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  • Re: Who Was The MVP of 2003

    50 had no real competition in 2003 every other album even from dope artists was subpar with maybe a banger at most on it...
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  • Re: Who Was The MVP of 2002

    I mean damn people the Ether button tells you all you need to know which is a gift from 2002...
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  • Re: How Come Mid 90s NY Rap Didn't Sell?

    Go figure wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    OK here's an analogy

    Over the years people have told me that Never Mind The Bullocks Its The Sex Pistols is the ultimate punk rock album. I've never been into punk or heavy metal so I didn't really care. People told me I should listen to that album when I was in high school. Then as I got older in my twenties and thirties people kept telling me to cop that Sex Pistols album.

    Eventually I broke down and copped it. I ordered the CD from amazon. Now I'm not a punk rock fan but I gave the album a listen simply because people kept telling me to check it out. Truth be told I hated it. I can't stand that style of music but I made myself sit through it a few times just to see what all the fuss was about.

    I'd imagine that people have heard similar things about Illmatic. I'm sure that over the years casual rap fans have been told that Illmatic is a GOAT album. I just think its strange that it hasn't sold more to casual rap fans who are curious to hear what is considered the greatest rap album ever recorded.

    Does that make any sense?

    Do u have an opinion or answer to your question or are u just asking and not accepting any answers?

    He has received so many at this point shit is pearls on swine...
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  • Re: Who Was The MVP of 2002

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    The quality of work Em did in 02 ended up earning him a Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe among countless others boi was winning film and music awards left and right selling like crazy and his shit wasn't on no pop shit he was actually in his prime spitting days AND he had 50 buzz going crazy on his roster.... The boi literally checks every box for that year

    Can't really argue with this. 50 came on really strong with Wanksta and it was a wrap when "In the club" dropped in late 2002. Em had the sales but Nas to me still owned 2002 with the battle with Jay and then coming through with that "One Mic" video and then later on in 2002 came out with that street banger with "made you look"

    The MVP don't always have to be a top seller. Like basketball for example NBA MVPS don't always lead the league in top scoring. Nas or Em in 2002 are MVP worthy though.

    Do y'all really think Jay v Nas was debated/talked about in places, pass let's say Feb/March 2002, other than forums like this and a couple of corners in Queens and Brooklyn?

    IF you were involved with the industry it was shit was deep and kats were worried we may see shit go the Pac and Biggie route...
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  • Re: How Come Mid 90s NY Rap Didn't Sell?

    SO at this point can we agree the thread title has been debunked as in the mid 90's some of the biggest sales came from the east and this was just a desperate thread to Troll and create more regional HipHop dissension amongst Hip Hoppers???
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