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  • Re: So On this Forum is Drake Considered A Pop Artist...?

    Being a pop star doesn't just mean you sing or make catchy people friendly music, it means you are formulaic and you pander to people to make hits, rarely leaving the shallow level for introspection which would alienate your audience.

    Drake is the definition of that, he never challenges himself to make anything deep or of much substance, you honestly cannot say that about Andre 3k, even when he made Love Below. Yeah "Hey Ya" was pretty poppy but it still had humor/weirdness and most of that album was more Funkadelic/Neo Soul than disco/r&b, so are you saying George Clinton is pop because he made "One Nation" or Erykah Badu because she made whatever she made?

    Some of yall reach to defend the liking of a pop star, but just own it, Drake caters to little girls, gays and you, its all good. He's like NSYNC or Justin Beiber, just the target demo has changed with the time, now ignorant urban music is the bar. Even Rihanna and Beyonce are more edgy than your boy.

    And "The Way You Move" is a radio song, but its not pop, its very urban and unapologetically Big Boi/DF/Outkast style, they just had a style that everyone fucked with... Hence their decade long dominance of the charts making music they wanted to make, not trend chasing.
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  • Re: Would you ever take a charge for someone?

    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    Mike Vicks peoples was supposed to take that charge

    Them white folks wasn't letting him off that charge. Dead dogs were burried at his house.

    Yea but they didnt have to snitch, they were not down for the cause
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  • Re: Should Vado have stayed with Cam'ron?

    I think Cam did as much as he could for buddy, he put him out there, got it to the point were even casual fans knew his name, but bruh just couldnt deliver.

    Once the light is shined on you, its really on the artists to make shit happen. All collaborations can do is help you get to that next check to keep the magic happening but if you aren't anything special, then no matter who you fuck with they are just throwing money in a black hole.

    No matter how big/bright the spotlight is, if you aren't entertaining, people will not look in your direction
  • Re: Growing Out of some hiphop

    I've grown out of most of the hip hop I loved in terms of it doesnt really represent the person I am anymore, but I can still go back from time to time and appreciate it and I def still love it and bring back old memories, like when I went to A3C this year, I was hype for all that old school shit.

    Some examples tho are Big L and all that satanic shit or NWA with its not giving a fuck, TI and his tough/cocky guy rhetoric, or Bone and their high all the time shit. That stuff used to really contribute to my mental make up and how I acted towards people in general, how I dressed, spoke, what I thought was cool and not.

    Now i'm more middle of the road and mainly listen to guitar based music, the topics just resonate a lot more with me now, my struggles are more internal... I've just grown out of the pack mentality and embrace what I like, i'm not into what anyone else thinks is cool anymore and hip hop is often a barometer of what is popular at the time.

    Also with lyrics, more is less, and rappers have really ran out of shit to talk about, it gets embarrassing. Honestly if it weren't for so much shitty rap music post 2009 I may have never been able to refresh my life. Thank god for Soulja Boy and Lil B. Special thanks to Drake and Kanye as well.
  • Re: Big Pun Vs Big L

    Big L was cooler and had a better delivery, Pun flow and lyrical schemes were superior tho