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D. Morgan
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  • Re: How Do You Eat Your Steak?

    Fliet mignon with caramelized onions cooked medium well. Cast iron skillet then into the oven!!

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  • Re: 'Creed' - 2015 Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Phylicia Rashad & Tessa Thompson.

    I still haven't seen the first Creed.

    Is it worth a watch?
  • Re: Yall going to watch? Jordan Peele And Spike Lee Are Making A Thriller Called ‘Black Klansman’

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    Spike Lee made a hip hop musical starring Nick Cannon


    Chi-raq was actually a good flick.
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  • A TV series is being made based off the book that accused Malcolm X of homosexual activites

    There’s A Scripted Malcolm X Series In The Works

    The show will be based on a Pulitzer-Prize winning biography about the Civil Rights leader.

    The life of civil rights activist Malcolm X will be the focus of an upcoming TV drama that’s currently in development.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, independent studio Critical Content has bought to rights to the Pulitzer-Prize winning biography Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention written by Manning Marable.

    “Boardwalk Empire” writer David Matthews has been tapped to write the pilot script for the series, which is not yet tied to a network.

    Marable’s book, published in 2011, is widely considered to be the ultimate record of the life of Malcolm X. Deadline reports that the drama series will draw heavily on previously unknown details revealed in the book about the outspoken black activist.

    Spike Lee’s epic biopic “Malcolm X” starring Denzel Washington is perhaps the best known onscreen depiction of the activist’s life. Washington received a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for the film.

    Here is David Matthews writer of the script

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  • Re: White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville

    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    so whats the tally?

    3 dead crackers..
    1 in jail..

    not one dead nigga? not one nigga in jail??

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.. keep the party going!! lmmfao

    1 nigga got his ass whooped and I think a few were injured by the car, but other than that we came looking clean.
    Cain wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    So ILL wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    so whats the tally?

    3 dead crackers..
    1 in jail..

    not one dead nigga? not one nigga in jail??

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.. keep the party going!! lmmfao
    You ain't lying. This is the shit you just sit back in the cut and watch like a movie while you eat snacks lol.

    and not to mention..
    two of them dead fucks were POLICE!!?!?

    and niggas in here mad!!? smmfh

    I don't wish death on nobody but the cops death have not really been talked about. I felt sorry for the white broad getting killed though. I agree with you though on the so back and watch this play out. If some do called woke CAC won't to get ran over and beat up for the cause cool and a bunch of Naxi and KKK faggots dying as well. I'm not going to be outraged over it.

    I will feel for their families tho

    that house nigga had no business bein there..
    his fault..

    and i dont wish death on no one either but im numb to it..
    not due to the media either.. iv been numb to death for years now..

    but this is the type of shit i said would happen America is bein destroyed from within..
    they have nothin left to feed on but themselves..

    niggas aint about that life i dont care how tuff they talk on here orelse they wouldve been bucked.. the monster has to be fed tho.. and now its feedin on itself..

    im good wit that..
    let this shit destroy itself and we build from that..
    its gonna get a whole lot worse.. but it has to in order for it to get better..

    I can understand your reasoning for not thinking black people should be out there. But I'm not understanding the whole "house nigga" shit. It's not like they were out there bootlicking. They were out there going to war with Nazis. Since when is battling racists house nigga shit?

    okay.. sorry for the delay the GoT thread distracted me..
    we had some new developments! hahahaha

    but yeh..
    all house niggas wasnt necessarily "boot lickers" but they was still in the house..

    sayin that to say a house nigga has a certain mentality..

    he believes for whatever reason in the system.. which is why u see niggas in here upset Trump is destroyin it.. (they house) a house nigga believes in protests.. a house nigga believes that deep down his master gives a fuck about him and can be reasoned with..

    Martin Luther King was a house nigga..
    Malcolm was a field nigga..

    there is a difference..

    u dont fight racism by protesting.. why are we even fightin racism!? ita gonna alwaya be here.. we always fightin for muthafuckas ro accept us when we ahould be empowering ourself so a muthafucka will respect us..

    but nah.. lets march and beg for shit.. or be mad and scream at shit..

    this aint our fight.. only thing them niggas is doin out there is gettin in the way of these white folks killin theyself.. they let us kill each other and go to jail for it they aint gotta fight us..

    well look how the tables have turned..

    But you seen what happened when he woke up?

    what u mean?? them poppin his ass?? lol


    yeh.. by that time the damage was done..
    they got his ass up outta here quick fast before he could change the narrative..

    then they told niggas he'a the one we should be celebrating..

    like seriously..
    how the fuck they go tell us who we should celebrate!?

    EVERY black kid ESPECIALLY boy shouls read and know about Malcolm X.. i didnt really know KNOW until like 5yrs ago and thats a goddamn shame.. my kids will know about the real gangstas in black history.. not the niggas who white folks was comfortable wit..

    I know this doesnt relate, but people dont really realize how radical MLK was and how he believed that America needed a "radical redistribution of wealth and power. "

    They made his legacy mainstream- the nice black guy who told us racism was bad. They have tried to purge a lot of his radical views that made the establishment uncomfortable like his views on capitalism and the church.

    Kinda of reminds of the story where Jesus got pissed off at the merchants selling stuff in front of the temple and started f**king shit up. You hardily hear about that when religion talks about Jesus. He came to fuck shit up and to challenge the establishment but some how that got lost in this purge to make him more palatable like MLK.

    I know about this well.. not much about the Church..
    but that was another reason he had to get clapped for him communist ties and dialogue..

    cause class is the real enemy.. not race..
    and he started to target that and poor white folks started to listen.. and then he had to go..

    Why do ppl listen to this idiot? The MFer doesn't know what the fuck he is saying.

    And this bolded here just makes it clearer. The real problem is not class, it is race.

    Exhibit A: of the type of so called black person that we need to leave behind no matter which path we choose to get to the finish line.

    This the type of person I could NEVER have around me.
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