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  • Re: What Needs to Be Done to Inspire Blacks to Entrepreneurship and Creating Generational Wealth?

    Plutarch wrote: »
    I also think that black folk need to be smart about the number of children that they want to have. No disrespect, ut there are black parents or mothers who are having too many kids whom they can't support, never mind themselves. Why have five kids if you can only support two? I see many black families with huge ass families or a poor single mother who continues to have children, and I just look in amazement. Some of these people would be so much better off with less children. Isn't a child like a $150,000 life expense? I myself am in relatively good shape, but that's only largely because I'm one of only two children. My parents were too smart to have more than two problems all at once. Then again, I'm willing to bet that a good chunk of children born today are accidents. So would condoms and contraceptives help this "overpopulation" problem? You can't just put all the blame on single mothers. It sounds selfish to have less kids, but it's only practical and gives you more options to amass wealth and then maybe later have more kids.

    I think that the welfare system should be looked at too. Does the welfare state do more damage than it does good? Reminds me of the infamous "somebody needs to pay for all my children" lady.

    Co sign that shit. Too many black folks have bastard kids as a way as "God's Work" and they suffer throughout life. Religion neuters critical thinking and long-term planning.
  • Re: LOL @ these Jaheim pictures

    classic pics.
  • Re: Post your controversial/unpopular hip hop opinions in this thread

    sgnikiv wrote:
    Tupac had NOT made his best music or album yet. Woulda been the first rapper to win Album of The Year(Grammys)

    Biggie is not a Top 5 rapper but...

    Biggie's 3 year(94-97) Impact was the best of all time.

    Ghostface, Beanie Sigel, Styles P, & Beanie Sigel r in my Top 10.

    State Property in the most underrated Hip Hop collective of all time.

    Ja Rule should have ignored 50 and Ja would still be making music people listen to.

    Lauryn Hill made a R&B album with a couple rap songs , the opposite of wat Drake is doin now.

    Broken Silence by Foxy Brown is criminally slept on.

    nobody ever thought Cash Money would out-last Roc-A-Fella, Murder Inc, & Ruff Ryderz.

    Hip Hop new breed of artist are the most creative and versitile the game has been since 98.

    Nicki Minaj stole Busta/Missy's animated styles and flows more than Lil Kim's sex appeal.

    all Luda albums are weak except Word of Mouth

    Bad Boy had potential after the Biggie death. The LOX, Mase, Shyne, Black Rob, G-Dep were all good lyricist.

    Black Rob - Life Story is a Top 10 album for me.

    Snoop Dogg is by far the most overated rapper of all time. musically he was on great around 93-96. anything after has jus been off his popularity of those years and the whole pimp gimmick.

    On the bolded, co sign. These new cats are gonna mold Hip Hop for the next 10 years. Bout time we get a new guard to pass down cause relying on these old cats with their old shit is just OLD lol.

    LOL White dudes hate when black men fuck their quality women. Look at Kim K after all them black dicks all up in her. White dudes hate her to death cause of that.

    If a black dude fucked Emma Stone or Lindsey Lohan, all hell will break loose.
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  • Re: Do you agree with Master P about Whitney Houston?

    He is talking the truth. If she was still alive, people would still make crackhead jokes about her.