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  • Re: Some brothers save a white man's life from gettin his ass whooped

    Real tears from laughing at how dude ran off at the end of the video
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  • Re: Cheap Seats What's on your Mind thread

    Read an article about this shit in the washington post. I found the shit funny

    Steve was about four feet tall and oblong. He was a roving robot charged with keeping an eye on the business and retail complex. He was new to the job, with about a week under his belt. While on patrol Monday, Steve fell down some concrete stairs and into the ankle-deep waters of a fountain. He was eventually rescued.

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  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

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    So to summarize we're all in agreement that R Kelly is a pedo and we also agree that IF the women were all 18 and over and this was someone else that didn't have a history of child predator behavior that this wouldn't be news?

    As jono stated, 18 is the legal age of consent; it isn't indicative of maturity. My daughter is 18 and I can tell you with no hesitation, she ain't ready to deal with a 50 year old man that has been fucking for as long as she's been alive. Now, as her momma, it is my hope that I have raised her well enough to know, that ain't what she should want or need.

    A leopard doesn't change its spots; it can be safely assumed that if an older man has a much younger female as his 'friend', she ain't the first nor the last. I could care less who it is or whether a record has been established, older men with younger females is problematic. And to cover myself, I feel the same way if the situation were reversed. As far as it being news-worthy, the light is shining because he is a celebrity, so by default, it will be news. That in itself is an issue, tho... His celebrity has bought him a type of immunity. Much like Pill, many of us aren't able to separate the persona from the person.

    I get it.. 18 is by law, legal. But, there are still 18 year old females in high school. To attempt to twist that shit and circumvent it is dubious and hella malevolent.

    Damn I guess we can't all agree that if this was someone else that didn't have Kelly's history that this wouldn't be news. But anyway 18 for a 50 year old is too large of a age difference, but unfortunately there are zero legal ramifications for a 50 year old dating a 18 year old I'm the US. So all is left to do is take a moral stance.

    I absolutely don't agree. Just because you didn't get caught, doesn't mean it never happened. It's alot of shit that goes down that there is no official record of... Doesn't mean it's not less fucked up.

    That's why is said his celebrity has bought his ass a pass; even with all this evidence,he was found not guilty and he is still supported. Speaking in terms of a local issue, the person is brought to justice,whether there is an established history or not. All that is needed is proof. And yes, it is newsworthy on a local level. It's printed in newspapers and on the news, in most cases.

    I may be a bit hypersensitive to this issue due to my daughter's age, so please forgive me. When I read that the youngest person in the BuzzFeed article is 18,it hit a nerve. 50 year old Robert Kelly, fucking an 18 year old. Nah. Just... Nah.

    But I'm not gonna assume that most old men that mess with 18 year olds are also messing with minors either. Not to say it's not possible, but I guess we see things differently in that regard.

    He definitely benefited from his celebrity and plus his paper is long, and he was never found not guilty he settled a lot of cases and one ended in a mistrial. I'm not saying this R Kelly situation isn't newsworthy, I'm saying that if this was another man that didn't have Kelly's history this wouldn't be a story.

    I see it way too often... Prime example. My daughter and I go to the gas station. She asks me if she can go get some candy out the store; I say sure baby, and hand her the money. No soon than she steps out, she's getting cat called by an obviously older man... Now, this shit happened to my baby when she was thirteen ..I went straight to his car and kicked the fuck outta his door while telling him she's only thirteen.

    I told that story because it is applicable here; eighteen is still eighTEEN. Still young, still not an adult, still very impressionable, but by definition, legal. If that is the only thing that will prevent a man from dealing with anything younger, you are still a fucked up pedophile in my opinion.

    The last part has me vexed; if this were any other man, in the instance that he did get caught, it would be newsworthy or spoke of. There is a thread a few pages back about a man that got his girlfriend's minor daughter pregnant and it made the news.. Regular ass dude for all intents and purposes. So, I really don't understand the point you're attempting to make with that statement. Whether there is a history of shit or not, fucked up is fucked up.

    You certainly should've spoken up for your daughter. You were 100% correct in doing that but.....

    If you got punched in the face for the bold would you consider yourself a victim?

  • Re: OJ Simpson’s parole hearing will air live on ESPN

    if he gets out pls let a white bronco be outside waiting for him

    O.J. Simpson’s White Bronco Can Apparently Be Rented for Parties
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  • Re: The Official World Politics Thread - All Breaking News here.

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    This fool ass muthafucka look like he making loud truck noises like he really driving a fire truck!
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