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Wild Self
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  • Re: 50 ain't playing.. Confronts Steve Stoute At New York Knicks Game

    man say what you want about 50

    him being a shady nigga, untrustworthy lol, or even downright evil

    if you say his name, that nigga WILL get at YOU

    and if you notice in these pics there is no one in these pics with 50, no 30 other niggas (that we can actually see),
    its just a one on one convo

    50 is a beast, I respect his hustle and his grind, and just not giving a fuck lol

    Fif will never put hands on a white person, though, despite them talking slick about him. He will attack Steve Stoute and Oprah, but never a white person.
  • Re: Ayo why we never talk about how Game outlasted 50 tho?

    Sion wrote: »
    I'm sorry but now you niggas is just trolling SMMFH.

    Game is the biggest waste of potential in Hip-Hop... He came into the game with Rap Royalty thru Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit, he had Dr.Dre produce for him, he had Eminem's co-sign and 50 Cent who blew the fuck up on a chunk of his singles to help propel him to sell 5 million records worldwide. This dumbass went and bit the hand that fed him. After The Doctor's Advocate, I haven't heard one consistent album or record with Game. How you go from rap royalty to signing under Lil Wayne and Tyga ? When did Tyga get to the point where he can start handing out chains ? SMMFH

    50 Cent may not be dropping music 24/7 but to deny that this nigga is winning is on some tier 5 level of hate SMMFH - SMS Audio, 200 million dollar movie deal for Cheetah Vision, TV producer, successful businessman, books, SK Energy drinks, a successful boxing mgmt company, bought a memorabilia company, video games, a successful urban news website. Niggas don't realize this nigga is in the top 5 richest niggas in Hip-Hop, that's what you do in rap, you get in make your money and keep it going. Music only goes so far, that's why you have to transcend it and become a personality. It's funny to me that Justin Timberlake, Nas, Eminem and these cats can take between 4-7 years at a time to drop new albums and nobody chastizes them but let 50 do the same and it's a PROBLEM.

    It still putting out mixtapes constitutes as "winning" when you were a multiplatinum artist with one of the most powerful forces in music versus being worth 9 figures and being able to take your time to properly release music cuz you got it like that then I must be hustling backwards.....


    Fif is nowhere of Nas caliber of music and certainly not on Jigga's business mind.
  • Re: Rick Ross Sues LMFAO Over ‘Every Day I’m Shufflin’’ Catchphrase

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    The GDs is not trying to extort this fat nigga anymore?

    GD's were exposed as frauds when they let that racist ass Zimmerman slide. They are as bad as the KKK.
  • Re: Macklemore is being used to paint the rest of hip-hop as 'uncivil'" (Long Read)

    nex gin wrote: »
    The culture vultures can only do what we let them do. Can't be mad at them for doing what is in their nature. Nigguhs should have more pride in the way they represent themselves and the images that they chose to promote of themselves. I've said this shit a hundred times on here...."they got blacks on autopilot....they don't have to work to destroy us any more....we gladly do it ourselves then bitch about how we are perceived".

    Yep. Black folks don't give a fuck about it until white folks try to take it away. All this cooning and shit going on these last several years, it was the perfect time for wack ass Macklemore to take over.
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  • Re: Macklemore is being used to paint the rest of hip-hop as 'uncivil'" (Long Read)

    J-Breezy wrote: »
    Soooo what about rappers like ATCQ, De La Soul, Grand Nubian, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, LL, Run DMC, Will Smith shit the list goes on and on
    All these people came waaaay before Macklemore and their content wasn't about destruction.
    Where are the articles giving them praise?
    Smh white people I tell you

    Black folks shit on the positive black groups, too. Some of them go as far as trying to erase them from the history books. It started in the early 90s and we ended up being followers to the stereotype ever since.

    Macklemore is a cancer to Hip Hop and the result of "Stop hating, get money" mentality that we had for too long.