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  • Re: Details Of Nicki Minaj’s Pedo Brother’s Child Rape Case Emerge…

    AZTG wrote: »
    LPast wrote: »
    @2stepz_ahead and @CapitalB were there for support and protection as well.

    oh you think you funny nigga?

    how come niggas aint try to get at him?

    soooo i guess niggas dont really be on they pedo extermination shit.

    you the only pedo hunter round here i an all the undercover 13 an under lover minions

    Yo man, why I been getting "we all gotta little pedo in us" vibe from your posts lately? Smh

    ok...first you skipped an read and took what was important to you jusy like everyone else did.

    1st im asking ..if nigga hate pedos so much why this nigga roaming around?
    2. if niggas really bout that life....why are out communities not free of them?
    3. if niggas really stand by what they call morals....niggas still listen to rkelly and truth be told you supportting his pedo addiction by buying his records and him using the money to pay lawyers an get the best defense to keep him outta jail and yall still support him after all that by making dumb ass comments in his thread about at least she 18 an she look good. so now yall ok with what he did in the past? but i thought all pedos should die. is it not still the same or does it have a time limit? or is it that he makes you dance and you can pull pussy? its on fukkin tape that he fukked and pissed and then paid the little girl. but its all cool now?

    so it aint death with all pedos. so why say it?

    just saying....if nigga want to be moral anal about not holding true to the words you speak or type. once a nigga is a pedo.....thats who he is by yalls standard.....if he family...cut him ....cant fukk with him
    if he touched your kids....kill him.
    yet....yall stand tall with r fukkin kelly of all people an give him a pass...cause thats exactly what niggas in there him a a pass cause THIS girl is of age at THIS moment. but throw ya cousin under the bus? let niggas come to your home an get him? helping the niggas who want to jump him ..jump him.
    but support rkelly?

    that makes sense to you bruh. these niggas are hypocritical. but i guess im the only to catch it? or did others catch it but didnt want to speak on it?

    rather than being quick to between the lines. you be surprise how many people actually support pedo-ism but just try to speak against it in the company of others.

    an if you speaking about the other thread....i clearly said i would send him to jail...but everyone missed that or called me a snitch...yet, only one person said something about the mother and her family letting it slide outside of myself.

    can you speak on that part of the topic cuz it seemed like the thread stopped after that.,


    First of all, a lot of people hate a lot of things but arent gonna waste their freedom for it. Im anti pedo, but im not gonna get in my car, drive to whereever this guy is, kill him and go to jail.

    No need to be extreme. Everyone has a type of person they hate, but everyone is still walking around.

    I said what I said to you not just off this post, but what you was saying in that other pedo thread and the game pedo thread etc.

    If you look at people being hypocritical, its people on this board saying they hate white people, but its still white people walking around. I can go on. Just cause you not going out emptying clips against everything doesnt mean you a hypocrite. At the same its also a lot of hypocrites on this board too.

    I got no beef with you bruh, and I know you always the devils advocate dude always defending the other side, but I seen you defending the other side in 1 too many pedo thread now. Thats all im saying.
  • Re: Fellas...You Ever Put Hands On A Woman?

    yall some abusive ass least yall coming clean.

    what if yall had daughter an she took you the same story as the nigga above you told......then what?

    First of all, if I had a grown daughter, she would be her own person.

    Id give her this piece of game. 1. Dont fight anyone. Period. No one should be the aggressor throwing hands at anyone. 2. Never fight anyone who is clearly gonna fuck you up. This includes all men. 3. If you are in a position where you gotta defend yourself, use anything you can, if no weapon is available pick up the closest shit you can and smack the shit out of the person with it.

    If my daughter put another person in a situation where they had to defend themselves, im whooping her ass right after she got her ass whopped.

    Still gonna fuck up any dude that touches her though.
  • Re: Fellas...You Ever Put Hands On A Woman?

    I dont believe in the whole a man doesnt beat a woman shit.

    I believe that nobody should put hands on anybody, and everybody has the right to defend themselves from anyone.

    So if im threatened, im putting hands on men, women, kids, pets, even the fish can get it.

    Luckily ive never been in that position.
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  • Re: Official 2017-2018 NBA Thread

    Hardaway 1 for 10, 1 assist, 1 rebound, 2 turnovers
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  • Re: Official 2017-2018 NBA Thread

    Beta wrote: »
    BUT I do think Tim hardaway will be fine. He'll average 16-18 ppg but outside him and porzingis idk who is putting points up

    Nobody. The Knicks arent supposed to be a good team this year. They are supposed to develop the core of KP, Hernangomez, Frank, and Hardaway together, hope Hornacek shows that he can be a good coach, and get another lottery pick.

    The issue with last night is none of that happened. For some reason Hernangomez didnt play until garbage time, and Frank only played a few minutes before garbage time.

    I know what the thinking is, their thinking is to play experienced players like Kanter and Oquinn more and try to sneak in the playoffs in a weak east.

    As soon as we all thought the Knicks were finally embracing the rebuild, they showing that they not.

    Let the young core fight to get us in the playoffs, and if they dont, which chances are they wont, atleast they get valuable experience.

    Frank is the best defender at the guard position for us already just based off size and athleticism. You can tell he has trouble knowing where to be and gets lost on defense quickly, but thats why they should play him a lot and in 20-30 games when he starts adjusting to the speed of the NBA, he will be the best point guard on the Knicks, not cause hes that good, but cause Knicks guards are fucking garbage.

    And also, get Ron Baker the fuck off my team man, he shouldnt even be a towel boy on this team.
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