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  • Re: Meek Mill Arrested After Cops See Him Riding Dirtbikes on Instragram

    JJ_Evans wrote: »
    wizv.2 wrote: »
    It's funny, with all the illegal and dumb shit that happens in hiphop, niggaz love to jump on their moral high horses when it comes to someone they don't like.

    Smoking weed is illegal in all but 3 or 4 states, yet its highly popularized in hiphop. I never seen anyone criticizing or calling a rapper "dumb" for smoking or possessing illegally.

    I realize that you're probably an alias, but I'm gonna educate you anyway.....

    Some of you Meek stans are just as dumb as he is.

    Common sense tells a nigga that if he's on papers, he needs to move a certain way to insure that those people have no reason to lock him back up. Meek ain't got no damn common sense because if he did, he wouldn't have allowed someone to record him breaking the muthafuckin law.

    What's even dumber than that is the fact he's not a average nigga. His dumb ass is attempting to resurrect a once-promising career with a new album, yet his dumb ass is doing shit (this incident as well as the Safaree incident) that's threatening to not only throw more dirt on his recently dead career, but also throw his dumb ass in prison.

    If he was a regular nigga like some of his stans, he would have his papers revoked and be locked back up again. Luckily for him, his dumb ass had somebody call in a favor to the NYC DA. That luck is quickly running out though.

    Lol so this emotional ass rant was your attempt at educating me? Lol ok.

    His career's dead but you couldn't wait to start a thread about his new album as soon as it was announced. Funny shit.

    I'm not an alias btw...
    illedoutChi Snow
  • Re: Meek Mill Arrested After Cops See Him Riding Dirtbikes on Instragram

    Chi Snow wrote: »
    Chi Snow wrote: »
    Only ppl taking an L here is NYPD and all the good taxpayers of Manhattan. 22 cop cars to arrest a nigga at a charity for kids going back to school over popping wheelies in the street the day before

    22 cop cars for a wheelie

    But yeah, it's an L for Meek. No felony charges, parole not revoked, no bail, no loss of money..............

    How much money does it cost for the NYPD to observe video of a nigga posting live footage of himself breaking local laws in the most police heavy city in our country? Then a day later send a few cop cars (not 22) to arrest and book him?

    Was the offense big? Not really. But he still broke the fucking law and videotaped himself in NYC doing it. This isn't a cop fucking with an innocent man and stopping and frisking him. this is police stopping a nigga on parole who was dumb enough to record himself on his popular instragram page breaking the law. Had meek not posted any of this shit they wouldn't have cause to arrest him.
    The bolded reminds me you in CT and you ignorant to the ways of the real world Kevin Martin

    Meek out, we'll see which 'charges' stick

    I heard the charges were dropped
    illedoutChi SnowAlpha_Ambition
  • Re: Meek Mill Arrested After Cops See Him Riding Dirtbikes on Instragram

    So looks like they were definitely fucking with Meek. They charged him with a felony only to hold him overnight and then dropped the charge.

    Also meek didn't post any footage on the gram of himself riding a dirt bike. Apparently, he was riding around with about 8 others during some event at a highly contained area. Cops were there spectating the whole event but didn't do anything to prevent or stop the riding. They waited an entire day later to decide to arrest him, and only him (not the other dirtbike riders). This is some BS. Someone please explain how this is even remotely justified.

    Chi SnowCainJoshuaMoshua  LcnsdbyROYALTYmiamivice305rip.dillatrendsetta1030GhostdenithegawdStoneColdMikeyJokerzWyldtexas409Huey_C
  • Re: Meek Mill Arrested After Cops See Him Riding Dirtbikes on Instragram

    Sup wit u weirdos here dwelling over two niggas on a bike together? tf

    I'm sure that there's a gay section at your nearest porn website to suit ur needs. Foh wit that.
    THE_R_illedoutCaingum989Chi SnowBender RodriguezThereal_bamiamivice305rip.dilla
  • Re: Video: Meek Mill Promises To Check DJ Akademiks & Responds To Trick Daddy & Drake…

    JJ_Evans wrote: »

    Man fuck that coked up mush mouth ass nigga Trick Daddy. At this point, the world know what Meek was really trying to say regarding his comment about Miami. This clown tried to run a mile with that fake nigga outrage.

    Meek a whole entire hoe for getting at Akademics tho. Fire album or not, I can't support bitch shit like picking and choosing who you want to address. That nigga really can't stay outta his own way.