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  • Re: The I Watched Recently Thread *possible spoilers*

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    Jus got caught up w season 2 of animal kingdom. TBH this is a guilty pleasure for me lol. This rich white cali surfer crime family. Show is jus sex, drugs, heists, family drama and hints of mother/son incest stuff (yea). Its mindless, but a fun watch. The heists are cool tho. Best part are the characters tho, all the sons are fucked. They all got serious issues. And the mother is a controlling piece of shit. The only normal one is the grandson, and his mother od'ed right in front of him in the very 1st ep. smh.

    Anyone else watchin season 2? Imo s2 >>>>>> s1 so far. 6 eps in.

    I watch this show like it a lot.

    J needs to know better than to fuck with his old freak ass girlfriend again but the shit seems like its gonna happen.

    lol. that broad is like a house pet. she jus walking round the house lookin sad ready to smash anyone who gives her alil attention.

    The older bro, who is smashin the church lady is a tickin time bomb. He's crazy. he's gonna snap at any moment

    That lil bitch is a walking cum dumpster.

    He craziest one of them all. He damn near like an attack dog. You see how the mother got him to kill Baz girl who used to be his girl before he went to prison.

    yea. him killing that broad was crazy. then he toke the lil daughter w/ him when he buried her. I was like WTF. nigga tokethat lil girl on a midnite field trip to bury her mother. that's cold as ice. lol...then she keeps sending lil hints to the other bro (girls father). about him being a dead beat. lol

    all those kids are fucked

    Exactly they are all fucked up in one way or another. J still has a chance cause he still young but he kind of getting too caught up in the shit.

    Now his dna about to be in the system so he better hope he never catches a felony where by law the automatically taking a dna sample to run through the database cause he fucked then.
  • Re: Is hov officially the GROAT?

    The biggest knock on Jordan was he never beat a team that was better than him. He waited till the pistons made a few trades, and the Celtics and Lakers to get old. He never played a team in the finals that was truly a better team (even the first time vs the lakers that team was old).

    As far as Jay the reason he is the GOAT is his combo of plaques/popularity mixed with his longevity to be hot for so long. I have seen jay and nas once and probally will see both again this year. Jay is doing shows at sold out arenas by me i gotta decide between the TD garden and Barclays. Nas is doing the same venue meek mill did in CT (Oakdale) which is a few thousand in the GA only setup they are doing for Nas. Jay is the GOAT because he has the best blend of quality albums and has the largest fanbase in rap outside of em.


  • Re: Some brothers save a white man's life from gettin his ass whooped

    Real tears from laughing at how dude ran off at the end of the video
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  • Re: Australian woman visiting the US calls 911 for noise complaint, gets the bullets instead

    Wrong is wrong and if the cop was in the wrong he should have to face and deal with the consequences BUT.....

    If we really want white society FEEL and UNDERSTAND what we have been dealing with for decades. If this goes to trial somebody on the jury against all the evidence has to vote not guilty and let the cop walk free.
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  • Re: OJ Simpson’s parole hearing will air live on ESPN

    Cain wrote: »
    Don't see why this is being televised. Dogs he get a fair hearing

    So they petty asses can get their revenge celebrating in our face like 1993

    They will NEVER be able to celebrate and feel what many black people felt the day OJ beat that case.

    If that's their goal then they've already lost! LLS

    If OJ gets paroled great if OJ doesn't get paroled so the fuck what is how some black people gonna feel.