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  • Re: Rick Ross, the best CEO/rapper

    All time it gotta be P, Jay or Puffy
    For the last decade, half decade it's Ross
    Nigga can't say Wayne cuz he can't even drop his own shit
    Nicki and drake are more self made than anything
  • Re: The Great Adventures Of Starlito and Boogawolf

    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    I readin thru the thread once again thinkin

    "Damn B, you escalated that shit quickly"

    I mean, nigga said he got ceelo pregnant smh... she didn't deserve this

    This the real sad part
    You think you won
    You went harder for all star than yo bitch ass grandma
    Yo grandma nigga
    I believe if I woulda just said "yo grandma ain't shit" you woulda been like "but this Lito album..."
    You Stan of the century

    I'd call that boogawolf bitch a boogawolf to her damn face & dare you to try sumthin

    you wouldn't utter those words to my granny, esp. in my presence w/o a .40 bein upped on ya

    Lol my guy is this really worth it, over a rapper?

    bruh this got shit to do w/ Lito

    I'd say that shit to that boogawolf

    he wouldn't say shit to my granny

    stop bringing up Lito

    this bout Bobby Brown & ceelo havin a baby

    Over all star rofl
    You love him more than yo grandma

    Bruh, you talk too much shit to have a boogafolk bitch like that

    Like I said, you wouldn't utter those words to my granny in my presence

    you'll meet the glock 23

    I'm not bout to pull a pistol cuz you hate one of my favorite rappers lol

    but come at my fam w/ that shit in person & see what's good

    this my last post, fof this shit or not

    this thread my magnum opus

    But i highly doubt u would talk shit about a nigga wife in front of her, lets be real. An unprovoked attack at that? Na bruh..

    I would call that bitch a boogawolf to her got damn face

    I'll show that puss ass nigga that .40 on my waist & dare him to try sumthin

    Cuz of all star
    Let's face it
    Had I never said shit about all star you woulda left me and my booga alone
    I say all star wack now you wanna call my booga a booga and shoot me
    Meanwhile yo ww2 era prostitute of a grandma can't get no love
    You love all star more than yo suckin dick for metal rations ass grandma
    And all star still wack
    Niggas don't fuck with his monotonous ass talk rappin ass
    You a hoe and a Stan of the highest caliber
    How me and my baby mama get roasted and you still come out lookin worse?
    In here with this shenco like ego as if you ain't get outed as having the biggest man crush on fuckin all star
    "Man b, you escalated that quickly"
    ......cuz a nigga said all star wack
    Oan I just put my baby booga changing table together
    I feel accomplished
    Have you even spoken to grandma?
    Or are you still jackin it to your name on the back cover of a decade old all star mixtape that he used a couple of your beats on?
  • Re: The Great Adventures Of Starlito and Boogawolf

    I thought that bitch was dead tho
    You sure that hoe ain't just dead standing up?
    Rigor mortis may have set in while she was standing there
    Did you check to see if she had shitted herself?
    I hear thats what happens when you die
  • Re: Is Chance The Rapper The Undisputed King Of Hip-Hop In 2017?

    I didn't like the only mixtape I heard from him, the one where he had the 3 on his hat
    I liked Lil yachty tape better to be honest
  • Re: Kevin Gates sentenced to 6 months in jail

    Nah gates trash
    I don't get how y'all shit on other niggas but praise him for doing the same
    Every song I have ever heard is just him babbling on about shit that ain't got shit to do with the chorus
    On top of his persona being gun wack with all this fake Muslim, super real nigga, cousin fuckin, booty eatin bullshit he be on
    All this smart dumb nigga talk he be doin
    But then again this is the ic
    Fulla smart dumb niggas
    Never mind
    Y'all got it
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