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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Finals Cavs-Warriors: Part III)

    So yall just gonna ignore this nigga for real
  • Re: Snoop And Daz Fighting At Ricky Harris' Funeral

    I don't know Ricky Harris and Snoop relationship so I won't speak on that.

    I put people into categories and some of those people in a certain category I will do damn near anything for.

    Saying that to say I can be very cool with someone and even grew up with them and known them since elementary school. That don't mean cause I'm rich and you in a fucked up spot that I should give you the money you need to change that position you in.

    Just because I wouldn't give you something don't mean I don't respect you or want the best for you. What you asked for was just something I wouldn't do for you and wouldn't ask you to do for me.

    Yes I would still show up to the funeral because I'm cool with that person, know that person and most all cause I respect that person.
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    If Pacman fought more in the box that fight would not have made it 12rds. He still shook after that Marquez half killed him

    I can't agree with that. Some of yall need to face the facts that Floyd and Manny are washed the fuck up. Depending on who they fight they just still great enough to pull off a win against most of the fighters at 147.

    Manny ain't scared he just not good enough to fight that style of fight for a prolonged stretch anymore to get that KO.

    Let Floyd or Manny fight the wrong young hungry fighter at 147 they getting fucked up.

    They old and both need to be retired and let theses young dudes capture the fans and get their money up. As long as Floyd says shit like he open to come back and Manny fighting folks like Vargas most fans not going to let them go and really give these young dudes a good look.

    Floyd ain't going to fight Spence, Crawford or Thurman. Manny only cause he is hard up for money and controlled by Arum will he possibly fight Crawford so he can be put out of his misery. Arum only doing that fight cause he promote Crawford so he stands to gain from a Crawford or Manny win.

    I ain't paying for shit involving Floyd or Manny unless they fighting one of the best young fighters at 147 or Crawford.
  • Re: Abraxas/Khaleesi What's Really Going On/ The Life of Pablo the Hobo

    Simplicius wrote: »
    Lol man this shit foolish on the real. A magician and a attention craving broad with baby who just got married to nigga she was never really feelin to begin with lol.

    Must of been some intense skyping going on to fully invest yaself into this situation lol. But fuck it, its yall lives.

    Weird mufuckas.

    My nigga, wtf is a full investment? We ain't even met yet bruh. We both living our lives just the same as before we met. The only thing that changed is how we think of each other, on some real shit.

    Y'all need to settle down on the real

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  • Re: Abraxas/Khaleesi What's Really Going On/ The Life of Pablo the Hobo

    deadeye wrote: »
    Khaleesi wrote: »
    DNB1 wrote: »
    Yooo....if Pablo not in on this shit.

    He's reading this shit...

    How you two feel about that?

    He knows about us. I addressed this several pages back.

    Yall need to stop worrying about my husband.


    Some of us are more worried about you than him.

    Personally speaking, I'm concerned with how nonchalant you are about the fact that your husband.......child's father............actually knows that you're in love with another man.

    I mean, there doesn't seem to be any kind of fear or concern at all about how many ways this can end badly for you.

    You might think everything's sweet, but Hector might just be laying back in the cut and letting you believe what you wanna believe.........yet plotting to hurt you in the worst possible way.

    If you get nothing else from this, you need to realize that you can't put anything past anybody.

    The person you underestimate might be the one you need to be worried about the most.

    He gonna put some mexican brick weed in her car. Call the police. When she gets locked up take their baby back to mexico to live miserably ever after!