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Trillfate · "i used to like the Ride more now i like the Race...i used like the Prize more now i like the Chase" · ✭✭✭✭✭


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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Trillfate wrote: »

    Only the simple minded be like "u can't find a girl"

    If that nerd @iron man1 or @Recaptimus_Prime360 can post a pic inside a Attractive chicks apartment (that's not their cousin) I'll drop marleys video right here right now..

    Its on yall, we'll wait...

    These hazy ass blurry pics, suggest they were made in great haste, definitely not a hallmark of a guy who's comfortably smashing broads in their apartments. But you lashing out at anybody you perceive as weak, so I digress.

    Nah.... its #Creepset
  • Re: Asking for a friend

    @Mss cut the shit.. every 1 of u IC bitches have your body parts on the Internet, thats worse than anything else. None of yall are innocent and that's why you're here..

    At least Kat and Chuck owns it.. the rest of yall deflect
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Dupac wrote: »
    Trillfate wrote: »
    Dupac wrote: »
    Trillfate wrote: »
    Dupac wrote: »
    deadeye wrote: »
    Dupac wrote: »
    So what is it?

    You mad at the pic cuz she has a boyfriend?

    Or you in love with her cuz you got that pic?

    You can't cherish a pic, then throw it in her face later cuz she don't like you.....

    Ob biggest mistake was thinking you were a cool person, and your crush on her was harmless.....

    But that's your shtick....come across as cool...then flip out when they say enough is enough

    Not to play Devil's Advocate, but I think he's posting those pics because he feels as though she's being a hypocrite.

    He's trying to justify his obsession.

    This the IC Bruh.if you ain't got scantily clad or nude pics sent to're either happily married like me...or you're doing it wrong.

    Niggaz ain't gotta lose their minds every time a chick send them a pic. In fact when niggaz lose their minds like this..It makes chicks NOT want to send pics

    She has a boyfriend.....

    So it's your job and your job alone to right this wrong?

    Weren't you just in love with this chick who has a boyfriend when you asked her for 120 seconds of her time??

    Why weren't you worried about her boyfriend at any point before now??

    I mean if her having a.boyfriend makes her so bad, y did you like her so much??

    I gave reasons why i wanted her but at the end of the day she's disloyal. Her dude knows nothing of this. She's keep secrets from him..

    Stop asking me questions and speak on that

    Naw, deflection doesn't work on me.

    I can give a shit less about her boyfriend.

    In fact , no one cares about her boyfriend.

    This is about you and your unhealthy obsession.

    I will not be deterred. You should know this by now.

    Bruh. These womens word aint legit

    Tyson didn't rape that bitch. Neither didn't 2pac.

    Ezekiel Elliott is innocent too
  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Trillfate wrote: »
    Dupac wrote: »
    Trillfate wrote: »
    Dupac wrote: »

    i understand it seems like every attempt to fight back is completely blowing up in your face....



    Ok, u just keep feeding your newborn ribs

    you mean my real family who loves me back, and not a path of online chicks who pity your existence?

    you coulda been exposed each and every time you did this shit, but time after time these chicks felt sorry for you man....

    people really think it was just marley and ob......

    dude's an habitual demon......

    the worst kind of person.....

    like so much more could have been out there had the chicks not just felt utterly sorry and sad for you at the end of the day....

    i got the green light on this one only cuz she hoped you wold leave her the fuck alone......

    but time after time...... weird niggaz do weird things...

    You are so right Du. Im up here thinking this nigga my friend. I didn't even want you to make this thread cause I just wanted him to leave me alone, not hurt his feelings. He is such a damn fraud. He's no nice guy.

    Liar. when was i ever not nice to u?

    I started to see through that nice guy shit a while ago, which is why I didn't want to be bothered.

    @Beta can attest to this

    The shit went from you being a nice guy and my friend to NOW you wanna say the lowest, dirtiest shit to me cause I'm not complying with your advances. You jumping on here telling people that I call you crying is pathetic. You threw that in my face because I didnt want to be bothered cause of course that's what nice guys do.
    back story: The ONLY time I called this man in tears was the DAY the Laquan Mcdonald video dropped because it upset me. That was November 2015 niggas. He throws it in my face LAST MONTH because I wasn't speaking to him. And in doing so, he left the door open for people to ASSUME that I called him crying about my relationship. He deliberately did that knowing that was disingenuous

    Then you start taking lil digs at me to try to hurt me because I wouldn't talk to you. Saying stuff like "You engage with so and so on the IC. They all call you whores, disrespect you, talk to you like trash. They think you're a slut. They dont love you like me." You did all of that because I didn't want to be bothered. You went as low as you could to guilt me, harass me, insult me into talking to you..and apparently you've done that before to Marley. You're not a nice guy. You're childish and I noticed that when you decided to use me crying against me. Not nice.

    So if the nigga was your friend, why are you tellin multiple other niggas about the conversations between the two of you that are private?

    My IC female friends NEVER disclosed our private conversations. Except @Kat but she doesn't count cause she's white and that's expected.

    I dont give a fuck what you dont disclose from your female IC friends. Do any of them call, text, email, send telegrams to you relentlessly when you've asked them to stop. When I started having nightmares about this shit, the secret was out. fuck that...fuck u talkin bout

    I just told you why I did it. I stopped responding to his calls. And he responded by telling people that I call him crying on the phone and saying disgusting things to me. Ok no problem. I'll ignore that. Now it's nonstop. Hell yes, I told DU. This shit aint normal. You dont do that shit to nobody and I wouldn't do what he was doing and act surprised when they are nervous.

    Don't get this attitude with me, you're not an innocent in all of this. 1. You knew his history before you started entertaining him, because it was displayed on the IC for all to see. 2. You've been in a relationship the entire time you were interacting with him. 3. You kept entertaining him knowing he had or were developing feelings for you beyond friendship while you were in a relationship. You loved the attention and affection he was giving you till you didn't.

    And furthermore the way you asked him to leave you alone wasn't even convincing that you wanted to be left alone. You could have told that nigga why and gave him reasons for why you didn't want to, but instead you were vague with him like there was something else going on but you didn't want to tell him, and that's why he kept talkin to you because he wanted to know why. Kavio just wanted closure, you're not the good guy in this and Kavio isn't the bad guy.

    Thank you Johnny
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