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    Trillfate wrote: »
    @Tyga409 riiiight... what else happened on the internet?

    we know u happily bragged that got a transexuals phone number in real life tho... u stay advertising how lame and pathetically lonely u are...

    texas409 wrote: »
    I need somewhere to travel next week....I'm thinking Chicago @obfresh let's have drinks. My treat
    ^^she never acknowledged u, did she? @texas409

    now u can stay waking up at 4am rage-typing my name and reaction stalking me...

    Poor Boom Texas409
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    God_Yunn wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    Purr wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    Purr wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    Purr wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    Purr wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    Purr wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    I know who it is but I'm not telling B)

    Jesus these emojis are trash

    Oh man ,is it the chick you bought fake diamond earrings for?(pico)

    Nah I thought it was the chick you were begging for child support, non-Team Jordans, and a hat that actually fits

    See now that's female shit, but you right I shouldn't of lied to get something out a chick and just been straight up....what did you get from pico?

    A lot more than a colon-cleanse

    Well... he did like it. Billy you need some freak in you.

    Stop ,look at you two gossiping for attention....we was talking about apples and what not and yall come in here with the finger waving.

    I was in here talking about buying house, something that you will do one day, and you you took a general statement personal.

    Yo bad.

    Now, your girl on here acting a mess. Foh.

    You really need a life. Youre pathetic, I feel pity just a little bit.

    Me... Need a life? Lol Hilarious.

    Your girl came looking for me. I didn't seek for her or even know about her.

    How can a pathetic person give me pitty? Thats an oxymoron.

    I sent her,which is why I know that's not her on here lol, told her to play dumb just to see what you say.

    Drove you crazy wondering why I didn't say anything huh? I know...CP told me you were.

    Now do you really want me to embarrass you in front your Internet friends?

    Lmao. Sure you did.

    @cp203 told me everything about you too, boo.

    Now, we can definitely talk, hunty.

    No he didn't, stop fronting on here. You want to talk you know how to reach me,but stop being childish on here.

    Cut it out

    Just like he said im crazy about you. Which he didnt. You got my number, you can use it. You
    seem like you want to get some shit off your chest.

    You done acting like a child on here or nah? made an alias,you called me a slave the other day and from what you telling jhanice and CP, it seems like you have a lot to say lol.

    Don't turn it on me, go ask to go see those messages between me and her or something, stay off of here with the bullshit

    What?? Lol!

    Said I was her slave cause I was using her money to play fanduel. ..go figure lol

    Well did you at least win any money? Lol
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    Beta wrote: »

    Really hate how these Twitter/IG pics & vids show up on mobile.
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    I give a pass to Turkey bacon.

    But that's it. I had an ex who used Turkey meat in everything and I had to drop her ass quick

    Turkey bacon is an abomination. Damn thing taste like ham.
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    OhMars wrote: »
    Purr wrote: »
    Me & bride have great tits.

    But who's are better

    Sounds like Titty-off to me
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