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  • Re: Viral (supposed) Bullied kids Mom is in hot water

    saw the lil dude this morning

    while I felt for him, I knew it either wasnt that serious (as in the kid wasnt hurt) or somebody (mom) was trumping shit up a little

    I didnt have this shit on my mind tho

    cant even be silently compassionate in the morning without gettin ganked for it smh & lol

    fuck everybody
    atribecalledgabi7figzAlready Home_17jee504deadeyeSneakDZA
  • Re: The Leader Of The New Fatherless Generation: Guess His Name?

    on a serious note I see these lil guys and what they're doing even if I dont feel it.....and at the same time understand the role some of my generation played in creating this....I know I personally didnt show the youngins around me no different and neither did anybody else I was around

    talking about it on here I see it wasnt as rampant everywhere as I thought but there has BEEN a new drug culture in the streets (which automatically relays to hip hop culture).....where as the early 80's babies were more hustle minded and just smoked weed and drank liquor and sold all that other shit......late 80's and early 90's kids were all coming of age around 2005, which is when i can remember nothing but drugs lol.....everybody did everything to the max all of a sudden...there was no "white drugs/black drugs" (still never seen/met a black meth head tho lol) or shit you couldnt do around people anymore

    anyway I said all that to say the kids were watching mane...simple as that

    and kids cant decipher entertainment from reality....they figured niggas really "party like a rockstar" everyday and stay "wasted" and were able to maintain businesses and all this money....which was wrong

    not just the drugs either but the life of "leisure" along with that is whats killing them and I think thats the biggest difference.....we still played ball and did normal shit the next day and then went in again that night...but the party never stops now....they dont go outside, no exercise, shit they barely eat food...look how frail they all are....aint no pushups before the show we just gone snort these xans and take our shoes off lmao and smh
    Chi Snow
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!


    let the church say amen

    carry on...
  • Re: SilverfoxxETO - Purple Dreadhead Jazzman

    dat shit slappin boy


  • Re: The FINAL 2017 Official FALL/WINTER Pic Thread: Series Finale

    why does every disagreement have to be somebody mad?

    this is why I said "in the typical senses"....meaning ya'll live in, every day, know each others schedules, got kids and shit to do together just about every other day

    I dont see it....not wit mine....thats just me

    I know some I could have pulled that over on tho lol