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  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    This álbum sucked!!!!
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  • Re: Taxstone arrested in relation to Irving Plaza, Troy Ave shooting

    So you can´t put some gloves in your back pocket lol.Come on now you can sneak in with a gat but can´t put 2 gloves in your pocket?
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  • Re: Scarface - Tony vs Manolo Right or Wrong

    yroholla wrote: »
    So we gonna act like Tony didnt warn Manolo not to fuck with Gina before they got married tho?? We can argue all day that Tony shouldnt have killed Manolo, but of all people Manolo knew how crazy Tony was, and he still went ahead and forged a relationship with his sister when Tony had already voiced his displeasure with the thought of them hooking up earlier in the how can we not blame Manolo more than Tony?

    Atleast your logic.Niggas act like tONY DIDNT SAY SHIT BEFORE LOL.
  • Re: when is it cool to grill.....

    I have grilled in a beach in an island man I´ll grill on a boat.Shit My friend has done it inside an apartment put that shit on the window and fuck it lol.
  • You want to date white people do it.This is why I changed my mind about just dating your own race.

    When I lived in the U.S I remenber my mother saying.´´Don´t date no white women´´ when I was a teen and that struck me as a racist as hell comment.I didn´t even reply I took it as joke but I never forgot that.By the way my mom is not Black but she said she wanted ´´Black grandkids´´ this was back in 2001. Then I moned back to Brazil.I went through some hard times dating wise where I live now which is mostly black and I noticed year after year that black women out here in Brazil don´t really fuck with black man 100% like in the U.S and that hurt my soul hard because I´m pro black, plus women nowadays are on that feminism type of mental state which exclude us even more.I noticed they would lean towards white man or lighter dudes but there was the conscious ones you can only find online that´s where I found my s/o now we dating for 2 years.But this is where I want to get.If your a black person and your whole life you been put aside, nobody in your race wanting to date you and people from other races treat you well and want to love you and date you and even talk about having a life with you and support you how can you let that go just because so and so think it´s wrong.Should you suffer because of a race war and wait on some black princess or black prince that might never show up or be happy with whoever independently of there race? By the ways I had dreams of having a full black family conscious and having kids but I´m giving that up.Most black women are going all the way left with it.Wanting to be feminist and not having kids but then you see online a bunch of black women with white dudes and having a bunch of kids and all about that African life.What are your thoughts on it.By the way this is no way or form an attack at black women nor black man.