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D. Morgan
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  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    Deep down KD probably knows that ring doesn't mean shit

    He needs a shrink

    According to who? Durant won a championship,will get a ring and was the best player in the series. His ring legit just like any other NBA champions regardless what twitter/the internet says

    the best player in the series?

    if you have a superteam like golden state...niggas cant cover he would be open for plenty of shots...


    i guess if you hit the lottery and your girl moves her mom in...can the mom now say .."we hit the lottery...its all our money"?

    Thats a dumb ass analogy because it doesn't fit the situation.

    KD actually led that team in winning that championship

    The girls mother didn't contribute shit to that winning lottery ticket

    Try again.

    People can dislike the move KD made but to act like his ring don't hold the same weight as anybody else ring is just dumb and plain ol hating.

  • Re: Yall going to watch? Jordan Peele And Spike Lee Are Making A Thriller Called ‘Black Klansman’

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    Spike Lee made a hip hop musical starring Nick Cannon


    Chi-raq was actually a good flick.
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  • Re: Cuffing Season is upon us fellas....Post ya main squeeze!

    jazzybella wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    I don't think I will ever get with the posting pics lifestyle. Shit is weird to me. I also don't have ANY social media pages so I don't feel the need or care to share shit with the world and make that shit normal to me.

    Told a young nigga I work with that I don't have any social media pages this nigga gonna ask me if I have something to hide cause damn near everybody got at least one page on some platform.

    I don't get what's so weird about it.

    Whats weird is the fact that I as a stranger and call walk up to your husband if that was a real pic of him and say he "hey you married to that white broad who finger popped herself on the IC!!!"

    If you don't think that is weird then so be it. Continue on doing what you were gonna do anyway.

    I could walk up to the chick @Beta posted and be like "oh you Beta's lil bitch, my fault you might know him as Matthew"

    Shout to @jazzybella for that nigga government name. Which could be a some bullshit as well.

    Posting pics of myself or loved ones for the strangers of the world to see is weird to ME.

    I ain't knocking nobody for doing it just not my cup of tea is all.

    Have some respect about yourself....calling me out my name and bringing up shit from 2016 when it's damn near 2018 isn't a good look for you. Be safe out here though.

    Where did I call you out of your name?

    Also yall was an example of a point shit had fuck all to with that lil bullshit drama yall had. If you read what was wrote without getting in your feelings so quick you would've seen that.

    Slow down your young ass down learn to read to comprehend instead reading to respond!

    LLS you talking about the time that has past yet both yall still sensitive as shit over that bullshit.

    Got enough self respect for myself to that I could give you some so you don't make that same dumb ass mistake again.

    I'll be prepared over safe all day everyday.
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  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    Beta wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    AZTG wrote: »
    Jaemooms stay overcompensating like a insecure prick.You aint foolin nobody clown

    Cvas have the woat defensive rotation of pg's in the nba i.t.,rose and calderon lmaooo man Foh

    Anybody but cleveland please make the finals

    From what ive seen the most insecure fans on here are cavs and celtics fans. Hilarious when they go at each other.

    I'm not insecure, if your team is worse then mines, you're getting these jokes that's how I roll in real life. When did competitive
    Banter turn into catching feelings? I respond with facts too. This the 2nd time this week someone said something false about me without proof. Y'all gonna have to show me the receipts cuz 1st" I make excuses for my team that I don't for anyone else" now we're insecure because
    because we're happy with a roster turnover? Lol I love the anti Celtics vibe in here tho, y'all need proof if you gonna label us tho

    Nigga you talking about me with the bold and I said I got receipts. Its in the old thread about last season to be exact.

    I ain't good at searching for old shit. But what you did exactly was talk about how yall toughed out a win against a sorry team and basically saying how wizards was some shit for barely winning against a sorry team.

    So like I said you gave your team a pass for struggling to get that win and tried to shit on the wizards for struggling to win against a sorry.

    So explain how you excusing the same shit from your team that you not excusing from others is not what I said it was. Which is you giving passes to your team that you don't to others.

    It's bias and hatin man idk why you wasting the time to ask

    You right cause if I remember correctly he still was bullshitting on keeping it 100 when it was shown to him in that thread last season.
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    CapitalB wrote: »
    @Sion this yo vote for "most loyal crew" fam?!?? hahahaha

    It was the correct vote!!
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