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  • Re: Why Wasn't The Original Version Of California Love On All Eyes On Me?

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    Didn't it have something to do with Dre leaving death row, and pac being steadfastly against dr dre because of it?

    That makes ZERO sense considering Dre produced the remix as well.

    Also T/S, I've been wondering the same shyt for 20 years now.

    lmao cot damn what a dumbass question that was. No offense @_Lefty

    Idk the answer to this question btw but beat is a little different. Im assuming it was a sample issue.

    Na, none taken. I just thought that was what it was. I could swear there was an interview somewhere where pac was on some "there are no dre beats on the album" shit.

    California Love (OG & RMX)
    U Can't C Me were both produced by Dre.

    That was 1of Pac's main issue with Dre as he and others made multiple claims that Dre was a rubber stamp getting credit for shit he did not do in the studio...

  • Re: Dr Dre Wins Lawsuit Against New Death Row Records

    Big bank takes Little Bank is real that is how it gets and stays big...
  • Re: Cle "Bone" Sloan Scared Of Suge. Says He Won't Snitch.

    I think too many of you Kats get your concepts of legal system, Street code and Life rules from Rap and Movies. Shit some of yall be saying is surreal, asinine, counter productive, stupid, fake and faulty as fuck most the time...

    my view is completely fucked up and all wrong but its based on the life I have lived. no rap or movies or here. absolutely counter productive and wrong. sad part is i am far removed from my street days but when i was out there i was out there. i know my feelings arefucked up but its so deep in me i cant change it. i don't have beef with the cops they just doing their job. im not on suge side he gets what he gets but i don't believe a street nigga is supposed to help the state or the feds for any reason at all. u keep ur mouth shut. that bone nigga knows that.
    On a personal Note My Father is still in the midst of 25 year bid or killing a CI without going into the full details My view is of one who has lived this street life ever since I was semen shit you talking fam is not reality to me and Obviously not to Suge and Cle. I carry a Old School concept of shit on Babylon, Snitching, Hating, Accountability, Growth and Positions. Without making a long ass tirade on all those meanings I will say City to City, Coast to Coast the older heads from the destitute urban areas like Myself share similar world views in those regards as that is the common factor in our survival through those conditions. I am sad for you that whatever factors have caused your life /concept of to be so far removed from...

    don't be sad for me. my life is actually pretty good. i never want anyone's pity. i don't need it...don't deserve it...don't want it. im removed from the streets because my wife worked hard to get me out. im in my 40s so im no young lost boy. i am who i am. my concept of life is probably one that your dad lived by. he became judge jury and executioner. i don't condone nor condemn his actions. its the life he choose. a life he lived. my kids didn't live my life. the shit you do and go thru out there when doing that shit for real is not transferred by blood. it aint for everybody either.

    whats right in the underworld is different. u don't talk. u just don't. not me not u not bone not the CI ya daddy pushed. u never ever talk. some stuff will never leave u. ur man gets killed then u do right by ur man but u don't talk to the police. right could be looking out for his fam or many other things. right is not snitching.

    on a side note my dude i don't doubt u came from a hard background. im sure there are a lot of cats who share ur life views too and i have no issue with that but coast to coast city to city if u in them streets for real then u know u don't work with the cops no matter how bad or sad the situation is. ask your pops

    Aww the catch 22 is what is working with the cops and what is working against yourself I Myself am a product of the 70's grew up during the crack era and what you and I call working with the cops are entirely different things. I refuse to help perpetuate some shit I know better then from real life interactions.

    My mans is walking to the park while on parole and some kats he never met before harass and try to rob him a fight breaks out bystander calls the cops he is asked by babylon what happens and says "they tried to rob me I was defending myself" based on what you are saying he is working with the cops and a snitch rather then telling the truth and not catching a bid for some punks he has nothing to do with.

    My man is at the studio it has security camera's and insured equipment it gets robbed they are caught on camera and does not know the kats on camera he files his claim and turns over the tapes to law enforcement he is a now a snitch in your eyes also.

    Homeboy is at the store it gets robbed minutes after he leaves he has nothing to do with it but gets stopped and accused of casing it for kats who hit it he tells them he had no part in it he is a snitch by your standards because he cooperated with law enforcement.

    While on the flip side you and your homie is grinding heavy and you get popped for some shit and you offer him up for some judicial favor you are a snitch shit to me is cut and dry.

    I grew up with the old code and adhere to it all the situations I described happened in grimey areas of Seattle, Raleigh and Philly and none of the folks I am referring to are considered snitches in their hoods except the last bitch who was one cut and dry.

    Maybe that is because of my associations with those striving to be more then working a corner their whole life or that have no desire to have judicial 3 hots and a cot. I am a grandfather and I know right from wrong and pop culture will never dictate snitching versus sense to me.

    The Underworld as you called it is not that it is the same world difference is in Position, transparency, knowledge and money that is it and those that have those things play by the rules required to keep what they have and know you can cover your ass and not be a snitch, you can take ownership in your actions and not be a snitch and you can handle shit with babylon and not be a snitch.

    I Grasp Loyalty and minding my own Biz or handling shit internally where possible but the propaganda you are pushing is just that it is not the reality of any OG in any hood I have ever been to and I am a Ghetto Gypsy I have been to quite a few.

    But then I also know that once indoctrination has set in most Kats have a hard time seeing through It so whether you get what I am saying does not matter hopefully one of the youngsters reading this shit can get a better concept of how to survive without being a dummy or a snake and change their life direction, because by your own admission you are stuck on sabotage and too old to change...
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  • Re: Cle "Bone" Sloan Scared Of Suge. Says He Won't Snitch.

    I think too many of you Kats get your concepts of legal system, Street code and Life rules from Rap and Movies. Shit some of yall be saying is surreal, asinine, counter productive, stupid, fake and faulty as fuck most the time...
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  • Re: Cle "Bone" Sloan Scared Of Suge. Says He Won't Snitch.

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Why ppl like Suge on here.
    Better question is why people hate him so much they cast facts & sense to the side???

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