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  • Re: Who remembers how emotional the south got when Nas said HHID?

    nas became a joke after that bullshit statement because no one in they right mind would claim any nas album post 2003 to be good..HAHAHA!!!!
    [Deleted User]buttuh_binfamous114PK_TK_187moedaysnujerz84genocidecutter
  • Re: Lil Wayne Doesn't Like NYC

    zombie wrote: »
    What alot us don't respect ourselves what type of white wash shit is that to say...the art of rhyme was not created by new let me get on my white swag aa have been here since the pilgrims if you identify with African culture. Thats kool I ....but don't kum to my fuckin country an holla like u better than us Chico. We built this shit hole!

    Hip-hop was put together by new yorkers end of story. When it comes to hip-hop new yorkers both african american and west indian are better than you. Most Southern rappers are not real artist they just make records but they put no artistic depth in their music. The south is mostly known for what i call disco-rap, soulless dance music. There are exceptions but mostly you make throw away music. ALOT of you don't respect yourself or african culture or any culture for that matter, i am telling the truth. You are the only black people i know who curse at your own children and beat up your parents. It's the american in you that fucks shit up you guys might want to try giving the african in you more influence.

    LMAO @ "souless disco-rap"... congratulations on winning dumb fuck of the year..what you think hip-hop came from..hip hop was originally an off-spring of soul/funk/disco in the late 70's

    A lot of NYC niggas are proud of your history of being glorified middlemen by exploiting your community with drugs to wear some trendy clothes and a chain..SMH

    You NYC niggas the only niggas i know that claim to be muslims but drink liquor, shoot niggas over drug territory, hustle drugs, brag about being up date with fashion trends but think your righteous because you "follow mathematics god"..LOL

    You NYC niggas the only niggas i know that say "colors is for dumb muthafuckas" but turn around and bang crips and bloods...and on top of that you steal philosophy from the latin kings, vice lords, and gangster disciples in chicago..LMAO!!!

    The new rappers that rep NYC are miano, nicki minaj, and french montana..HAHAHAHAHA
  • Re: 50 Cent Says He "Disabled" Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo

    this dude stay throwin people under the bus to keep relevant..give it up
    blackblocNJ Giantssapp08_2001
  • Re: Who Do You Think Made The Bigger Impact Of Their Own Genre: Kurt Cobain or Tupac Shakur

    lol @ the amount of feelings caught because some people choose pac...lames even tried to do the whole "these niggas don't anything outside hip hop" angle..u mad?
  • Re: the most manufactured carefully pieced together rapper of all time is ?

    Yall are losing out here for not mentioning Game

    -got shot and decided to use it to launch his rap career
    -spent his hospital stretch listening to Cube, NWA, Dre, Snoop, Nas, BIG, and Jay
    -borrowed as much of Pac's image as he could from his manager Jimmy Henchman
    -became a 30 year old gangbanger
    -disowned his brother and cousin to maintain his false image
    -went from stripper and game show contestant to rapper
    -begged Dre to put him in G-Unit
    -begged 50 Cent to let him back in G-Unit

    feel free to add on

    every verse on his songs have to contain the following: 6'4 impala, lowrider, khaki's/dickies, chucks, palm trees, compton, eazy-e/nwa/dr.dre reference, blood/piru, westside, olde english,
    grew up in a crip hood, went to carson,ca in high school, male stripper and change of heart appearances, begins his rap career in the bay area with jt the bigga figga then somewhere along the lines becomes a gangster rapper from will go down a the new cb4 and the most stereotypical, unoriginal, generic rappers @ game pretending to have had some street cred in compton at some point in his life prior to singing to aftermath when nobody outside of his relatives could vouch for him