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  • Kigali, Rwanda one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world


    Rwanda is a small country, with its modern capital, Kigali, at the centre. From here the roads radiate outwards, like the spokes of a wheel, and hence on most Rwanda holidays you'll occasionally spend a night here as part of any itinerary. It’s a pleasant city scattered over several hills with enough to do to keep visitors occupied for a couple of days, easy to walk around with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants for sustenance.

    One of the first things most people notice is that, particularly for an African city, Kigali is spotlessly clean, partly because plastic bags are banned in the country but also because of a universal service called Umuganda when everyone gets together on the last Saturday morning of each month working on community projects like keeping streets clean, tending to gardens and helping neighbours. Do bear this in mind should you be on holiday in Rwanda during this time – many shops and businesses will be closed for the morning.

    Kigali has relatively few tourists but those that take the time to explore the city are rewarded by a friendly response from locals and a more rounded insight into the country as a whole.

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  • Re: Dumpster diving for weaves now?

    JokerzWyld wrote: »
    How come black women don't wear Afro wigs or weaves?

    The better questions is.......How come white women don't wear Afro wigs? (they do wear weaves).

    For shits & giggles, let's flip U.S history.

    Instead of Europeans going to Africa & kidnapping black people to work as slaves for 400 years, AFRICANS went to Europe, & kidnapped white people and forced them to work as slaves for 400 years.

    Then you'd have have white women trying to get tans, Afro wigs, they would wear brown contact lens's, etc.

    In short, they would HATE their physical features because it signify's a low social status. They would be trying to adhere to the AFRICAN beauty standard. Blond hair & blue eyes would be the equivalent of dark skin and course nappy hair (by today's societal standards).

    Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) would adore all the major magazine covers, and would be considered a "Sex symbol." Taylor Swift would be on the cover of "White men" magazine. Scantily dressed, ass in the air, sexually objectified with a profile explaining how bomb her head is.

    This ladies and gentleman, is what happens when one race oppresses another race. They get to put their imprint on all the narratives that define success, beauty, and everything human beings care about.

    But now that we know the game, what are we going to do about it?
  • Re: Ghana Resident: Why Does China Send Workers To Africa When So Many Here Are Unemployed?

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    I'm from Ghana.. Headed there at the end of the year.. When I get there I'll be looking into this among other things.. I'll report back with my findings..

    EDIT: Just got off the phone with a relative..

    Basically the reason for this is African's aren't united. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Jewish, Caucasian, etc, etc, are more united that Africans/Black Folks. He said a good 80% of Africans will sell their brother out to prove themselves to a foreigner. Which is something that has been happening for a long time as shown by how Africans sold other Africans into slavery. He mentioned jealousy, envy, etc. as part of the motivation.. Things we are no stranger to here in the states.. As references by rappers getting murdered in their own city..

    He said that Chinese folks do everything through their government. A big part of the reason why we see Chinese businesses in our neighborhoods (inner cities) is because the chinese government gives out loans to their people for foreign endeavors. China is still a communist country right?.. Also the labor is cheap because part of their corrections/jail system is a form of slavery.. Instead of having Parole like we have here they will send a Chinese person who was incarcerated and getting close to release to a country like Ghana to do labor until his sentence is up then send him back home.

    Some of the above is fact some of it is opinion but I got it from someone who lives and does business in Ghana..


    I've came to the conclusion, that the biggest thing holding back Blacks worldwide is unity.
  • Re: SNL's Leslie Jones Hacked In The Worst Way, Nude Photos Released

    ^^^Double spoiler that shit, my g.
  • Re: Video: Coonette Azealia Banks Explains Why She Bleaches Her Skin...

    Least she admitted it. Did Charlemagne ever come clean?
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