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  • Re: Cardi B Bodak Yellow(yall bangin this or is it dookie?)

    Song is cool, I just heard it over the weekend for the first time. But niggas in here talking bout this broad like she Beyonce or some shit lol

    Cardi B >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce
  • Re: Drinkers Club......Alcohol Appreciation 2


    One day imma cop it
    dakidfrankielouis richaneed123kingtob330
  • Re: Tyler The Creator ft Lil Wayne & Kanye West "Smuckers"

    Bussy_Getta Serious Juice MayneThe_Jackal
  • Re: What is the most significant song of Lil Wayne's career?

    Carter 5 in stores very soon
    Built 4 cuban linxsoul rattlermoyo
  • Re: Lil Boosie "Jay Z not going to stop our culture"

    tompetrez3 wrote: »
    Boosie is right. Stunting is part of our culture in the south. Reason why is that we have multiple avenues to make money, we are physically hardworking and contrary to popular belief acquired our possessions and wealth through generations in some circumstances. After our fam is fed, bills are paid, and money stashed WE STUNT. We love jewelry, gold teeth, big rims, loud cars who the fuck are yall to look down at us for that

    I'm tired of black people being singled out for financial finger wagging. Whites stunt as much if not more as blacks. Have yall ears to THEY street too. They are more jonesy. When I hit up auctions and sheriff sales for homes it's not blacks that are half a year behind in mortgages or owe an arm an leg for that big fancy truck. Why did they lose they homes. Maybe because hubby didn't tell FB that he went to bank to get financing for a bullshit pool and back patio that will be lost with the home. It's the whites that some of you want to be like. The only things whites do better than us is spend other people's money because for some odd reason they are trusted with more than people w dark skin. Go figure. Next time ask a white guy how much he put into his car and truck and watch him boastfully brag about some engine component costing more than the value of the vehicle while yall sitting over there judging our rims and paint. White woman will furnish her house with credit before I can finish this sentence.

    The only niggas in here that are dumb are the typical johnny come lately jigga warriors. Let's cut the bullshit before the work week restarts for all of you suddenly turned financial gurus. 444 is Jay Z doing his best impression of a Nas album. Nas and others have literally built their careers on speaking on the topics that were on 444. Nas told you niggas about generational wealth and diversity on IWW and IAM. Nas summarized 444 with the 3 verses on Black Zombies. Where the fuck where yall noisy niggas at then? Oh yeah trolling these boards with that Nas Lost, Nas is poor, Nas ain't got no money bullshit. The first thing you niggas do is run to your camel fathers wallet and assets whenever another rapper is compared to him. Did we forget the spunk filled circle Jerk of gifs and umads? When Otis dropped. The video where they cut a half a million dollar car in half just cause? Mr. Baby Money. Mr. What's the difference between 4.0 and 4.6. Mr MONEY AINT A THANG???? Mr. Tom Ford and DRUG DEALER ANYOMUS. He just said he was buying Mercedes Benzes and letting his little man STUNT to schoolllllll with all his jewelllllls. Cutler you the fucking goat for that quote. Aneed123 you been a board OG. Yall right. These simple minded no esteem niggas will listen and do anything Jay Z says. That shit on 444 is generic financial advice. He'll even our own Sion been talking about investing and black money on here for years. I trust his insight and conviction more than that rich dad poor dad motel 6 money management guru bullshit that Jay Z kicking on 444. Yall so quick to diss a nigga without a father but where in the hell where yall dads if yall are getting a woody from the financial "secrets on 444. All of that is basic common sense shit my dad told me in my teen years. Where in the hell where yall fathers?

    Cutler 26 INT's LOL!blackgod813Negro_Caesaraneed123soul rattlerrip.dilladouble0sugebuttuh_bmetal face terroristCJAggieLean.will grimey