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  • Re: Chance The Rapper says that 1990's Rappers were fabricated

    He's generalizing. While they may not have been killing niggas they were really from that sect of life.

    These days we dont even know what these niggas talking about cept that its violent and drugs. Groups like the Migos come from Gwinnett where yeah there are tough people out there, but thats because they want to be not because they were raised like that. Like kids in Stone Mountain with two parents and a nice house selling drugs and carrying guns, they fabricate their life and their music career. Not to mention the sheer ignorance that rappers exude today vs. the clarity and story telling of back then.

    Rappers were a lot more hungry in the 90's, and its impossible to know all the dirt they did because they werent going live on Facebook.

    Everything about rappers today is fraudulent, incoherent and truncated versions of what they think they are supposed to be. Chance and Tyler the Creator and other niggas like them may be unique but they are the minority.

    We had Tribe, Kast, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Brand Nubian, not to mention all the commercial rappers who were just on some good time shit...

    Is it possible that people in general were just a lot tougher in the 90s and that being yourself was embracing the street element? Just like in basketball, Michael Jordan would still dominate in today's league because he had a warrior mindset, a go hard or go home mentality that is missing in most of the young, and that nigga was from the burbs of Carolina from a good family...

    Niggas these days just more soft and concerned about their image, its not that people back then were afraid to be themselves, they just had different priorities.

    "Those were the days. And you knew who you were then. Girls were girls and men were men"
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  • Re: I Hate My Generation... A Lot

    Its gone be okay bro, you cant control the way everyone thinks. All you can do is hold strong in what you believe and drop gems on people when you get the chance.

    Some will hear you some wont, but at the end of the day they're the ones buying the hype and they'll take that to their grave. Hell maybe some of them genuinely think today's shit is better... god bless em
  • Re: Scrambled Porn

    Those were some pressure filled times, only one hand to operate the remote and having to listen out for footsteps.

    BET Uncut was gold because i knew nobody would be up.
  • Re: Drake retires 3 of Houston's finest. Said stripper responds...

    Drake is a bitch yo
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  • Re: What's the worst shit you seen in Hip-Hop?

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