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HafBayked ✭✭✭✭✭


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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    MsSouthern wrote: »
    @HafBayked ....I may or may not know about this life lol I'm not into tormenting but I do like some strong choking and spanking for sure. But only when I'm a bad girl ....


    mmhh hmm I bet you cut up real good
    MsSouthernKat i ro ny
  • Re: What was it like when u were broke/lowest?

    5 pages in and nobody ever shit in a bucket wit a grocery bag before huh....


    thats good.....thats real good

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  • Re: What was it like when u were broke/lowest?

    HafBayked wrote: »
    nun wrong wit $49 kicks.....shit thats a welcoming sight these days and I got more than I've ever had

    just got everybody in the crib some chucks the other day.....spent like $120 w/ shoe cleaner, socks, and tax and felt damn good about it

    we aint go talk about how my socks cost 40$ a pair. :confounded:
    yall know im jus an idiot wit money..
    iv always been consistent wit that..

    so nevermind me. lol

    i cant knock you

    my wife likes them high ass socks to work out in (be more like 3 for $45 tho), we buy em *shrugs*

    we all spend on certain shit that we know we dont need

    I was just making a point of the 50 dollar shoes....of course all my shoes dont cost that much but im happy if I find a pair shiiiit lol


    I mainly splurge on my habits/entertainment as thats what makes me happy.....I really care less and less about clothes and shit the more I settle into married life....I get out wit my girls in a v neck and cargos and some skater shoes or flip flops just chill bill
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    3Hunna wrote: »
    HafBayked wrote: »
    swear fo god im looking far all these places whenever I visit london

    they gone look at me dumb as shit when I go in the bar askin how to get to Stonebizzy block

    From the centre of the city Oxford Circus station get on the Bakerloo line to Harlesden station

    Do not wear a red bandanna, a rolex watch, any jewels

    word, ima leave the AP in the bando with the goonie gods

    not wit Stew he'll get my shit confiscated

    but im definitely coming flamed the fuck up

    I aint no blood I just look good in red

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  • Re: now this is an epic brake check

    HafBayked wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    If someone brake checks me I simply wait until the next lane is clear and go around them. The person in the Honda was an asshole but the guy tailgating was more in the wrong.

    No, if you're in the left lane you're supposed to be passing. If you're cruising in that lane and a car comes up behind you, regardless of their speed, you're supposed to get over to the right to let faster traffic by.

    nah lol

    i mean I get the rules but if we in a 65 and im already doing 75-80 and you come barrelling down on me.....fuck you

    ya'll better buckle up ouchea

    and you're the nigga that causes these accidents.

    Let that pride shit go. You ain't above gettin over when someone flashes their high beams. There's been times when I was on the 696 or I94 flying at 90-100mph in my Mustangs, S12, or my old Prelude Si and had a cat coming up behind me like I was in reverse. I got over, let him pass, then got back over there and continued rollin out.

    aight mane lol....

    all this shit is subjective and depends on the situation and even a persons mood that day

    so no matter which way you cut it we all got habits that are potentially dangerous for whatever reason

    still fairly young but I got a perfect driving record at the moment.....most of the accidents I've witnessed were caused by some fearless speed demon who thought the road was theirs *shrugs*