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  • Re: Cheap Seats What's on your Mind thread

    Only ugly niggas get harassment claims lol
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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe thread - Now Showing - "The Justice League"

    Just posting up my weekend movie review for you all. Caught a sneak peak of Justice League. What I can honestly say is that the film is a let down. I was expecting something great and something more impressive then Marvel's Civil War. But, it shows that DC films overcome a Marvel film. Justice League is a so-so action adventure film. The highlight of the film is Wonder Woman and the Flash. The main disappointment of the film is that it doesnt have an actual storyline to it. The film will have the audience questioning on who the villain is in the film. From watching the trailer of the film, the action scenes are all given away. There isnt anything that will have the audience jaw drop. The audience will see that the film is highly predictable. You will know what is coming up next in the film. The film is boring. The trailer itself doesnt want you to rush and go see it. The film overall is 100% CGI which is frustrating for the viewers. The film has a potential of getting a sequel. But it will have to have a better plot to it. Justice League isnt a movie to rush and go see. If your a fan of the characters then i recommend it. I highly advise you to stay during the credits. Middle and end you will get a shocker. Not during the middle but when the credits are over.

    Justice League - 6/10 (** stars)
  • Re: Official 2017-2018 NBA Thread

    Evan turner
    Derrick williams
    Hasheem thabeet
    Michael beasley
    Micheal kidd gilchrist

    Lonzo ball?!

    :o :o
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  • Re: DMX Is Sober And Gaining His Weight Back

  • Re: Fair or Foul?

    Bruh there's a chance you love her you really do it's just that you like entertaining thots

    I get it

    I would say you have a right to be upset over her snooping but man if you wasn't doing shit you could blast her for it.

    So I'll just say all of this is your fault. Either cut the hoes off or cut the girl off

    Oh yeah and pics you beech oss neega
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