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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Westie fine af
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    why ya'll go so out of your way to make fun of a female pic?


    everybody on their inspector gadget shit instead of just saying "nice pic", goat, and keep it moving

    jesus crust
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    why ya'll keep @'n her tho
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Stew wrote: »
    AP21 wrote: »
    Stew wrote: »
    Ol Jay's wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Ol Jay's wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Ol Jay's wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Ol Jay's wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Ol Jay's wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Ol Jay's wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Beta wrote: »
    Adidas passes Jordan Brand in sneaker sales

    not surprising.

    you cant bank your future on retro shit. nobody wants new jordans....and really and truly, basketball shoes are on the outs...

    adidas has made strides in their running shoe designs to make them more "casual"...

    they didn't surpass Nike tho

    Surpassing Jumpman brand is no accomplishment, that's one signature shoe as compared to a whole shoe brand, think about that

    That's like saying Adidas sold more shoes than LeBron :#

    Nike makes up 33% of the market and Adidas makes up 11% of the market

    nobody said shit about nike, nigga.

    Nike owns Jumpman brand, nigga


    nobody said SHIT about nike. this was about adidas surpassing JORDAN BRAND sales.

    you bringing a variable into the conversation that is of no consequence.

    Jordan is not a brand, it's Jumpman, and it's a Nike shoe, also the conversation is a sound bite that was taken from a conversation that included Nike

    Nigga you have the perfect screen name

    Jordan a brand you fuckin dolt. the fucking logo for Jordan Brand.


    my nigga went on to take a screenshot of some Jordan's :#

    because you're wrong as fuck.


    Jumpman brand, Jordan brand, still Nike

    i see whats going on here.

    you the type of nigga that gotta get beat up, wrong or right.

    I'm a grown ass man dude, can admit when I'm wrong

    Although our initial disagreement is due to you saying nobody is talking about Nike, and my point is that Jordan shoes are Nike's
    Stew wrote: »
    I was gonna say that, not sure why they released that info. Adidas should be ashamed of themselves for not having always been bigger than Jordan Brand considering they cover the biggest sport in the world.

    this matters why?

    you buying soccer shoes like that stew? lol

    why are ya'll being so difficult?

    Adidas don't just make soccer shoes. I don't understand the logic of announcing that information like Jordan Brand ain't a byproduct of Nike.

    "Yea, weve been around forever and your subdivision passed us at one time but watch out, we coming" :/

    I dont think ya'll understand how difficult it is to take market share in the shoe industry

    Jordan got so big they needed their own brand which is the point Irony is trying to make, so while they may be a subset of nike, they are their own brand that has a portion of the market share.

    everybody from other companies have been poaching talent away from Nike for years to gain some traction. I dont think adidas is mad about having 11% of the market compared to their what...previous 7%?

    Adidas has jumped over the jumpman...NOT nike...not sure why this is so hard to grasp. I bet Under Armor would trade places with Adidas in a sec.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    ^^ flaggot

    nah man fuck that

    he should've gave a better disclaimer about what was in the fucking spoiler