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  • Re: Meek ranting on twitter again!

    K dot been told us what it was

    i can dig rappin.. but a rapper wit a ghostwriter.... wtf happened..... i swore i wouldnt tell... but most of yall share bars like u got the bottom bunk in a 2 man cell.. sumthins in the water

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  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    Nah it aint YOU think the offense should be ran thru blake griffin instead of using 1-2 games from the playoffs or 15 games from 13-14 when paul was out sample size let's use his whole rookie season when the offense was ran through him, the clippers were the 22nd ranked offense(30-52 record) in the nba when blake griffin had his 2nd lowest % of points assisted in his career the offense was bottom 10.Last year niggas gassed how blake played without paul but were on hush mode with how the clippers played without grifffin and it was cuz of paul and dj and vs nothing but west teams and they beat several playoff teams without griffin while scoring at the same rate and at one point they were scoring at a higher rate but fell off cuz they played memphis twice.

    When Paul went to the team they went from 22nd to 4th then 1st in 3 seasons and points scored per game went up 10 ppg in that span.Nuff said facts>>>>opinions next time bring substance instead of your opinion then you won't look so stupid

    sooo you saying ...lets compare a rookie Blake comin off a broken knee cap in to a prime all star PG who has ran offenses in the league for 5 + years LOL

    stick to the pick and gifs...thats ya lane!!

    get swept by spurs.....blame Blake being too young
    lose 4 str8 in playoffs to Grizzlies...blame Vinny Del Negro
    lose game 5 and 6 to OKC.....blame the racist owner
    choke away a 3-1 series lead...blame no bench

    Chris Paul led teams
    2008 blow a 3-2 series lead to the spurs
    2009 lose a playoff game by 55 points to a melo led squad
    2012 swept by spurs
    2013 Blow a 2-0 lead to the grizzlies ...including 4 str8 L's
    2014 choke vs thunder...Russ >>>cp3 whole series
    2015 the "supposedly pretender rockets sonned them

    ^^^ you got a gif for that?
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  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

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  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    cuz I'm
    back lol
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  • Re: The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Finals (The 2013 NBA Champs The Miami Heat)

    ericb4prez wrote: »
    lmao that nigga d wade said stop asking about his knee

    Lol he right, his play is the result of old fashion skill-decline