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  • Beating the system

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a trial for a traffic ticket that I thought I could win. So I took the chance cause they was trying to get me for $1700. I told da punk ass judge I wanna take this shit to trial <
    Mr. Bigg and he was trying his hardest to convince me that it was a bad idea and the fines would be doubled if found guilty.

    His words had no effect on me tho. So anyways, I think everybody knows by now that if the cop doesn't show up, they automatically dismiss the case and that was my main hope. So I'm sitting in the court room with other defendants and police officers waiting for the trials to start. Only thing that I remembered about the cop who harassed me on the night in question was that he was a young white cop and there was a few in there but mostly older cops. So I kept asking myself, it's that him, naw that ain't him over and over.

    The judge calls my name first cause of my last name and the muthafuckin cop stands up and walks to where he has to sit. So I'm like fuck, he's here and thinking in my head like oh shit, I'm fucked. Lol The judge asks me my name and then his and asks the cop, what is your motion. He responds with, "your honor, I have no recollection of this incident" and she looks at me and says "ok your case is dismissed." I wanted to yell so muthafuckin loud like hell yea but I kept my composure. Hahaha

    The moral of this story, fight all traffic tickets.
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  • Favorite all time rapper, group & duo from each region

    They can be dead or alive but only 1 from each category.

    West coast
    Rapper- Pac
    Group- NWA
    Duo- Tha Dogg Poun (Daz & Kurupt)

    East coast
    Rapper- Nas
    Group- don't have a favorite group from here
    Duo- Method Man & Redman

    Rapper- Playa Fly
    Group- Three 6 Mafia
    Duo- Eightball & MJG

    Rapper- Twista
    Group- Bone
    Duo- n/a
  • Re: First Look At NBA 2K15

    This game really makes you go to coach settings in order for your team to play good
    I always make sure I got it on deny the ball and play tight defense on ball cause if u don't they'll be 5-6 feet off their man and watch em' rain threes all game.
  • Re: 3 cops shot in my city this morning

    Max. wrote: »
    YO ThIS DUDE GAVE 2 cops head shots!!
    They just confirmed, the cop shot on arden just died.
  • Re: The IC Has Become A Nigga Nudes Fest, And I Couldn't Be Happier

    Log off for awhile and go mingle with real life ppl. U probably are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Get u some sunlight bruh.
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