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  • Re: Bobby Shmurda Signs Wit Epic Records For 2.5M *Ahh Ahhh Ahhhh*

    SneakDZA wrote: »
    Where @SneakDZA at u hating ass faggot...fake ass Brooklyn nigga, Park Slope, Williamsburg ass nigga, short shorts wit hi socks and converse wearing ass nigga...I see u leaving reactions but no comments...typical shit from a hater that got shut the fuck up and is now salty.

    Next time Brooklyn catch a wave get behind the movement and get that jealousy out ur heart fuckboy...nigga just got 500k (so im hearing), u gonna have to work at least another 10 years to get that boy (and u prolly dont even make 50k/yr but im being nice)...word.

    I saw this thread and didn't have nothing nice to say so I left it alone. The nigga is wack and his whole style is bitten but I'm happy for him he's going to have the best year or two of his life. I hope he makes good decisions and doesn't choose to express himself on twitter all day once he's broke and finally decides to read the fine print on that contract.

    i almost feel like this could be apart of the agenda ... why would you want an NY chief keef ... and @ that ... after chief keef music keeps tanking why would you sign someone who bit his style ?? and offer him top dollar ... imo it aint even about what that kid can generate ... imo they are sending a message that if you FOLLOW and PROMOTE especially something as recklaces as chicago music ... you will get PAID ... but thats none of my business .. wooo this tea is good LMAO !!!!!
    SneakDZAGod_YunnR.D.StillFaggyAFkontakz.Lab BabyNoble Al Leeverbal jukeOsirus_JenkinsBazz-B
  • Re: Kendrick Lamar and J Cole, sellouts

    Jhene aiko just dropped a track with Kendrick. So while I take a listen to the track On a different board I read the comments and all of a sudden I see morons posting that Kendrick is a sellout. I remember seeing the same shit with j cole after his first album came out and even wale. Weren't they the "saviour of hip hop" at one point?

    I know it's not on this board but WTF is up with these hip hop fans? They bitch that their favorite underground artist are not getting enough attention then when they get their break idiots want to call them a fucking sellout. Why the hell do some "fans" turn on artist once they're not one of the only ones that know them anymore? Shits ridiculous

    you answered your own question in the very first sentence you wrote lol

    ijs i dont think thier fans were expecting those artist to do music with artist like Jhene aiko when they were underground ... im sure most were thinking they were going to do big things for hip hop ... like maybe come out and do a song with Rakim or some shit and put him back on the map ... not ride WAVES aka ride dick .......

  • Re: Future- Shit (Prod. By Mike Will Made It)

    Wow, this is horrible.

    sadly for every comment like this one .... there will also be a comment like the one below ....
    This shit is bannanas.
    Future stay making a nigga proud.

    rap sucks because of this ... lets all stay on the same page lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: Anybody Check XXL's 15 Atlanta rappers You Should Know About?

    most of these dudes sounds like future ... a few had thier own style and can respect it ... and if future supposely stole Rich Homie Quan style if i were him id keep it to myself lol they both sound horrible imo .......... and havent heard enuff from homie quan to really say to much about him but future style is really killing the art of music .... anybody can slap auto on and do thier thing ... and lol off @ future saying if he could sing like usher he would LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id probably be more cool with future if he or the industry actually labeled him an RnB singer ..... Guys like future inspire guys like J Nicks to change his name to some crazy shit like Stuey Rocks and make corny RnB like rap music lol .......
    P. Town
  • Re: Lil B has dropped a game changer......

    BoldChild wrote: »
    I can't say Lil B is the worse, for the simple fact that he is better than all those GBE niggas, and Future.

    Yeah, most of the songs he puts out are straight ass, but he has some "gems" that are okay.

    His song 'Finna hit a lick" includes story, rhymes, and his flow is okay, when judging which is the better rap song, it's a lot better than the songs GBE puts out since most of their shit is hype stuff, spitting quick punch lines, then Yelling out "BANG BANG" every now and then.

    wtf ... hes got some gems that are OK ?? lol if thier OK those aint gems my friend lol ... side note GBE > lil b .... thier shit is ignorant but @least they have Good hooks and rhyme on beat ... lil b shit be ignorant and wack beat is off hes off the whole track be off lol ... and @least they have good ears for good beats and good catchy hooks ... same with Future .... that Same Damn Time shits on anything Lil B made or participated in ... including vans and the freestyle track with wayne lol ;)