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  • Re: HOW Y'ALL FEEL...vol, #3243570000

    I don't feel shit about it actually.

    I'd be more concerned to know if he actually raising a good stand up man that is about something out here
  • Re: Multiple fatalities reported in England at stadium where Ariana Grande performed

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    I wish this would stop

    We are all under attack from murderous terrorists especially as Westerners: we cannot escape it

    The only way it would stop is for the richest most powerful nations on earth (the US and UK particularly) to hands off Islamic countries forever completely and stop describing or labelling people they kill over there as 'collateral damage'; they're humans like us too...

    It is what it is...

    While I get what you are saying it's not just Islamic countries. It's any country where America and the UK are carpet bombing the shit out them or have stifling embargo's in place. If, we don't refine our foreign policies there will be uprisings. People get tired.

    I was listening to NPR concerning the North Korea issue. While China and South Korea want to continue peaceful negotiations we got America steady talking shit about all out war. We don't have to approach every situation with a sledge hammer.

    When all the people running this country care about is money and profits this is what we will get.

    War makes these people so much money that is why they constantly seek it out and force it in situations when its not needed.

    We the people feeling the brunt of the damage know we don't have to approach every situation that way but these people only see money and know damn well their kids and family won't be on the front lines of these wars see no other choice but to approach every situation with a sledge hammer.

    Shit is fucked up.

    The media is complicit in this shit as well. So many americans see nothing wrong with drone attacks but got a lot of shit to say when it comes to a suicide bomber.
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  • Re: Trent Richardson Ignored Bank Account As Friends Spent $1.6 Million in 10 Months

    How I feel about the people spending his money and him knowing about it but doing nothing about it.

    The only thing that matters out of this whole story Richardson says he's fine right now and can support his family.
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

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    Arum Suggests Crawford’s Next Fight Won’t Be Televised by HBO

    By Keith Idec

    NEW YORK – Bob Arum made it clear Saturday night that he won’t wait around for an HBO date before scheduling Terence Crawford’s return to the ring.

    Crawford’s promoter wants the unbeaten WBC/WBO super lightweight champion to fight sometime in the summer. If that means finding a television partner other than HBO, so be it.

    “Crawford’s gonna fight this summer,” Arum said following Crawford’s superb performance against Felix Diaz on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. “If we can get the fight for the unification [against Julius Indongo], that’s fine.

    “But he’s gonna fight this summer. Now don’t ask me, ‘Did [HBO] give you a date?’ That’s yesterday’s news. I’m a f***in’ promoter and I’m gonna get a fight that people wanna see. I’m gonna put it on, on a date that I wanna put it on, and just wait.”

    The 85-year-old Arum made Crawford’s unification fight against Ukraine’s Viktor Postol, an easy victory for Crawford, a pay-per-view event last July 23 because he couldn’t come to an agreement with HBO to televise it live on the network. He hasn’t said he would take Crawford-Indongo to pay-per-view, too, but HBO Sports executive vice president Peter Nelson might not be willing to televise Crawford’s next fight so soon.

    HBO has aired fewer fights live on the network in 2017 than usual and that trend seemingly will continue. Crawford-Diaz headlined just the fourth live boxing broadcast on HBO this year and there is just one more live event currently on the premium cable channel’s schedule (a tripleheader July 15 from Inglewood, California).

    Crawford’s fight Saturday night was his first fight in more than five months and Arum wants him to be more active than that. If Arum can’t make a bout between Crawford (31-0, 22 KOs) and Namibia’s Indongo (22-0, 11 KOs), who owns the IBF, IBO and WBA 140-pound championships, Crawford will fight someone else within the super lightweight division during the summer.

    “It’s gonna be a good, saleable fight,” Arum said. “But he’s gonna fight this summer. He’s gonna take two weeks off and get back in the ring [to train]. I mean, the idea that you get a talent like Crawford or [Vasyl] Lomachenko, and you have him fight once or twice a year, is a crime. … Oscar De La Hoya, when he was coming into real prominence, he was fighting five times a year. You know, [on] HBO, he was fighting [on] pay-per-view. He was fighting all the time. That’s what you’ve gotta do.”

    Crawford has made 11 appearances either on HBO or HBO Pay-Per-View over the past four years.

    Arum argued during a pre-fight press conference Thursday at Madison Square Garden that it’s not necessary to thank HBO for airing boxing. The Hall-of-Fame promoter noted that NBA players don’t thank networks during interviews for televising their games.

    Crawford contended later in that press conference that it is indeed necessary to express his gratitude to the network for airing his fights because it isn’t required to do so.

    smh Arum just gonna do Crawford dirty.....HBO is casual heaven and he need that exposure

    He can put Crawford on showtime like he did with Manny.

    It ain't the same. Casuals love hbo and associate showtime with Haymon. How u build Crawford on hbo then pull him right when he p4p status? He doin him a disservice. When hbo could build up Crawford vs Manny

    So we know Arum is a liar but we going to act as if he telling the truth here just for the conversation.

    Arum is saying HBO not giving him a date for the summer for Crawford. So it makes sense to you for Arum and Crawford to just wait for HBO to give him a date instead of trying to be active?

    Showtime has casuals fans as well just cause its not as many as HBO has doesn't mean its a bad move. Also don't forget Arum only put Manny on Showtime for 1 fight. If that is what he has to do for Crawford I don't see a problem with it. Also it might get Crawford a new set of casual fans because maybe they subscribe to Showtime and not HBO.

    The shit is no where near a basic black and white situation.

    I'd rather Crawford be active than to sit out 6-9 months waiting for HBO to give him a fight date. Crawford sitting out a long ass time does him a bigger disservice than him having a fight or 2 on Showtime or ppv.
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers] - Airs 7/16

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    In my Wayne Brady voice "DID I JUST SEE JON SNOW HAVE TO CHOKE A BITCH???!!!!!"

    MY #1 hitta Arya Stark is about to be back reunited with the STARKSET!!!!! Of course she has on the FRESHEST FURS and riding a pale horse and we know what that means and for those who don't

    Is it a foreshadowing that the Lannisters are done since they knocked over that lion looking fake chess piece???

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    This shit got me hype! But, I refuse to give A. Jackson credit for it.

    Thank you @D.Morgan for being the first to bring us visionz of future Stark triumphs. Starks the alpha and the omega.