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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar vs Nas *AT AGE 29

    Nas is so much better that´s not even a debate.Hence Rewind,One Mic,StillMatic intro,Ether,New York State of Mind I & II, Black Republican, Represent, Doorag, etc.Jay-Z his rival sampled Nas back in day in his bet record ´´Dead Presidents´´, If heaven was a mile away, Hip Hop is Dead.I can go on.Nas is beyond the statue of Rapper or Mc he´s a genius.Kendrick is not a genius he´s creative.Let´s not forget Nas did not finish school and was rapping in the golden era when Pac and Big was alive.Kendrick is rapping during hip hop´s dark age.Fuck outta here.
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  • Re: BET to shoot new series based on the life of Nas

    In that Nas documentary.When Nas looked at the photo of his block and 90% of the people in the photo were dead and you could see his soul just cringed with pain.Vlad brought that up I watched it again that shit was deep.
  • Re: Scarface - Tony vs Manolo Right or Wrong

    Ya niggas all wrong for blaiming Tony.First of Tony was latino.The whole thinking process is different from American culture.Manolo knew he could not fuck with Tony´s sister.You dont fuck the bosse´s sister ever.Plus Tony told him he couldnt fuck her.Manolo was a drug pin just like Tony and Tony didnt want his sister in that lifestyle.Remenber he got pissed at her for doing coke in the bathroom....And Tony never wanted to fuck his sister.When she came in naked in his office he kept looking away.

    Oh yeah Al Pacino was also protective of his sister in the godfather 2.Some shit ya cant undestand cause its a different culture just accept it.
  • Re: Scarface - Tony vs Manolo Right or Wrong

    RumBoxTen wrote: »
    Tony did shit on principle. Everything was black and white kinda like the movie's poster. He didn't talk when his man was getting chainsawed, he didn't kill that guy for Sosa at the UN cause of the kids, and all the other shit.

    This is probably a street nigga post.They will never understand.Theres rules to this shit.Principle above life.Because what was keeping them alive and outta jail was principles.Manolo crossed the line Tony told him not to do that.
  • Re: when is it cool to grill.....

    I have grilled in a beach in an island man I´ll grill on a boat.Shit My friend has done it inside an apartment put that shit on the window and fuck it lol.

    HOw is that possible, with the smoke being in the house and the flames may burn it down.

    I know right I thought the same thing but there´s grills made for apartmens.Some shit you just got to watch it to believe it.Plus it was good.