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D. Morgan
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  • Re: The emasculation of the Black Man continues...

    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    not a war on men but a war on black masculinity.. they already replaced us as the head of our household...

    That is some shit too many black men ALLOWED to happen IMO

    Years in the making. Slave masters removed Black men from the home. Govt. assistance programs required Black men to leave the home. Many did so that their families could have a chance. In addition to mass incarceration which, was also designed to remove the Black man from the home.

    Problem is, we haven't wised up and still fall victim.

    Not denying any of that but the bold is more where I was coming from.
  • Re: The emasculation of the Black Man continues...

    aneed123 wrote: »
    not a war on men but a war on black masculinity.. they already replaced us as the head of our household...

    That is some shit too many black men ALLOWED to happen IMO
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  • Re: The Official World Politics Thread - All Breaking News here.

    JJ_Evans wrote: »
    Fosheezy wrote: »
    Defending ppl right to fairly vote as they have the freedom is not the same as defending or agreeing with their vote. Y'all want the easy way out, but it just go to show the depths lack of y'all ability of critical thinking.

    This is the shit that I've been talking about.

    "The easy way out?".........

    You're either an undercover racist white person or you're an extremely dumb nigga.

    There were two choices in this past election and it was easy as fuck for black folks.


    [b]Vote for Hillary[/b] = Progression of Obama's agenda that gave niggas healthcare, freed niggas with crack cases from prison, slowly bringing jobs to niggas, slowly making college affordable for niggas, setting up the Supreme Court to be nigga-friendly for the next 30 years, etc, etc, etc...........


    Vote for Trump = The muthafuckin KKK in the White House, Justice Department, and Supreme Court.

    Like someone posted earlier, these racist ass white folks stick together all the way down to their talking point.

    My people on the other hand, never want to move in lock step and always got a group of smart/dumb niggas that think they know everything and want to be the boss. This thinking is the exact reason why we see shit like we saw yesterday.

    Stop with the fucking lies!!

    You nor anybody else know exactly what that lying ass bitch would've done.

    Niggas like you need to stop with the Stephen from Django shit for Hillary Clinton

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  • Re: Cool or Corny: 2 Chainz makes pink trap house to promote new album.

    dwade206 wrote: »
    Lmao, only Black people, not all, will poke fun at their own genocide and say "Oh, lighten up. It ain't that serious." As I said before, sometimes it feels like you're playing on a losing team, smh.

    Why should I as a black person take this bullshit seriously?
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    I heard some folks yesterday say "the warriors have 4 HOF playing for them right now".

    That wasn't from some fans on the street or internet.

    Who the fuck are the other 2 HOF and I ain't sure Steph Curry is a HOF?
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