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D. Morgan
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  • Re: How Do You Eat Your Steak?

    Fliet mignon with caramelized onions cooked medium well. Cast iron skillet then into the oven!!

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  • Re: Haitian Jack Breaks Silence To Call Out Suge Knight !!!

    loch121 wrote: »
    He know suge locked up now he wanna talk lol

    I doubt that matters jack is a killer flat out.

    He's also a known fed informant.

    The worse type of nigga in the streets.The type that will rob,kill,and snitch on you.

    That's a triple whammy right there.

    Is it possible to snitch on a dead man though?

    Yes but it don't have the same affect cause they dead now so nothing can happen to them.

    People do it more than you think.

    I have heard niggas getting locked up for a body and tell the police their dead homie did it just to get off. There is no way to prove the dead nigga didn't do it when the nigga giving the police the details that they didn't know. Dude telling the police this everything that my dead homie told me that happened.
  • Re: Cam and Jimmy bickering on Dave East's IG

    Wayne and Juelz were the two hottest in the game at one point then Juelz got lazy, idk what's hard to understand about that

    That was never true for Juelz.

    I don't know where the fuck yall getting that shit from. That nigga name wasn't ringing like that
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  • Re: Kanye West Vs 50 Cent

    I will always listen to 50 before Kanye.

    I've never listened to a full Kayne album.
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  • Re: Fair or foul: Marquise Jackson Says Dad 50 Cents Needs Therapy

    zzombie wrote: »
    D. Morgan wrote: »
    zzombie wrote: »
    deadeye wrote: »
    zzombie wrote: »
    all parents have a responsibility to make sure their children are educated. University is expensive so in this case 50 cent should pay it even aside from the school fees sending a child to university is very expensive.

    When you are family YOU don't need decades of life experience to see when your loved one has emotional and personality issues

    Since he's 18.........I know the law doesn't work that way........but 50 should be able to cut the mother out of the picture all together and just give the money to his son.

    It's child support.........not alimony.

    She shouldn't get a dime at this point.

    But 50 has said he wants nothing to do with the kid so what do you expect the mother to do if she needs the money for his school

    Get a job? Or is that off the table for her because of who the child father is and the money he has?

    It's not about her she could be a scumbag her son being the son of 50 by right shouldn't have to worry about school money and is entitled to a certain lifestyle.

    Nobody child is entitled to shit. Fuck you think this shit is. That line of thinking is fucking retarded.

    A parent providing a life of luxury for their child is a choice not a fucking requirement.

    College is some optional shit. A parent don't have to pay for that. Most do because they can afford it and want to give their child the best opportunities to succeed. But they don't have to do that shit at all and that wouldn't make them bad parents if they chose not to pay for it.
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