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  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    This álbum sucked!!!!
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  • Re: Biracial UT Pageant Winner Slammed As 'Not Black Enough' On Twitter

    Soooo out of all those black women they chose her?This is the craziest story I have ever heard.
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  • Re: Fetty Wap robbed in Jersey (1738 Chain going on tour)

    Why the da fuq is fuzz from muscle saying woadie stop it

    The owner of the store is saying stop it.He´s probably arab.
  • Re: For all my people here that DON'T have children.

    Life is what it is.I´m not happy nor sad.I don´t think it´s a great accomplish to not have children by anu age.I´m semi-glad because I have time to know a lot before I have children and I need to finish building my home I just bought some land.So I want to get off rent before having a kid but I´m 31.I don´t put down people that had kids young I belive every experience is positive even when they are negative at the moment.As I get older I have noticed that having kids change people for example my teacher in jiu jitsu is 26 and he got two kids and he´s responsible for people twice his age and they all see him as the master.So it matures you while not having kids don´t push you into that mature realm.Everything is everything.
  • Re: Was Big Pun deeper in the streets than 50 Cent?

    Big Pun was a monster.Case closed.50 was not deep in the streets like Pun.Pun had niggas shook with no guns just his present.People usto say nobody questioned Pun.Ever.50 got beat up shot at robbed all kinds of shit.By the way 50 got his buzz because aftermath was behind him(Dr.Dre,Eminem,Ivine etc)

    What? Obviously you got put on 50 late, aftermath n shady reached out to 50 bc of the buzz he built w the mixtapes. Even before getting shot 50 had a buzz within the hip hop community, mostly bc of "How to rob" n "life on the line" . Dre n em helped him sell records though, don't think 50 sells 10 million copies of anything w/o that interscope machine. As far as the street shit i heard pun was a Latin king n 50 rolled or was associated w the supreme team n was in the streets..thats the extent of my knowledge on that

    This is not true.People keep pushing this myth.People don´t even know but Game was in the Club video before people even thought about Game.All these things were planned out.50 got peep since how to rob and ghetto quran and got put on during the mixtape era not after.During the mixtape stage he was already on aftermath.I remenber he was talking about dropping GRDT while he was in an interview with Em and the mixtapes was still coming out.Meaning this nigga was signed early on.
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