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    while i understand wanting a ring...i do
    but what happened to being the best because YOU beat the best.

    like someone else said.....niggas called from the parking lot after they loss.
    curry telling niggas....i'll give you the ball.

    where is the competitive spirit?

    this nigga went to the only real threat to another niggas title run.

    i get the whole teams arent loyal shit...

    i dont know.

    honestly.....he gonna regret this shit in the long run....

    this will forever come up in interviews in the future.

    say what you want......but the shit will wear on anyone.


    but (i feel) he damn near sold his soul for this ring.

    KD did just beat the best

    That man ain't going to regret shit!!

    If KD wins another ring or 2 and leads the warriors just like he did for this one ain't nobody gonna bring that shit up at all. There will be another hot take to talk about.

    People will always find a reason to talk down on a nigga accomplishments.

    I didn't like Bron going to miami with Wade and Bosh. I didn't like KD going to the warriors.

    But I can't hate on either of them accomplishing their goals.

    If a teams management ain't getting the job done and/or you not meshing well with the other best player on your team then WTF is the purpose of staying on said team?


    but the nigga used the cheatcode.

    there was a time where a man would be able to be the best but not have a chip.

    he injected himself to the least amount of work possible team.

    he stole the ring bruh.....

    im not dissing the PGCounty area but that nigga did a flash mob and overwhelmed the store security to steal the ring. he aint walk on some boss shit. them niggas bumsrushed the door.

    can you really respect that?

    Did you watch the finals?

    If so ain't no way you can say that man stole that ring. He LED that team to the ring. Durant EARNED that ring.

    So did Lebron steal his rings in Miami?

    Yes I 100% respect the championship the warriors just won.

    Sports is about getting the most amount of talent possible to better your chances to win a championship. It just so happens that KD made a move that all GM's dream about. People do the same shit at the local gym. They try to pick the best 5 players they can get cause if you lose at a crowded gym you might not get another run.

    I don't like what KD did either. I understand him leaving OKC but I would've like to see him try his hand with a team completely built around him. But the more I look at his situation the more I understand the move as well.

    No matter what players on the level of KD and Lebron says the GM runs the team. So they can tell the GM and coach the exact player(s) they want but that don't mean the GM is going to get that exact player or a similar one.

    So I can't blame KD for being the GM of his own career and putting himself in a situation with a group of players that plays a style of ball that he excels at.

    he took over a team that had other players that was good enough to have to cover....he took advantage of that.

    thats what he should do....
    but his shit is forever tainted.

    yall saying dont matter how he got it...he got it.


    dont get mad when yall kids get a trophy for just showing up an they aint even in the pool.

    But if the warriors gm made a trade to get KD nobody would be saying any of this shit. They would be talking about how great the warriors gm is. Why is it such a difference between a players choice and the gm making a trade? The goal is still the get the most talented team possible to try and win a championship.

    You can forever have the skewed view that KD ring is tainted but I ain't.

    He came to a great team was automatically the best player and led a team that lost in the finals last year to a win this year is how he got it to me.

    The bold is apples to oranges comparison. KD was the man on the warriors. KD led that team to this championship. If KD rode the bench your comparison would make sense but in this case that shit 100% wrong

    Why are people trying to play the Durant move as something it isn't. Lmao. The guy had the right to go wherever he wanted to go because he was a free agent. I commend him on proving that all he really wants to do is win with the move he took but I, just like many other people also have the right to give opinions on what he did. It doesn't make my opinion or anybody else's opinion correct. It's just our thoughts and we are entitled to that

    Now with that being said If the GM traded for Durant the Warriors wouldn't be the same team they are. They would've had to give up talent to get him which means that the team wouldn't have been damn near the same team that set a regular season record for wins and just came off of back to back finals appreances. I personally have no problem with a player wanting to win or get their money but I feel that it is sad what Durant did because instead of having the mindset that he could beat the team who he had on the ropes the year before...... he joined them. What he did was similar to what Lebron did but 10 times worse and not even close to what any of the greats before him did in their prime.

    It's like Jordan leaving the Bulls to join the Pistons or Duncan joining the Lakers in their prime. The huge difference between what Durant did (in my mind) and Lebron was at least Lebron had a legit argument that the Cavs front office sucked at finding talent his 1st go round. OKC had a wealth of talent the whole time Durant was there besides his 1st or 2nd season. Durant had all star and championship teammates playing with him. Now I will admit Scott Brooks sucked and their owners pockets weren't as deep as the Warriors but his situation was a bit different than LeBron's and his move was damn near unprecedented.

    I will say that Durant balled out all season and during the playoffs and I look forward to next season to see if his move will make other owners, players and GM's prove how much they want to win.

    No need to address shit that was never alluded to.

    We speaking hypothetically so we don't know what would've been the trade. I said with the obvious intention of the trade keeping the warriors the same as the team that just won.

    That man played with OKC none of us did so if in his mind he knew they couldn't beat the warriors fuck what we all THINK we know about OKC beating the warriors.

    Folks can playing that semantics shit with what KD and Lebron did. Only difference is Lebron didn't go to Boston. Outside of that its the same thing IMO

    OKC front office made dumb ass moves and took the talent of Durant and Westbrook for granted. Those dumb ass moves started with the decision of paying Ibaka over Harden.

    The end result is what they got KD gone with nothing in return and Westbrook playing with the new age version of A.I. 76ers.

    KD also may have felt that Billy Donovan wasn't an upgrade over Scott Brooks.
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    I heard some folks yesterday say "the warriors have 4 HOF playing for them right now".

    That wasn't from some fans on the street or internet.

    Who the fuck are the other 2 HOF and I ain't sure Steph Curry is a HOF?
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    So yall just gonna ignore this nigga for real
  • Re: Snoop And Daz Fighting At Ricky Harris' Funeral

    I don't know Ricky Harris and Snoop relationship so I won't speak on that.

    I put people into categories and some of those people in a certain category I will do damn near anything for.

    Saying that to say I can be very cool with someone and even grew up with them and known them since elementary school. That don't mean cause I'm rich and you in a fucked up spot that I should give you the money you need to change that position you in.

    Just because I wouldn't give you something don't mean I don't respect you or want the best for you. What you asked for was just something I wouldn't do for you and wouldn't ask you to do for me.

    Yes I would still show up to the funeral because I'm cool with that person, know that person and most all cause I respect that person.
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    If Pacman fought more in the box that fight would not have made it 12rds. He still shook after that Marquez half killed him

    I can't agree with that. Some of yall need to face the facts that Floyd and Manny are washed the fuck up. Depending on who they fight they just still great enough to pull off a win against most of the fighters at 147.

    Manny ain't scared he just not good enough to fight that style of fight for a prolonged stretch anymore to get that KO.

    Let Floyd or Manny fight the wrong young hungry fighter at 147 they getting fucked up.

    They old and both need to be retired and let theses young dudes capture the fans and get their money up. As long as Floyd says shit like he open to come back and Manny fighting folks like Vargas most fans not going to let them go and really give these young dudes a good look.

    Floyd ain't going to fight Spence, Crawford or Thurman. Manny only cause he is hard up for money and controlled by Arum will he possibly fight Crawford so he can be put out of his misery. Arum only doing that fight cause he promote Crawford so he stands to gain from a Crawford or Manny win.

    I ain't paying for shit involving Floyd or Manny unless they fighting one of the best young fighters at 147 or Crawford.