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  • Re: All Eyez On Me Trailer (2pac Biopic)

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    Think this'll be closer to nwa quality than it'll be to notorious quality.... Hopefully

    Even the nwa movie was kinda wack when they aint tell the real tru story & having shit like pac do hail Mary when alize was still on tha row was straight Ludacris......I just hope it's accurate

    I enjoyed Straight outta Compton on a entertainment basis but there are a number of historical inaccuracies throughout the film which should be no surprise given it is a vanity project for Dre and Cube...
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  • Re: Has The Sucker MC Won???

    A lot of interesting views so far good discussion...
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  • Re: Reason Interview: P. Town aka ptowndonte

    Any brother that rocks a confederate flag needs help with their self hate and ignorance...
  • Re: Taxstone Calls 2Pac & Cam’ron “Rats”

    I will never get the cylindrical counter logic used by kats that admit they are not from the streets or advertise it with their lack of understanding the game. Show me papers or he is not a snitch. Telling people about a snitch makes you a snitch? A case needs more than hearsay a warrant for arrest needs sworn and clear case specific details to be a usable statement not tough talk from a entertainer/actor. Agenda's run rampant in this shit and this Taxstones kats is clear enough...

    Hypothetically speaking:
    So you and your man rob a drug dealer. Info get back to the niggas y'all rob. Nothing concrete just speculation. They catch up with your man you did the jux with. They put pressure on him, he fold up and tell them everything. Now mind you no one knows who did this jux just you and him. All of the sudden the nigga you robbed is looking for you. Obviously you didn't tell on yourself and the only other person that knew of this was your homie.

    Do you still need paperwork to verify this nigga told/gave you up?
    Is that not considered snitching?

    A lot False pretense in here as you cannot draw parallels between Pac talking shit about revenge on Kats that harmed, wronged and robbed him that were actually giving info to the feds as Light has already been cast on Both Henchman and Haitian Jack since then showing he was speaking the truth abut those snakes. Pac was not out there robbing fools he was the victim he did not do dirt with these men and give up someones name to get out of it like your example. But hey use whatever fallacy helps you kittens in your Pac hate substantiate your rationale, roll with that no matter how counter intuitive it is to logic and or the streets..
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  • Re: If You Could Get One More Studio Album From Any Of The Deceased Who Would It Be? (12 Tracks)

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    Is this 2pac "Hennessy Enemies" thing like a long running IC joke or something?

    I did a google search once to see how many times he rhymed Hennessy with enemy and penitentiary. To my surprise nobody has ever counted.

    Somebody needs to go through his entire discography and see how many times he rhymed those 3 words.

    If I had to guess I'd say over 10 times, maybe as many as 20 times.



    I may have counted it wrong so that was 14 separate songs with hennesey mentioned out of over 350 commercially released songs? What is that like 2.5% ???
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