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  • Re: Waka Flocka Says He's Not African American. Calls XXXTenacion A Genius

    tompetrez3 wrote: »
    I got a solution. Stop letting mixbreeds and light skins claim black street gangs. Their identity crisis is a defect like mental retardation.They are provacateurs especially light skinned females. They are a big reason for black on black crime. He didnt have a problem being black when he need gucci and bloods for protection.

    If you eliminate Mixed breeds than you would have nobody but immigrants from Africa, Australia or India because anyone of African Diaspora has mixed lineage from various areas at this point...
  • Re: Battle Of The Singles-LL Cool J: Mr Smith

    I shot ya is probably the hardest beat of all time

    That's why I don't agree when people say LL was the Drake of his time. Drake didn't make records like this

    Drake is LL's confused son receiving weekly Estrogen Treatments...
    Revolver Ocelotsapp08_2001

    Don't matter how much I dislike his music, I ain't jumping on this bandwagon.

    In America, once someone gets that rape accusation, it's a wrap.

    soul rattlerValentinez A. Kaiser
  • Re: Your Thoughts On Suge Knight

    Cac said he don’t know anyone that owns a Faith or 112 album. You must hang around muthafuckas that don’t get pussy.

    I Have always seen both 112 and Faith as Diddy's attempts to recreate Jodeci and Mary J. I dont know anyone with 112 or Faith Albums but I know plenty of Folks With Jodeci and Mary J Blige albums that still regularly play them...
    RickyRichbck145I Self Lord & MasterRevolver Ocelottexasdaking88
  • Re: Your Thoughts On Suge Knight

    All Revisionism and blind Hate for a Man that has never Effected your life personally aside, Puffy is a bigger snake than Suge could every be all the shit and layers to shit he has been involved with over the years and noone bats an eye because he is so deeply entrenched in the industry he just gets a pass. Hell Jodeci and Mary J Blige ran to Suge to help get them out of deals Puffy had them in.

    Most of the Suge hate you kats have is the unhealthy indoctrination of a Media Machine that Sabotaged one of the most Powerful Black Owned Labels to ever exist. It shows you have taken the narrative they wanted to give you to heart rather than actually peeping game and recognizing what has really been happening.

    What Deathrow did as a Independently owned entity has not been redone yet closest to do it was Master P and with the nature of Media today that level of Power will never be attainable again. Suge's whole story is a tragedy in large part of his own Creation but the parts that are not is where haters fail to give credit and writeoff what really went down for the Story they saw On MTV News or CNN back in the day...
    RickyRichRevolver Ocelota_listTrillfatetexasdaking88