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  • Re: The Offical Mad Men Season-5 Thread: The GOAT TV Show is back... Breaking Who???

    focus wrote: »
    white715 wrote: »
    ^^ Go watch that scene with them at the bar, Don was flirting with her and Joan was basically tellin him that she wanted to fuck and didn't care about either of them being married.

    "I like being bad and then going home and being good"

    "He knows. That's just the way he is. And maybe it's just the way she is"

    then offering to drive him home

    Mad Men is subtle this ain't reality tv they're not gonna throw it in your face

    It was just good flirting, and of course both Don and Joan would be good at flirting and have great chemistry. But at the end of the day, it seemed more like a casual, old colleagues interaction. He was very supportive and kind to her when she needed it, including sending those flowers. Them screwing would accomplish nothing for either of them and be very predictable...which is not Mad Men.

    I think they are starting to show that the honeymoon period is over. Don starting to see that Megan isnt as perfect as he once thought. 3 episodes ago he was so sprung he wouldnt be out drinking and flirting, even if it was innocent. He woulda rushed home to be all up on Megan, wouldnt leave her side. I think the cracks are already starting to show.

  • Re: The Offical Mad Men Season-5 Thread: The GOAT TV Show is back... Breaking Who???

    Damn, Lane done fucked up. And that sexual tension between Joan and Don was dope. Looks like they planting the seeds for the unraveling of Don & Megan. And lol at Petes L's continuing no matter what the story line.