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  • Re: Harlem Murder caught On Tape. Did One (Or All) Of These Niggas Set Homie Up?

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    Those dudes reaction was weird as hell.

    Never know what that man may have done for dude to put his brains on the sidewalk like that.

    ever got a gun pulled out on you?

    whats your point?

    If you feel their reaction wasn't weird ok we have a difference of opinion. Nothing you can say will change my opinion

    Just answer

    moving right along
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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 4 Thread (In Production)

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    5th Letter wrote: »
    Holly is an agent or she's working with somebody it makes too much sense. Look at how she moves.

    Its the questions she asks Tommy that got me thinking the bitch some type of undercover. A nosy bitch don't even ask them types of questions.

    You mean like the questions Tasha would ask Ghost that were about the business?

    Let me guess she might undercover too.

    Nigga the fact that you would compare a bitch that was with Ghost from the very beginning that he eventually married to Holly says a lot about your thought process.

    Do better nigga!!

    Like thinking Holly is fucking Donnie Brasco cuz she ask questions.

    You got it my nigga.

    I ain't talking about this bitch no more.

    She never deserved all the convo she got.
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  • Re: Cool or Corny: 2 Chainz makes pink trap house to promote new album.

    dwade206 wrote: »
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    Lmao, only Black people, not all, will poke fun at their own genocide and say "Oh, lighten up. It ain't that serious." As I said before, sometimes it feels like you're playing on a losing team, smh.

    Why should I as a black person take this bullshit seriously?

    Never said you had to do a gotdamn thing. That was just my perspective

  • Re: Vic Mensa sons Akademiks on Everyday Struggle

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
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    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    Hopefully Ak is moving properly out here..

    Charlamagne told him that people gon try him now that he has come from behind the pc screen and into peoples view

    That shit is well deserved in some cases.

    If you a person whether its your job or not who is always commenting on somebody else business then you should expect for people to come at you for always talking about some shit that don't concern you and ain't none of your business.

    That shit ain't cool IMO, even worse when the shit he talking about is wrong information.

    Gossip, rumors and being in other peoples business is the profession he chose so he has to deal with what comes along with that.

    I agree here.. My thing is this.. It seems Vic doesn't view Ak as a threat and that's why he came at him.. I doubt he has that energy with anyone else.. Especially someone who would go upside his head.. He could have handled it better IMO..

    If Vic willing to go at Akademics and not go at someone else for the same transgression then that is a horse of a whole different color.

    That would actually make Vic even more of a bitch than Akademics is.

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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

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    Going back over the older episodes with my cousin...crazy I used to fuck with stannis. He had the best claim to the throne and he was fair. He was gonna name davos his hand and pardon the wildlings if they fought for him.
    Red bitch ruined EVERYTHING. That nigga name hold as much weight around here as bolton lol.

    And to tie that to this upcoming season, I think that red bitch supposed to hook up with dany...but varys don't fuck with magic. The more involved she get could create some tension there...


    Would love for Dany to choose the red witch over Varys counsel. If that happens the best place for Varys would be Winterfell to counsel Jon Snow and Sansa. That would fuck lil pedofinga situation up even more than it is now.

    Although the red witch brought Jon Snow back to life, I see Varys counsel as a much bigger and better asset than the witch.

    Damn I can only imagine how great of a team Arya Stark and Varys would make. Damn the things he would tell her to help accomplish killing all the names on her list would be some great shit.


    if u dont go somewhere wit this bullshit..

    Varys sole purpose in life is to see a Targaryen on the throne.. i mean.. If the Targaryen from the North wanna take on his rightful name and Bae consents thats the only way Varys is fuckin wit him..

    but Varys aint goin to him..
    that nigga gotta come to us

    That is all!!
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