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  • Re: Morgan Freeman comes out and tells the truth! Will you accept it?

    VIBE wrote: »

    Why is Morgan freeman saying all this? Why now? Any thoughts?

    1. Because he's using his celebrity status to be a voice for millions.

    2. Because Trump is our President due to Russian influence.

    It's not what you're making it out to be; some grand biblical fucking sign. It's cause and effect. It's been like this since the elections. The only damn "end is near" is the investigation and his Presidency.

    TIME magazine would like to have a word with you @VIBE @Inglewood_B


    Not sure why I got @ed here... but what up tho

    Jesus loves you and He put you on my heart my friend. Amen.
  • Re: Morgan Freeman comes out and tells the truth! Will you accept it?

    silverfoxx wrote: »
    But @silverfoxx why is Morgan Freeman coming out and saying all this? Why now? Why Him?

    I've been warning about Russia for years. It's just interesting how this came out

    As a past cryptozoologist, who spent numerous days of studying HAARP, Mayan Calendar, 9/11, The Denver Airport, Biblical prophecies, nostrodamous, Zeitgeist documentries , etc you name it I've certainly been on the end of receiving threats and having anxiety and paranoia to go outside from my studies.

    Propaganda videos predicting the worlds end or next great destruction is certainly fascinating, but folks don't show the other side of what the videos do to loyalists.

    My girlfriend is currently depressed, and is paranoid because her family member has been partaking in irrational behavior for months based on videos published on YouTube and sites and that create a state of fear, panic, and anxiety. It's to the point now where we have to factor in paid professionals to provide therapy and counseling for her family member, while my girlfriend has to worry daily about her family member conditions.

    So as a person who has faced depression, anxiety, and lost faith in humanity from theories that state an possible demise, ive learned to live comfortably in a state of ignorance, while maintaining a open relationship with God. Because to live in a state of worry, is not living at all.

    Thanks for sharing insight into your personal life my friend. I never knew the other side of things. People in my circle of influence have a strong foundation in the LORD which must be paramount when looking into these topics. It's never been my mission to do any type of harm to anybody. Only to inform people that there are things out there that don't appear as they seem. While most mock and scoff, the few who do understand have never informed me of being influenced to the point of depression and anxiety as in the case of your families situation.

    I can see how these things can happen though because the enemy works tirelessly to steal, kill, and destroy. If you are asleep to these things he's working to keep that person asleep; if you are awake to these things he's working tirelessly to cast doubt, instill fear, and stop you from sharing these things. He's relentless in his attacks.

    Thank God that his time is almost up and the final act is about to commence. With the lateness of the hour at hand and everything going according to what was written in the word of God, it is my sole mission to exalt Jesus Christ and warn the world of whats to come. Hallelujah!

    Your family is in my prayers my brother. Jesus gives rest to the weary, calms the storms of anxiety and depression, takes all our burdens upon Himself. May the whole armor of God be fitted on you and your family as we all push through the final leg of the race! The finish line is near and I prat that we will all finish strong. God bless you my friend. Amen.
  • Re: Jay-Z Turns Down Offer To Perform At 2018 Superbowl Possibly As A Protest Against NFL Racism

    Last super bowl was played when the Falcons lost to the Patriots. No super bowl in 2018 or after that. Amen.

    Nigga can you ever stay on topic without bringing up white Jesus?

    I said nothing about Jesus. You did. Amen.
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    i ro ny wrote: »

    Little shop of horrors talked about this date 30 years ago.

    Look at GINA singing the song back in her teenage days:

    Cinco i ro nyonetoughmiracleVIBEtexas409BenjaminESuperManueltompetrez3
  • Re: DoUwant2go2Heaven Did You Predict The Hurricanes?

    VIBE wrote: »
    goldenja wrote: »
    VIBE wrote: »
    and FOH w that 9/23 end of the world shit

    You're the only one assuming the end of the world..

    that's where his shit spawns... everyone talking about 9/23 like they did w 12/21

    No. The 9/23/2017 great sign in heaven was written about nearly 2,000 years ago in the book of Revelation. Now it is about to be fulfilled in 6 days. Amen.

    The "god" of this world has used the people who worship him to hide the date in numerous entertainment avenues for decades! This is what the enemy has been waiting for because the next thing to happen is that he appears!

    Look at this:

    You think this is just a child story with no meaning behind it?

    This is what is about to happen! When the devil is cast down to the earth (after the planets align on 9/23) he will open the bottomless pit! This is in the Bible! Right there in Revelation 12 and Revelation 9.

    I've spent countless hours reasoning with people by the word of God and few understand. Now when the works of darkness is exposed by the light, things that have been hidden in plain sight, people still shrug it off as malarkey and hogwash.

    It's insane the lengths people will go to in order to deny the truth, no matter how it's presented.