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D. Morgan
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  • Re: Cheap Seats What's on your Mind thread

    Max. wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    Max. wrote: »

    What's the point of lying and posting a link that proves you are lying? From the link you posted!!!

    ESPN will launch a new podcast hosted by Bomani Jones, strengthening an already powerful lineup of on-demand content. New episodes will be available 2-3 times per week. Each episode will generally run between 45-60 minutes and will offer his singular point of view on sports and the world around it, while introducing new elements specifically formatted for the new medium. Timely guests will appear on a regular basis. Jones’s current ESPN Radio show will conclude in December.

    “Podcasting is changing how audio is consumed, since the listener is more in charge than ever, and offering dynamic content is a smart way to grow our business and serve our listeners,” said Keller. “Bomani, whose trajectory continues to rise, brings a distinct voice to an audience looking for compelling discourse. He asked to move his show from radio to a podcast and we readily agreed. His thought-provoking and entertaining opinions will translate perfectly to our on-demand platform.”

    Jones stated, “I couldn’t be more excited about moving exclusively to a podcast. As someone whose career began in the digital space, I can’t wait to fully explore what can be done there with an audio program. This podcast will be insightful, and I hope it will be as much fun to listen to as we’ll have putting it together.

    The Right Time with Bomani Jones debuted on ESPN Radio in September 2015. Jones will also appear on a new ESPN television show with Pablo Torre, launching in the spring of 2018.

    Lol his show had awful ratings nobody wants to listen a nasally dickhead for 3 hours....

    U think espn would say hey his rating suck so lets give him a 40 min podcast!!...he has a tv show comn n that shit will prolly bomb too

    You said he got the axe.

    A spokesperson for ESPN said upon Bomani asking they moved his show off the radio to a podcast.

    All means like I said earlier you lying like shit.

    Add on the bold and it proves that you a lying ass muthfucka on top of being a hater.

    No matter what his ratings were he didn't get the axe like you said so that proves that you a liar. When you purposefully say something that ain't true that means you're a liar.
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Farhood: Mayweather Struggles With Spence, Crawford, Thurman
    Showtime Boxing's broadcast analyst, Steve Farhood, believes at this point former five division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. would struggle against the very best fighters in the welterweight division.

    Mayweather, 40 years old, snapped a two-year retirement back in August - to fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who was making his pro debut.

    McGregor did well in the first three to four rounds, but he was broken down and stopped in the tenth round.

    The victory over McGregor raised Mayweather's record to a perfect 50-0, which allowed him to break the undefeated record of heavyweight great Rocky Marciano.

    Mayweather, who retired following the contest, received a lot of heat for the fight.

    Most fans and experts felt that he should have faced a top level fighter to reach a 50-0 record.

    But Farhood explains that there simply wasn't enough money to face a top level boxer - when Mayweather stood to earn well over $100 million for a much easier fight against McGregor.

    "I think he’s in an unusual position and I say that because the average fighter would kill for a $30 million dollar pay day, that’s money that Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter or Terence Crawford could very well never see, but for Floyd, a $30 million dollar pay day just doesn’t turn him on. The McGregor fight was perfect for him because he was basically against a guy who had never fought before and he was handed somewhere between $100 and $200 million dollars. That’s not going to happen against any boxer we know," Farhood told On The Ropes Boxing Radio.

    And if he did take a pass on McGregor and fought a boxer on the level of a Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford or Errol Spence - Farhood believes the former pound-for-pound king would struggle in the right.

    "I think he probably struggles against the very best, against Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford or Errol Spence. I don’t think it’s as easy as it used to be. Floyd is a fighter who relies a lot on reflexes and on his athletic ability, and just a very small diminishment in his skills could really affect him. We saw with Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones, when these fighters who are superior athletes lose that half second of timing, it can bode very badly for them," Farhood said.

    "I think we may be at that point with Mayweather — it’s a little difficult to tell strictly from the McGregor fight, but he is forty and there’s nothing to say that he couldn’t lose that half second in reflex time, and I think there’s a good chance that that’s happened."

    What say you boxing fans?
  • Re: How Do You Eat Your Steak?

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    Fliet mignon with caramelized onions cooked medium well. Cast iron skillet then into the oven!!

    How much you pay for that steak

    Why the fuck would I remember the price of some shit I paid for?

    If I bought it I could afford it so the price didn't matter.

    Whats your point?
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  • Re: Samuel (Sammy) Sosa may have finally reached his final bleached form…

    If he happy with himself. Why the fuck should I care!
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  • Re: Tyrese Has Some Words For The Rock

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    Tariq Nasheed speaks on Tyrese:

    Starts at 36:49

    As disgusted as I am with this sucka nigga binge that Tyrese been on. I cut that Tariq Nasheed shit off when this nigga got to talking about Tyrese mother may have been a drug addict.

    Yeah Tyrese may have been raised by a single mother but bringing up how she may have been a drug addict is just going to fucking far.

    She was tho. Tyrese just bought her a house cuz she been on the right track staying sober. Per his IG...

    Still doesn't change the fact that he out of order for bringing that shit up.

    Plenty of bitch niggas raised by single mothers who has never did drugs but their sons still end up doing shit way worse than what Tyrese doing right now.
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