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  • Re: Right now, If 50 put out an album on the same caliber as 4:44, where would he rank?

    Niggas hate 50 on here
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  • Re: Chance the Rapper tells Justice League to pull up or lawyer up

    Fuck Chance nigga overrated af
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  • Re: Question about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...

    Hilarious how yall throw everything yall state in previous threads out the window cuz yall like the Rock.

    Hotep ass niggas these days I swear
  • Re: Question about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...

    Trillfate wrote: »
    TheGOAT wrote: »
    How do u "rep" being black?

    Hes is what he is

    What more do u want him to do tho?
    By simply acknowledging you are

    Ppl like Tiger Wood never has, thats what TS is alluding to

    Exactly but niggas playing dumb in here because they love the Rock. Shit is sad

    I know black folk have an issue with people who put their non-black side over their black side but just because you don't see The Rock going on a "I'm black and proud" campaign doesn't mean he's hiding or denying it.

    Y'all need to stop trying to tell black people how to "black". That ain't your job.

    you see how you constantly ignore him defending racists because you like him, and it goes against your narrative.

    One thread, we need to weed out fence straddlers, but now its we need to stop telling biracial people how to be black

    Must be 2 sides...

    So let me clarify something that Copper didn't.

    A nigga cooning is still a nigga. I didn't pay attention to the Hulk Hogan shit so even if I take your word for it, The Rock defending a racist does not negate his own racial identity.

    Again, you don't get to say who is black and when. I know it's hard for some of y'all to admit, but there is no black card. It can't be passed out, suspended, or taken away.

    My point here is that the IC uses this to their benefit; many black celebrities blackness has been called into question on here (sage steele, jason whitlock, stacy dash, etc) but in this thread, the narrative is that we cannot call peoples blackness into question due to the rocks popularity on this board.

    Also, people have openly discussed whether or not Tiger Woods' claims his black side, and there has been a lot of intellectual talk on this board about who is technically black, due to the non scientific, opinion based one drop rule, that some people believe apply and others dont for various, valid reasons.

    So there must be two sides on the IC and these niggas turning a blind eye to the Rock defending Hulk Hogan by saying "'I've not known the man to be racist" and boiling it down to "Not justifying what he said, we’ve all talked trash – in private.” are hypocrites because they like the Rock.
  • Re: Question about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...

    Oh here we go... Yall ignorant mf's was capin for him when he defended the Hulk when he said all that racist shit. Idk how that's supporting black people.

    But yall wrestling Stans will hit the feels button and vote for this inexperienced nigga if he runs
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