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  • Re: Girls High School Basketball Coach Suspended 2 Games for winning with Blowout: 161-2

    Fuck a mercy rule it doesnt teach u the game. I played soccer for 3 years and the first year team was garbage. All freshman and we all sucked except one hispanic kid. We were getting blown out 14-0 on a regular basis which in soccer is somewhat the equivalent of this score. We felt like trash only won one game that year. Knowing how it felt niggas started doing off-season practices to get better. 2nd year we went 2 games over .500 with the same EXACT group of players. Trained even harder. 3rd year we were best in the city. Best feeling in the world a team that was a laughing stock 2 years later is the best in the city.

    Them girls just on the court to be there. They dont respect the game. Why would you show mercy to a team thats just there to be there? Run up the fuckin score maybe it will teach them how humiliating that shit is...and if thats a feeling they ok with having then the school should be ok with it too.

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  • Re: The official reality tv show thread

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    ive been indifferent to reed this entire game but due to him serving that sue hawk realness and making baylor cry he alright with me

    grow up already and cut the chord

    It seemed a little too rehearsed though. I'm sure he had one ready for Baylor too. It was good hate... but it was nowhere near that sue hawk level of vitriolic ether.

    yea i got caught up in the moment baylor i found to be such an unintentionally hilarious prissy drama queen but the mom though fuck smh i can see why she been divorced so many times

    reed voting for jaclyn ensures that she gets second place and missy gets nothing


    Yup...Reed confirmed on twitter he only voted for jaclyn so that the wicked stepmother didnt get anything