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  • Re: Scarface Calls Lil Wayne “The Best”, “Greatest Rapper Of His Time”, & More

    Face is a grown ass man entitled to his opinion he has made some of the dopest hiphop tracks of all times and has consistently been putting out quality tracks in now 4 different decades. He is in my top 3 with a rotating spot and with all that said I entirely disagree with this statement...
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  • Re: Let Me Ask Some of Yall Reason Posters Something...

    The Recipe wrote: »
    Or why not have the gossip girls go to the powder room and have the mods move their threads along with them and purge the fuck shit while setting a precedent and culture around here. Then when we make threads about shit we want back we dont have all the LHH watching negros infesting a sub-forum that is supposed to be about intellectual hip hop discussion.
    Yall say this shit than when it starts happening you cry foul with the Mods...
  • Re: Who Fukked Up Their Face More, Lil Kim or Lil Wayne?

    We need the WTF button back because this thread is exactly What The Fuck it is for...
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  • Re: Who handled rap beef the WORST?

    I'm not understanding how Biggie handled it bad.

    He virtually ignored Pac. Going to California was extremely stupid, but him getting killed was a matter of circumstances more than rap beef with a man that was already dead.
    Well in essence he threw the 1st shot in the beef with who shot ya, he did not take any opportunity he had available to talk and squash the beef with Pac before Pac started swinging with lyrical shots, he played up the subliminals and kept throwing rocks than hiding his hand he dissed Bay rappers than copped pleas and was given one pass to leave Cali alive than like an dummy kept talking reckless and went back to Cali again after things had intensified. To me that is epitome of not playing your position properly and beefing bad or he was just an idiot not sure which most likely a combo of all of the above and than some...

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  • Re: Who handled rap beef the WORST?

    And pac was not shot because he didn't want to be extorted by them lol this exactly what I meant when I told you to look up info before you start sounding like a smartass like you always do my nigga smh
    Motherfuckaz said they were disciplining him what the fuck do you think that means? They gave him some jewels and took him around town than they thought they could run him and Pac was not going to be played like that because he did not want to be Extorted like Puffy and company. Same Kats had a financial interest in a lot NYC artists but at the time the Main bread winners were Badboy. Again all public Knowledge spin this however you want you just playing the sucka role for no reason at this point but do you...

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