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  • Re: Free Chris Breezy (in a standoff with police at his home)

    blackrain wrote: »
    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    Bet that bitch lying

    What in Breezy's past makes you think it's likely she's lying? I mean even in the present dude is throwing guns out the windows and post IG vids high as fuck.

    I seriously think he has some mental issue going on.

    Oh so females and beta males don't lie on successful men to get a check out of them?

    Oh top of that, why are you niggas still trying to punish this man for something that's he's been punished many many times for already? So because he smacked Rhianna up once he's a villain forever? I swear you niggas are more mad about that than she is

    On top of that, what happened to a world where evidence existed as a legitimate concept? Gossip is enough to convict now?

    You niggas judge and indict CB whenever his name is in the paper, no matter what the facts turn out to be

    Chris Brown does get an unfair rap on some things, but let's not pretend as if he hasn't said and done alot of stupid shit that helps people look at him like a dumb ass. This the same nigga that's running around pretending to be a Blood and talked about sending dudes to hurt a nigga simply for taking a pic with his ex girlfriend. He don't help himself in some of these situations he finds himself in

    Bruh,some of these cats worst than these broads out here
    They don't want to hear this

    I, for one want to like and rally behind the brother,but he is just mad reckless
    and a lot this shit he does bring on himself
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  • Re: Free Chris Breezy (in a standoff with police at his home)

    The fuck is wrong with you guys.

    You're giving him the benefit of the doubt because chick is white.

    I could understand if it was some random dude, but it's Chris Brown.

    He ain't getting my benefit of the doubt.

    People saying what I said here and getting co-signed, while I am getting nothing but flags.

    Where are my co-signs?

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  • Re: Obama Has Been Quietly Looking Out For Brothers And Sisters

    What does letting criminals out of prison do for law abiding blacks who are harassed, discriminated against or killed by police? Besides this is not specific to blacks and neither are the other ideas. LOL@ acting like this shit has a "coloreds only" clause in them.


    Study: Black Defendants Are At Least 30% More Likely To Be Imprisoned Than White Defendants For The Same Crime

    Economists and law professors at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania have published a new study that confirms what reformers have been saying for decades: the criminal justice system is racially biased. The study is a huge step toward unveiling and ending the racial disparities that still persist in the United States.
    Those of us seeking to end mass incarceration know it is the New Jim Crow. With more black men under the control of corrections departments than were enslaved on the eve of the Civil War, mass incarceration is the biggest civil rights issue of our time. We’ve presented data pleading for reform to remove the chokehold of poverty-to-prison from our communities: people of color make up 30 percent of the United States’ population, but account for 60 percent of those in prison; black defendants receive longer prison sentence than white defendants; black Americans are far more likely to be arrested than white people. The statistics go on.

  • Re: President Barry Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement...

    Listen y'all niggas gon either pick a damn newspaper,do some fucking research before running your mouth
    or just quit bitching & whining if haven't bother to do either
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  • Re: President Barry Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement...

    7figz wrote: »
    usmarin3 wrote: »
    Blacks are gonna call him coon

    Whites are gonna call him nigger, Muslim, etc.

    You can't please everyone. His problem to me is he is trying to walk both sides and he isn't making a firm stance on either side.

    It seems like his stance on the side of law enforcement is way more firm.

    As far as their victims, his support (if any) is pretty pathetic.

    He has shown support to families

    Even still it's a very delicate balance you have to walk, as to NOT to insult or alienate the people,you HAVE to be able to trust & depend on, with not only your life & safety,but the life & safety of your wife and children

    THAT is why as Obama can't just come out and talk cash cold shit about all law enforcement that YOU,I and others may want him to.

    (Honestly, this should be common sense)
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