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  • Re: Power Season 4 thread: June 25th

    gorilla wrote: »
    The was smart the way Ghost played the old man. But he gettin on my fuckin nerves with the "Angie!! You think I did this!" bullshit.

    Got his family out here bold as shit and he worried the most about what the cunt that's trying to give him the needle thinks of him.

    I don't know if he really give a fuck about what Angie thinks about him but its smart of him to keep putting that "you know me, I wouldn't no sloppy shit like this" in her head. That bitch was moving off emotions but she a lawyer so eventually details and logic have to come into the equation. The details and logic is leading that bitch to realize damn he kills people but he didn't kill Greg.
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  • Re: Roland Martin vs. Dr. Umar Johnson

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    Serious question for the Umar supporters. Do you really think there is a problem with people being skeptical about his plans for the school that haven't come to fruition yet? Granted I get you might have reasons for continued support, but do you really think it's wrong for people to want to grill him on this point?

    Just for clarity. I am a supporter of Black Men and Women who take up the mantle of speaking on topics that affect Blacks while offering ideas and solutions on how to repair or strengthen Black communities.

    Yes, there is a problem. 1. Most if not none of yall gave a dime. 2. You weren't going to send your child there any damn ways. 3. Yall just popping yall gums because you can.

    Yes, for the reasons given above. In addition if, you aint got nothing good to say STFU. Especially as it pertains to Black men and Women that aren't doing harm to the Black community.

    So basically you don't believe in accountability? You believe a black man should be able to collect a bunch of money from other blacks for a cause and no one should be able to ask him about it or hold him accountable. How can you say he's not doing harm to the Black community if you're not willing to hold him accountable. People are accusing him of pimping the community by taking money from it with no intentions of following through. I'm not saying he's doing that and I don't know. I personally hope he's successful with this endeavor, but even as a supporter of him in this matter, it doesn't make sense to me to be mad at people who are asking questions relating to his legitimacy. That should be done for all people that are taking money from others, not just Umar.
    blacktux wrote: »
    I dont disagree with this mans message yesterday, today and likely wont tomorrow.

    That enough for me to fuck wifh em.

    People criticize Polight the same way to this day. I fuck with him too.

    I will always love and respect someone that teaches me. I learned a lot watching this brother and the things i didnt learn he at least stirred up my curiosity to go teach myself.

    You still fuck with Polight now that he's changed his mindset somewhat?

    Any of those people who asking questions but didn't donate need to shut the fuck up. Plain and simple.

    You talk like the initial funding is all he'll ever need. Even if he's successful getting the school up, he's going to need outside funding. All schools do. So what's wrong with people holding back on contributing and waiting to see what becomes of it before going all in. What world do you live in where people hear an idea and throw money at it without any evaluation? That's unwise.

    Now if you're talking about people who just don't care about the school at all and are bashing for the sake of bashing, then get you. I'm just trying to understand why anyone would have a problem with people trying to assess the validity of claims. To me that seems like a common sense effort that anyone interested in something would do.

    I ain't talking like shit. I was very direct with what I said. If you ain't donate then shut the fuck up cause you haven't lost one fucking penny so you should have nothing to say about what that man did or didn't do with SOMEONE else money.

    Who ever said anything was wrong with holding back contributions? Post that cause I haven't said it and I haven't seen anybody else in here say that.

    Trying to asses something and asking questions in an accusatory tone and manner about what was done with some donation money that you never even donated to makes that person a sucka and a hater.

    Most of the people asking questions about that money that has been donated so far are asking in a manner and tone that says they feel Umar has stolen that money. If I was him I wouldn't answer anybody who is questioning me in that manner or hasn't donated.

    Fuck I look answering the questions of someone who is accusing me of stealing or someone asking what I've done with some other peoples money. What that man has done with someone else's money ain't your fucking business.
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  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    silverfoxx wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    TheBoyRo wrote: »

    WTF are the Pelicans thinking??!!!

    Explain. We moving Jrue to the SG. So either Jackson, Lin or Bledsoe about to be a Pelican. Jackson has injury scares that I don't like, character issues, but if on, dude would be a PnR nightmare with two of the best bigs in the game. Actually we would have two PNR players on the court which can give teams fits. Lastly, we will get a pick back from Detroit, which we will then flip and add ours to pick up a respectable wing before training camp starts while still having our MLE and BAE if I'm not mistaking.

    Y'all Niggas been throwing dirt on my team name, them Caw Caw's gonna be at your door if y'all keep playing. All tree of y'all playboi.

    its....JOHN Bsilverfoxx
  • Re: Top 5 Mcs that are....

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    MC Lyte
    Lady of rage
    Mia X

    I never considered Lauryn Hill a rapper

    Wat was she then… if you say artist you rite other wise keep it movin

    Always saw her as a singer/artist and never as a rapper
  • Re: Dude Gets Killed Over Running A Train After Chick Lies And Says She Was Raped

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    D. Morgan wrote: »
    Why not go to all the rape victims within a certain time frame in that city and show them the accused picture in a line up style of photos personally instead plastering an innocent until proven guilty man picture all over the news?

    That way while still investigating a person's name and reputation might not actually be ruined if they are found not guilty or during the course of the investigation its found out that said person couldn't have committed that crime.

    There is no perfect way to do these things without someone feeling violated and the crime victim has actually already been violated. With that said that still doesn't mean that another person's name and reputation should be ruined either especially when there is a possibility that they could be innocent.

    Imagine if accused was mistaken to be someone else by the accuser

    And there 3 witnesses out there who can provide testimony to help clear his name....but they no connections or relations with the accused or accuser

    What would compell them to report what they say to the police if the identity of the accused was kept anonymous

    That's not just me pulling hypotheticals out my ass...but this shit happens all the time

    Beyond enforcing and or tinkering with the laws we already have on the books i dont see there being another good solution legally

    With the exception of doing things like banning the felony conviction box on job apps

    You saying all that like the shit is perfect now and innocent folks don't go to jail.

    No matter the process like I said before some innocent people going to go to jail and some guilty people going to walk free.

    I'm just of the opinion that people's faces shouldn't be plastered everywhere when its quite possible they didn't commit the crime.

    No system is perfect I just feel folks names and faces shouldn't attached to shit before its proven they done it.

    Everybody ain't a good citizen so just because these witnesses favorable to the accused sees his face and can exonerate him doesn't mean they will do so just that because its the right thing to do.

    The main point is even with being proven innocent that still doesn't change the fact that said persons face has now been plastered on the news as a possible rapist when that is a crime he was proven to have not done.

    You know the news and newspaper don't run stories saying the guy picture we've been showing you all for 2 weeks straight has been proven that he isn't the rapist.

    Imagine a father going to pick his child from school how the teachers and parents going to look at him regardless of being proven innocent.

    Child will never be able to have friends come over to the house for birthday parties or sleepovers. All because an innocent man face was on the news for some shit he didn't do.

    I understand the system is flawed

    My point is that what u r proposing makes getting justice exponentially harder ...

    And ppl can move ...only a very small percentage of rape cases make the news and an even smaller percentage make the national news

    A false rape accusation does not always end in the accused life being ruined beyond repair

    See it will celebrities and even average folk

    Their families community continues to support them ...ppl forget...and life moves on

    Sure 4 out of 8 of ppl falsely accused of crimes would rather have not spent X amount of days behind bars stuck in limbo because a mugshot or news report compelled witnesses to come forward

    It seems like ur beef is ultimately with the media not devoting as much attention to tearing a man down as they do to admitting their errors....thats a different issue

    I disagree with making it harder to a conviction.

    You tripping like shit