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D. Morgan
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  • Re: 'Creed' - 2015 Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Phylicia Rashad & Tessa Thompson.

    I still haven't seen the first Creed.

    Is it worth a watch?
  • Re: White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    so whats the tally?

    3 dead crackers..
    1 in jail..

    not one dead nigga? not one nigga in jail??

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.. keep the party going!! lmmfao

    1 nigga got his ass whooped and I think a few were injured by the car, but other than that we came looking clean.
    Cain wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    So ILL wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    so whats the tally?

    3 dead crackers..
    1 in jail..

    not one dead nigga? not one nigga in jail??

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.. keep the party going!! lmmfao
    You ain't lying. This is the shit you just sit back in the cut and watch like a movie while you eat snacks lol.

    and not to mention..
    two of them dead fucks were POLICE!!?!?

    and niggas in here mad!!? smmfh

    I don't wish death on nobody but the cops death have not really been talked about. I felt sorry for the white broad getting killed though. I agree with you though on the so back and watch this play out. If some do called woke CAC won't to get ran over and beat up for the cause cool and a bunch of Naxi and KKK faggots dying as well. I'm not going to be outraged over it.

    I will feel for their families tho

    that house nigga had no business bein there..
    his fault..

    and i dont wish death on no one either but im numb to it..
    not due to the media either.. iv been numb to death for years now..

    but this is the type of shit i said would happen America is bein destroyed from within..
    they have nothin left to feed on but themselves..

    niggas aint about that life i dont care how tuff they talk on here orelse they wouldve been bucked.. the monster has to be fed tho.. and now its feedin on itself..

    im good wit that..
    let this shit destroy itself and we build from that..
    its gonna get a whole lot worse.. but it has to in order for it to get better..

    I can understand your reasoning for not thinking black people should be out there. But I'm not understanding the whole "house nigga" shit. It's not like they were out there bootlicking. They were out there going to war with Nazis. Since when is battling racists house nigga shit?

    okay.. sorry for the delay the GoT thread distracted me..
    we had some new developments! hahahaha

    but yeh..
    all house niggas wasnt necessarily "boot lickers" but they was still in the house..

    sayin that to say a house nigga has a certain mentality..

    he believes for whatever reason in the system.. which is why u see niggas in here upset Trump is destroyin it.. (they house) a house nigga believes in protests.. a house nigga believes that deep down his master gives a fuck about him and can be reasoned with..

    Martin Luther King was a house nigga..
    Malcolm was a field nigga..

    there is a difference..

    u dont fight racism by protesting.. why are we even fightin racism!? ita gonna alwaya be here.. we always fightin for muthafuckas ro accept us when we ahould be empowering ourself so a muthafucka will respect us..

    but nah.. lets march and beg for shit.. or be mad and scream at shit..

    this aint our fight.. only thing them niggas is doin out there is gettin in the way of these white folks killin theyself.. they let us kill each other and go to jail for it they aint gotta fight us..

    well look how the tables have turned..

    But you seen what happened when he woke up?

    what u mean?? them poppin his ass?? lol


    yeh.. by that time the damage was done..
    they got his ass up outta here quick fast before he could change the narrative..

    then they told niggas he'a the one we should be celebrating..

    like seriously..
    how the fuck they go tell us who we should celebrate!?

    EVERY black kid ESPECIALLY boy shouls read and know about Malcolm X.. i didnt really know KNOW until like 5yrs ago and thats a goddamn shame.. my kids will know about the real gangstas in black history.. not the niggas who white folks was comfortable wit..

    I know this doesnt relate, but people dont really realize how radical MLK was and how he believed that America needed a "radical redistribution of wealth and power. "

    They made his legacy mainstream- the nice black guy who told us racism was bad. They have tried to purge a lot of his radical views that made the establishment uncomfortable like his views on capitalism and the church.

    Kinda of reminds of the story where Jesus got pissed off at the merchants selling stuff in front of the temple and started f**king shit up. You hardily hear about that when religion talks about Jesus. He came to fuck shit up and to challenge the establishment but some how that got lost in this purge to make him more palatable like MLK.

    I know about this well.. not much about the Church..
    but that was another reason he had to get clapped for him communist ties and dialogue..

    cause class is the real enemy.. not race..
    and he started to target that and poor white folks started to listen.. and then he had to go..

    Why do ppl listen to this idiot? The MFer doesn't know what the fuck he is saying.

    And this bolded here just makes it clearer. The real problem is not class, it is race.

    Exhibit A: of the type of so called black person that we need to leave behind no matter which path we choose to get to the finish line.

    This the type of person I could NEVER have around me.

    And I don't want to be around a dumb negro WHO TO THIS DAY still says that he's not sure Hillary would have been better for blacks than Trump.


    I was going to type a serious response to this but these two memes sum up exactly what I was going to say

  • Re: The Official World Politics Thread - All Breaking News here.

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    fortyacres wrote: »
    Hilary as president wouldn't have done shit cuz congress would block everything like they did with obama

    She would have faired better than this embarrassment we have got now, i can tell you that...

    I am not embarrassed by anything Trump has said or done.

    I'm loving every nanosecond of the embarrassment he causing this country on a global scale and hopes he keeps it up and causes the destruction of this system we SURVIVING under.

    It ain't about being embarrassed.

    The policy's they are pushing is a direct threat to us and our progress.

    Are you not paying attention to what's going on?

    What exactly is our progress?

    Are we still not being modern day lynched?

    Are we still not treated as 2nd and 3rd class citizens in this country?

    Are still not more than double the national average for unemployment?

    By policy pushing you mean the same shit they've been doing to us regardless of it being on the books or not?

    You need to ask yourself the bold

  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    while i understand wanting a ring...i do
    but what happened to being the best because YOU beat the best.

    like someone else said.....niggas called from the parking lot after they loss.
    curry telling niggas....i'll give you the ball.

    where is the competitive spirit?

    this nigga went to the only real threat to another niggas title run.

    i get the whole teams arent loyal shit...

    i dont know.

    honestly.....he gonna regret this shit in the long run....

    this will forever come up in interviews in the future.

    say what you want......but the shit will wear on anyone.


    but (i feel) he damn near sold his soul for this ring.

    KD did just beat the best

    That man ain't going to regret shit!!

    If KD wins another ring or 2 and leads the warriors just like he did for this one ain't nobody gonna bring that shit up at all. There will be another hot take to talk about.

    People will always find a reason to talk down on a nigga accomplishments.

    I didn't like Bron going to miami with Wade and Bosh. I didn't like KD going to the warriors.

    But I can't hate on either of them accomplishing their goals.

    If a teams management ain't getting the job done and/or you not meshing well with the other best player on your team then WTF is the purpose of staying on said team?


    but the nigga used the cheatcode.

    there was a time where a man would be able to be the best but not have a chip.

    he injected himself to the least amount of work possible team.

    he stole the ring bruh.....

    im not dissing the PGCounty area but that nigga did a flash mob and overwhelmed the store security to steal the ring. he aint walk on some boss shit. them niggas bumsrushed the door.

    can you really respect that?

    Did you watch the finals?

    If so ain't no way you can say that man stole that ring. He LED that team to the ring. Durant EARNED that ring.

    So did Lebron steal his rings in Miami?

    Yes I 100% respect the championship the warriors just won.

    Sports is about getting the most amount of talent possible to better your chances to win a championship. It just so happens that KD made a move that all GM's dream about. People do the same shit at the local gym. They try to pick the best 5 players they can get cause if you lose at a crowded gym you might not get another run.

    I don't like what KD did either. I understand him leaving OKC but I would've like to see him try his hand with a team completely built around him. But the more I look at his situation the more I understand the move as well.

    No matter what players on the level of KD and Lebron says the GM runs the team. So they can tell the GM and coach the exact player(s) they want but that don't mean the GM is going to get that exact player or a similar one.

    So I can't blame KD for being the GM of his own career and putting himself in a situation with a group of players that plays a style of ball that he excels at.

    he took over a team that had other players that was good enough to have to cover....he took advantage of that.

    thats what he should do....
    but his shit is forever tainted.

    yall saying dont matter how he got it...he got it.


    dont get mad when yall kids get a trophy for just showing up an they aint even in the pool.

    But if the warriors gm made a trade to get KD nobody would be saying any of this shit. They would be talking about how great the warriors gm is. Why is it such a difference between a players choice and the gm making a trade? The goal is still the get the most talented team possible to try and win a championship.

    You can forever have the skewed view that KD ring is tainted but I ain't.

    He came to a great team was automatically the best player and led a team that lost in the finals last year to a win this year is how he got it to me.

    The bold is apples to oranges comparison. KD was the man on the warriors. KD led that team to this championship. If KD rode the bench your comparison would make sense but in this case that shit 100% wrong

    Why are people trying to play the Durant move as something it isn't. Lmao. The guy had the right to go wherever he wanted to go because he was a free agent. I commend him on proving that all he really wants to do is win with the move he took but I, just like many other people also have the right to give opinions on what he did. It doesn't make my opinion or anybody else's opinion correct. It's just our thoughts and we are entitled to that

    Now with that being said If the GM traded for Durant the Warriors wouldn't be the same team they are. They would've had to give up talent to get him which means that the team wouldn't have been damn near the same team that set a regular season record for wins and just came off of back to back finals appreances. I personally have no problem with a player wanting to win or get their money but I feel that it is sad what Durant did because instead of having the mindset that he could beat the team who he had on the ropes the year before...... he joined them. What he did was similar to what Lebron did but 10 times worse and not even close to what any of the greats before him did in their prime.

    It's like Jordan leaving the Bulls to join the Pistons or Duncan joining the Lakers in their prime. The huge difference between what Durant did (in my mind) and Lebron was at least Lebron had a legit argument that the Cavs front office sucked at finding talent his 1st go round. OKC had a wealth of talent the whole time Durant was there besides his 1st or 2nd season. Durant had all star and championship teammates playing with him. Now I will admit Scott Brooks sucked and their owners pockets weren't as deep as the Warriors but his situation was a bit different than LeBron's and his move was damn near unprecedented.

    I will say that Durant balled out all season and during the playoffs and I look forward to next season to see if his move will make other owners, players and GM's prove how much they want to win.

    No need to address shit that was never alluded to.

    We speaking hypothetically so we don't know what would've been the trade. I said with the obvious intention of the trade keeping the warriors the same as the team that just won.

    That man played with OKC none of us did so if in his mind he knew they couldn't beat the warriors fuck what we all THINK we know about OKC beating the warriors.

    Folks can playing that semantics shit with what KD and Lebron did. Only difference is Lebron didn't go to Boston. Outside of that its the same thing IMO

    OKC front office made dumb ass moves and took the talent of Durant and Westbrook for granted. Those dumb ass moves started with the decision of paying Ibaka over Harden.

    The end result is what they got KD gone with nothing in return and Westbrook playing with the new age version of A.I. 76ers.

    KD also may have felt that Billy Donovan wasn't an upgrade over Scott Brooks.
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    I heard some folks yesterday say "the warriors have 4 HOF playing for them right now".

    That wasn't from some fans on the street or internet.

    Who the fuck are the other 2 HOF and I ain't sure Steph Curry is a HOF?
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