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  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread

    zzombie wrote: »
    Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional by the second circuit court therefore any argument for it's nation wide implementation already has great legal opposition. THE president no matter who he is cannot just change laws so easily so just chill

    While true the large picture is they will be more emboldened ... they have at least two people whom they look to as an ally in the whitehouse admin im sure they feel liberated.

    Such nuances seems to be elusive with a lot cats here.......
  • Re: The Official Trump Supporters Thread For The Next Four Years +

    No one dared dreamed that Donald Trump would be President of the United States and the worst most vile of the Right Wing movement would have full & total control of all 3 branches of the U.S. government

    And there's no grand conspiracy with them...there is absolutely NOTHING subliminal or undercover about their racism or their agenda.

    So where does such a predicament leave those that "rejoice" and even make a living off of "exposing" government's HIDDEN white supremacist conspiracies,plots, and schemes????

    Not just black blogs,lectures,Youtubers etc...., but even right wingers like Alex Jones,Michael Savage,Rush Limbaugh Glenn Beck etc,etc

    These guys like their black counterparts make their living off of stirring up their target (white) demographic by exploiting their fear,paranoia and hatred of "BIG" government

    With Trump and the GOP having full power of the government they also have to scramble to change their rhetoric
    because now THEY are the thing they (allegedly) despised
  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread

    Any person that honestly believe having someone like Trump as President will somehow miraculously unify the black community are delusional naive damn fools

    And thing is Tariq knows this!
    He knows it "sounds good" to say and there are black people who will unquestionably beleive it
    All having an open white supremacist as President will do is "unify" THEIR money with HIS bank
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  • Re: The Official Trump Supporters Thread For The Next Four Years +

    It's more than 24 hours since Trump has won the Presidency.

    I think it's safe for you cats to stop making the case against Hillary

    just sayin'
  • Re: What Are The Alternatives To Voting?

    a.mann wrote: »
    If the Black community donates 4 million dollars to my personal bank account....I WILL BUILD A SCHOOL to teach you and your children the ways and means of the white man.

    And please you agents and coons don't go asking set up questions like how,when, and where this will be done.

    You don't ask the white man that, do you???
    Why question me than....your brother!!