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  • Re: So, uhh.. was 9/11 an inside job or nah?

    vvv Logical Ether vvv

    The buildings fell at speed of free-fall meaning that each floor fell completely unobstructed by anything below it... We can talk about jet fuel all day but all three buildings fell at free-fall which can only mean that the subsequent level below was already falling before the floor above it could fall onto it i.e. it had been cleared. In the case of sandwiching (the phenomenon that supposedly justifies the collapses), the failing floor must hit the one beneath it, dislodge it, then hit the next, dislodge it (and so on): a process which slows the rate of falling. Buildings in controlled demolitions fall in the same manner as those that did during 9/11, NOT buildings that suffer from structural failure. The buildings should have also leaned if the collapses were due to heat, as the buildings' metal structures would distort with the heat. This would undoubtedly prohibit absolutely vertical collapses of the buildings as this would have made the buildings top-heavy, pulling to whichever side the greater damage would have existed (I'd assume the location of impact). Physics and mathematics don't lie. Humans do. The buildings were demolished. This is without even mentioning the fact that thermite jet fuel simply cannot cut base supports in a straight line, nor questioning the hilariously incredible finding of intact and full-proof evidence within moments of the disaster.  There are many, many experts in their chosen fields who see the event as an inside job, highly distinguished physicists, engineers, avionics, professors, high ranking military personal, plus many more. Are they also ‘retarded’? (Not to mention the opinion of the supposed perpetrator himself, Osama Bin Laden, who surely should have claimed immediate responsibility after he had pulled off the most spectacular and successful terrorist attack in human history?) 2+2 does not equal 5; at least not for me. It's a disgusting shame that so many innocent people died as a result of this event, but it is more insulting to them, in my opinion, to believe the lies that we are fed and keep their deaths in vain.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Huey_C wrote: »


    *Only fuck niggas will goat this
    The Kyrie IT trade torn its acl too, ha!

    Sucks for Boston , oh well
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Trillfate wrote: »

    Bruh, this ain't exclusive to Boston
    Them Europeans did the same shit to LeBron and his appeasing ass went back and won em a ring

    Them OKC cracker ass crackers did it to KD

    And when KD leaves G-State, them Devil's gonna do the same shit.

    Don't front and act like yo alleged favorite team is above the fray of racist BS
    Jersey burnin is so ovverplayed its not like 20,000 people went out an burned jerseys.. people are doing it now to be copy cats and to go viral... there wasnt 1000s burnin lebrons..
    Yall missed the point a lil bit.. lebron and kd left.. IT was traded by the GM. So they're moving the goal posts.. and he played for racist ass Boston a day after his sister died. Why burn his shit?
  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    ckfree wrote: »

    stephen a smith basically broke down the situation and how lebron and others are lucky that he doesnt report half the shit he be hearing as it could get ugly — he then threatened to reveal what really happened during the boston series and dared lebron to respond on what was fake so he could ‘really go deeper’ in the situation

    he said lebron doesnt give him any interviews because he makes him uncomfortable and then ends it with dont worry lebron

    rachel nichols and brian windhorst are coming

    you could speak to them


    Media attention whore

    Remember how Amad rashad and Jordan had the best the Athlete-reporter relationship in sports? They were actually friends. Amad wasn't a weasel. Outside of AI nobody fucks with Weasel A Smith
    Ghost of Jaemooms
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    At Chevys eating free nachos cuz the Warriors won.. life is good word to @chompollet