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  • Re: It's 2015, and Khaleesi just woke up and realized she is black courtesy of her husband

    zzombie wrote: »
    Khaleesi wrote: »
    @DWO. Why don't you ever chime in when these fools are saying that you can't be pro-black if you are in an interracial relationship?

    Your wife is half white, so without her parent's being in an interracial relationship, your wife would not exist. Your beautiful black son would not exist.

    What say you?

    It would have been better if his wife didn't exist but it is what it is nothing we can do about it now at least she got with a black guy

    Bruh you could very easily not exist . And there's absolutely something we can do about that....

    Tread carefully
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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    Again.... Why I gotta be the short one?
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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    blatalian wrote: »
    DWO wrote: »
    Basketball, let's talk about it for 5 pages

    My bad...maybe I should talk about Wrestling...I can't cuz I'm a grown ass man...maybe Capcom v Marvel v DC v whoever tha fuck else...I can't cuz I'm a grown ass man...maybe Chinese/Japanese/Dirty knees/look at these anime...I can't...know why...you guessed it...grown ass man dog...sorry but these niggaz got me out my element lol...carry on

    Aye bruh tuck your tampon... Curry nice and all, but this shit been going on since lunch

    Niggaz don't even take this long to type excuses as to why they ain't fighting
  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    Basketball, let's talk about it for 5 pages
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Trevor berbic was a two time world champion when mike beat him

    Tony Tucker was an undefeated world champion when Tyson beat him

    Larry homes wasn't flabby and sick when Tyson beat him, he was a two time world champion who also beat an aging Ali into retirement

    And of course the undefeated spinks who previously beat Holmes for his title

    And he beat every number one contender to his title under rooney..

    In the first fight without Rooney Mike was wobbled in the first round

    His first loss was 3 fights after Rooney was fired....

    All facts.. Take your feelings out, you were simply shut down for having a biased opinion.. Box rec is a wonderful tool, so is YouTube