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Da hell goin back here!


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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers] - Airs 7/16

    celebrate we get dragons..
    celebrate geiing army..
    celebrate gettin Tyrion & Varys..
    celebrate aquiring Dorne and Martell's..
    celebrate gettin an iron fleet..
    celebrate gettin a Dothraki horde..

    all this while hurdle after hurdle was placed in front of us..

    what are the Starks celebrating??!
    whats all this fuss about!!?

    not fuckin gettin killed for once! :joy: :joy:

    Quietly frankly, I don't understand why the Jon Snow Spirit Squad are bragging about having numbers anyway.

    Last time ya boy Snow had numbers, that muthafucca ended up counting snowflakes on his back...


    Fucc the White Walkers, his azzz NEED to worry about someone from his crew not turning on his azzz again.





  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers] - Airs 7/16

    well iv been down wit BAE since she got in the tub first season.. i aint even know shit about houses or what the fuck i was watchin.. i jus knew i was in love.. and i hated that fuckin Joffrey..

    i was never gonna be House Stark cause i didnt trust Ned ever since Lord of The Rings. hahaha
    Cersei was a bitch and i hated Jaime for pushin that hard headed feeble fuck Bran..

    but if i had to choose a favorite..
    ironically its Jaime.. he won me over wit his slick ass. smmfh

    was never a fan of The Targaryen Formerly Known as Jon (TTFKJ) nigga was always goofy to me..

    but yeh.. Team Dragons & Shit in this bitch!!
    readin about and watchin the Lore Documentaries we Targaryens are a proud House..

    we run shit! period..
    even the North had to bend the knee..

    Muthafuccas gonna be paying homage soon.

    Its been T-Nation since day one. Everybody...and I mean EVERYBODY doubted K-leezy.

    Oh you say she's not the Queen of Dragons? Came out unfazed from a burning hut wit a dragon on her shoulder

    Oh you say she can't get an army? Took over a kingdom, freed the slaves, and got my nigga G-Wizzle running the army.

    Oh you say she ain't got a navy? Bitch we bout to roll up in a fleet of dem thangs and snatch back what's rightfully ours!

    Every obstacle thrown at this woman, she overcame. Muthafuccas laughed at the IDEA of her being the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Ask that muthafucca locked in that vault if he's laughing. All hail the Queen bitches