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  • Re: "I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House" - Martin Luther King Jr.

    The ic has some of the dumbest niggas on earth.

    They were using the burning house in two different ways MLK was using it as a metaphor and Malcolm was talking about a literal house.

    MLK talked about putting out the fire because it would affect black people. He saw that America's economic system was flawed and had to be changed in order for black people and poor people of all colors to truely be equal and free.

    The whole reason he was in Memphis in the first place was to support underpaid black sanitation workers. MLK dedicated his life and lost his life fighting for the rights of black people, in what way does that make him a coon or a house nigga?
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  • Re: Rd 3: Doggystyle VS Only Built For Cuban Linx (Doggystyle advances)

    Recount @_Goldie_

    Both of these albums are on my five desert island list.

    I remember hearing Killer Mike saying that listening to " Striving for perfection" made him stop selling crack and turn his life around and that's what puts this album above DS CL gives you the full aspect of that life without preaching to you of glorifying that life. It is a really well told story with great lyrics and production
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  • Re: No Love: University Removes Common as Graduation Speaker After Police Complaints...

    There have been 295 people killed by police in 2015, we need more musicians talking about the police.
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  • Re: Agree or Disagree: Still Waiting: 15 Veteran Rappers Who Never Dropped A Classic Album

    Busta and Fat Joe?

    Extinction level event and Jealous ones envy are both classic albums
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  • Re: Two police officers are shot in Ferguson

    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    Y'all do realize this just puts the cops one step closer to marshal law. Martin Luther King didn't envision this for our people. An now people are just adding fuel to the fire the government already is lookin for more ways to restrict human rights especially for blacks and we jst given them ammunition. Instead of doing marches and filling lawsuits and petitions niggas think picking up a gun and shooting a INNOCENT cop is gonna fix shit but it'll only make matters worse. An yes I say innocent cuz most cops that get shot are the ones really doing there job like the cop in Atl who respond to gun shots in a neighborhood and got shot in the back of the head. He responded to a criminal act of a person shooting a gun in a public residents which is a crime. He wasnt harresing anyone when he got killed worst of all he was a black cop and y'all couldn't give to fcks another black life was lost and did his death fix shit. Misdirected hate got him killed for no reason when he was jst doing his job while the real bad cops who killed mick brown and other black's still roam free. If ur gonna kill a cop at least kill the ones who are known for doing dirty b.s in your community not the ones who are jst doing there dirty to investigate a crime

    Please give one example of a march, lawsuit or petition effecting any kind of major change within the black community

    Brown v. The board of education