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  • Re: President Barry Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement...

    Listen y'all niggas gon either pick a damn newspaper,do some fucking research before running your mouth
    or just quit bitching & whining if haven't bother to do either
  • Re: President Barry Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement...

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    Blacks are gonna call him coon

    Whites are gonna call him nigger, Muslim, etc.

    You can't please everyone. His problem to me is he is trying to walk both sides and he isn't making a firm stance on either side.

    It seems like his stance on the side of law enforcement is way more firm.

    As far as their victims, his support (if any) is pretty pathetic.

    He has shown support to families

    Even still it's a very delicate balance you have to walk, as to NOT to insult or alienate the people,you HAVE to be able to trust & depend on, with not only your life & safety,but the life & safety of your wife and children

    THAT is why as Obama can't just come out and talk cash cold shit about all law enforcement that YOU,I and others may want him to.

    (Honestly, this should be common sense)
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    Like I said, when it is all said and done this nigga will go down as the biggest sellout in black history

    You're grossly over stating that....

    Shit, if he's not the biggest then he's at least in the top five, yea he will make the starting five in a squad of sellouts

    Are you saying he never spoke out about police brutality and other concerns that affect the Black community?

    That's all you want is for him to speak? Gays and Mexicans got bills nigga actual laws, do you realize you could put on a wig and walk into a woman's dressing room? It took niggas many of years and numerous ass whooping's just to walk in a bathroom with a cracker, you niggas need higher expectations

    It's a pretty clever and clearly effective talking point (for the overly emotional low information folks)

    But there is absolutely no evidence that with Congress help, Obama has given Constitutional Rights,laws,bills etc.
    to gays,Mexicans etc...that Black Americans do not ALREADY

    I've asked it before here & aboard (which no one seems to be able )
    but list these new benevolent Rights,laws and bills that gays and Mexicans have that black American citizens don't
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  • Re: Adolf Trump: 'A Lot Of People' Feel That Black Lives Matter Is 'Inherently Racist'…


    This guy in his "a lot of people"

    A lot of angry bitter resentful racist white people, you mean???
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  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

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    I thought you guys would be happy the police are getting shot instead you niggas are scared???

    It's not about fear.

    Are you really black?

    Do you really drive up and down these streets of America?

    If so,holla back when you or your fam have to encounter one of these cops....