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  • Re: J. Cole winning out here

    She just sayin she let young niggas hit, not that Jermaine is a candidate
  • Re: best flow based on music theory

    What other time signatures do rappers fuck with
  • Re: Dame Dash: Jay Z ruined Roc-a-Fella

    not to say that he didnt contribute to his own exile

    but in addition to all info thats before us, its never really mebtioned that this downsized music industry doesnt have much place for Dame dash type intermediaries...pretty much all of the figures like him have been squeezed out of the picture. why pay him to do what they think they can do on their own. dame dash coexisting alongside a lyor aint the model no more...it's just a lyor now...like so many other positions and processes (artist development ) his spot was rendered obsolete.

    a man like him cannot exist in music today without powerful sponsorship (jay z) ...if kendrick felt like he could go further without top dawg, they would be no more top dawg....no more as currently know it at least

    That's real, thats why in that clip of Young Thug and Lyor, he's talking to Thug and making sense, but Thug answering back like "Naw nigga I got this"... If it were someone like a Dame who could see eye to eye with the artists, their suggestions would probably hold a lot more weight and lead to a lot more quality product...

    Yea Dame is a character, but he knew how to motivate and inspire people to win. Annoying or not, this dude had a big hand in what Jay Z is today. Jay's awkward ass would have never made it to this level of social status if he didnt have Dame making him look like the level headed business minded one.
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  • Re: How come no one talks about Biggie and Craig Mack taking shots at each other?

    Really? Why does nobody talk about Big's beef with Craig Mack? Craig Mack? Come on dude, the answer is in your question...
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  • Re: Millennials Aren’t Lazy, We’re Hurting Because the Baby Boomers Screwed Us Over

    I hate being called a millennial for some reason.. On the problem though, yeah its tough, and I do see alot of people struggling, but just like before if you want the same security that your parents had there is a certain way you go about it.

    My generation thinks so outside the box they dont use traditional methods like networks, interning, brown nosing your way to a comfy position while you are still in college. Instead they try to figure it out on their own since we have "so much information" and they fall flat when they realize no one wants to hire somebody they dont know.

    I've seen the system work for people who follow the traditional route, I myself didnt and I've struggled a bit, but I also feel when my self owned business finally starts clicking it will be a lot more fulfilling then it would have been using my degree to go work in some office I didnt give two fucks about.

    Yeah, there was more room to slag off in the 90s and not network and not play the corporate game, then jump into when you saw fit, but the same people who did that then are still not living that great, like my parents. They had great jobs made 100k (my mom was a millionaire) but now they are like everybody else because they never saved anything...

    So... At the end of the day, life is what you make it. I hate being called a millennial because I feel like we are the excuse generation, we may not be lazy, but we are weak minded and fickle and headstrong about being that way. It's not a good mix at all.
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