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  • Re: "100 Black Pastors" expected to endorse Donald Trump......

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    Ok, I've read the books, seen the lectures and documentaries, so I'm not going to do the work for y'all. But consider this. The pivotal parts in the bible were already told in Africa THOUSANDS of years before and they were considered products of mythology and man's attempt to understand the higher power.
    I believe in God, but not fairy tales. The story of a Heru is the oldest story which contained elements of a virgin birth, resurrection of the other people and the savior God, walking on water, 3 kings confirming the birth of a savior God, a holy trinity, DEC 25th being the born day, etc. As a matter of fact, the pygmies of Africa told stories of the first man and woman being tempted by a serpent, and there's a story of a great floods in other religions as well. You could even find elements of "Jesus" life in the story of Mithra which was told before Christianity as well. Again, the story was stolen, remixed, and sold back. Shit, the first ship that took us here was named "Jesus."

    In one myth ISIS impregnated herself. In the bible they aren't kings just wise men don't know how many just that they bring three presents. We already know Jesus birthday wasn't in Dec it would be to cold. And now here even in gnostic texts is it ever mentioned Jesus was born in a cave. Christianity was adopted in Roman society over many of many of years

    3 wise men (not kings, my bad) were based on African astrology. Impregnated herself? Welp, sounds like a virgin birth to me and other texts have shown it was, and again, THE BISHOP COUNCIL OF NACEA will answer your questions. Again, don't believe me or the texts. I just refuse to believe in remixed mythology that was never meant to be taken literally.
    Respect to the African spiritual system though. Now talk amongst yourselves.

    Again it not that there were three men at Jesus birth just that however many men were there brought three presents. How is it a virgin birth if she impregnated herself with her husband dick?

    Do you even know why they gathered, what they gathered to do, and why it was important because it honestly sounds like you don't. They weren't some boogeyman who decided all aspects of the bible as yoy making them out to be

    Do you know what happened at that council? Have you read any other references? As you said, one source said that. Of course you don't because you probably googled that shit and left it at that. Who are your teachers? You believe in talking snakes my nigga?!?
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    Chancellor Williams, John Henricke Clark, Dr Ben Yochannan, John Jackson, and Google (lol) are your friends, brothers.
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    No amount of religion or lack of religion is responsible for black slavery. the sad reality of it is that African slavery was inevitable.

    Because a weak people always serves the strong. That fact is the one pattern in history that cannot be ignored.

    Though we were enslaved by Islamic followers and then Christians? I guess you conveniently forgot about that.

    They could have been pagans we still would have been enslaved

    But that didn't happen. So what's your point?

    The point I'm trying to make is that blaming religion for the things black people have suffered historically is foolish because no matter the religion slavery would have been our reality.

    It is childish to think that somehow that without whites converting to Christianity that they would've been no slavery. Slavery existed in pagan Europe and pre-Islamic Arabia and north Africa.

    That played a part in the mind control aspect. Whites converted to Christianity? Not exactly. They took an African spiritual system, remixed it,and sold it back to us.
  • Re: Pastor: Black People Are The Most Racist People

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    Women are creators of life on earth so how could you give him a male title?

    God is emotional as hell so how could "he" not be a "she"

    1. The seed of man is needed to fertilize a female egg. Amen.

    2. God doesn't share His glory with anybody else.

    3. How dreadful it will be for those who have to face His fury for all eternity. Amen.

    Lol just one issue with that because according to your manuscript(bible)

    Mary's egg was not fertilized remember? So women don't need mans seed to be fertilized because God said so and did so and will do so only if the woman is worthy or open to receive gods blessing....

    Do you read the BIBLE or nah?

    Genesis 3:15 says this:

    "And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."

    Off top God is telling you that the "seed of the woman" will be different from every other kind of natural birth that mankind will ever have. Thus 2,000 years ago the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and she conceived the God-Man Yeshua Ha Mashiach!

    The seed of man could not come by natural means because the sin nature of man is passed by the seed of man. Therefore the seed of the woman, whose Father is the LORD of Hosts, was a super-natural event that changed the course of history.

    So nah.... You can't take the super-natural virgin birth and make a blanket statement to try to prove your erroneous point. The birth of Yeshua is the defining moment in human history, that is different from all other births. Amen.

    There is no birth without sperm and egg there is no Mary gave birth to a god-man.....there has never been a "super-natural event" and you can't prove that there has, just say you don't know, I'd accept that

    That's because the story was stolen from Heru/Horus. Dec 25th? Sound familiar?
  • Re: Tyler, The Creator Takes A Big Shot At 50 Cent While Discussing Nostalgia

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    Yall have to give it time so you can reflect back on the times. It's not like niggas in the 90s KNEW they were in a golden era until later. Niggas were saying the same things yall saying. Imagine cats reacting when you said NaS, Biggie, Wu-Tang was the GOATs when they came up on LL Cool J, G Rap, Rakim, BDK, Ultramagnetic MCs, Beastie Boys, KRS-One/BDP, Kool Moe Dee, etc. People constantly comparing the two makes it hard to appreciate the new and have their music heard and appreciated for the art it is. Hell 5 Grand still get mad LOLOLOL. It's not much different when you bring up Kanye, Lupe, Wayne, Drake, Cole, Kendrick and others. Not to take away from Pac, Big, Hov, NaS, etc. but somethings you gotta let grow. So I get where Tyler The Creator is coming from.

    Hip-Hop is in an AMAZING space right now and it's only going to get better. IMO we're entering or at the premature stage of a second childhood/golden era in rap. But yall gotta let go of nostalgia and peep some of this new music before quickly denying them.

    Gtfoh. Hip Hop is horrible right now on a mainstream level at least. From the Fisher Price beats, chicks with fake asses rapping like they're cartoon characters, grown men dressing like bitches, drill zombie music, pill popping emotional ass niggas, mush-mouth flow ass niggas with elementary rhymes over auto tune. You sound like a sleazy used-car salesman.
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