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  • Re: BREAKING: Trump Announces America's Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement

    That's fine but it's not even attacking the main problem which is China and India who not only, not have to adhere to the accord, but are actually producing the majority of the worlds pollution.

    The reality is these global companies want to subsidize manufacturing in poorer nations with slave labor under the guise of ending climate change (which is unsubstantiated but that's another issue), so they can line their pockets. And the worst part of it is these poorer nations aren't even going to truly reap the benefits.
  • Re: Chinese Food Worker Swats The Wrong Chick's Hand And Gets That Work

    We gotta stop giving these people who are clearly only interested in one thing from us our money.

    If I had the capital I'd open a black-owned, black-staffed Chinese restaurant. Shit give it a soul food twist or something.
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  • Re: Am i racist to dislike Black artists using white or very lightskinned love interests in their vids?

    Cats can downplay it, say "black is black", say "they're bigger things to worry about"," I don't care", etc. but the reality is there is a deliberate effort to marginalize Black women and/or Black women beyond a certain skin tone. The examples are endless:


    That's the actress they picked to play Harriet Tubman in the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie. But she still Black so I guess it doesn't matter.
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  • Re: Am i racist to dislike Black artists using white or very lightskinned love interests in their vids?

    I remember back in the day it was unheard of to see hispanic/white women in videos. It all changed somewhere around the mid 2000's. Now they're practically a staple.

    You'll [chris rock]neeeevvverr[/chris rock] see another video like this:

    P.s. Neo-soul artists still represent though, I think.
  • Re: For those of you who say Obama never did nothing

    ill leave u niggas wit this tho..

    "The white conservatives aren't friends of the Negro either, but they at least don't try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the 'smiling' fox.

    One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.”

    -Malcolm X

    Possibly. Im not really a blind truster. Im pretty much doing better than ever now. The last 8 years have been amazing to me. I've worked hard. Havent been eaten yet. However there have been sone things true about the two Parties regarding economics (Democratic economies do better) and foreign affairs (Republicans tend to be warhawks) also there are other considerations. Also people can say whatever but the world has changed considerably since Malcolm's day. He didnt even see civil right legislation he sure didnt see Obama. Things dont just stay static. He was born in the 20s for fck sake there were all kinds of things going on in his lifetime. Whole different time now.

    "the world has changed considerably since Malcolm's day"

    we need not discuss this any further..
    read the book my nigga..

    read the book..

    Yup. One thing I learned when I researched black intellectuals/scholars from the past, is that the things they were talking about then is just as relevant today if not more.

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