a sudden, this dude turns into a cartoon and I couldn't comprehend anything he was saying. I played it cool but secretly thought like niggas were plotting or something, it was crazy.

    I guess I am a bad influence though, because I am literally the one who got everybody in my circle smoking consistent. I would organize for us to meet at pools, or random places and roll up. Most of them still smoke to this day too... I gave it up though, shit makes me feel/think too much, and sometimes I just need to not think and just do...
  • Re: Documentary On Reasonable Doubt...

    WTF when did Fox 5 start doing shit other than news?

    Does NY have a Fox 5 too? I always thought that was just Atlanta...