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  • Re: What’s The Meaning of Your Screen Name?

    Meester wrote: »
    Google said its African for master

    Its Dutch fam. Means Afrikaans (basically oldskool colonial south African Dutch) it means master aswell. Just like in English it means master but male kindergarten n primary school teachers are called meester aswell lol.
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  • Re: Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Teaser Trailer

    Don't take those fanboy boards to seriously fam, one might aswell say Tekken n SC are trash 3D fighters cause they lack the depth of Virtua Fighter...I remember folks hating on Smash Bros and thinking it's not a real fighting game...even when Smash hit the competitive scene mofos were still complaining... shit until this day even've got so called purist out there still playing Blaz Blue n talking shit about other fighters...I loved Blaz Blue but shit lacked characters n after I while I need new shit to play...mofos out there playing the same shit for a decade man.

    Try playing MK/Injustice with someone who knows your style a bit or play the multiverse/tower challenge modes, you'll discover there is more to the combat gameplay than at first glance...
  • Re: Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Teaser Trailer

    focus wrote: »
    I like TMNT. I just wouldn't get hyped about them being shoehorned into MvCI. I'd rather have Surfer, Doom, a few Xmen characters, Asura, Captain Commando, an Onimusha rep, etc... before some random guests.

    But youre not getting them either

    Its not like Injustice left out Batman, Superman Wonder Woman, etc. They can afford guest characters. The Turtles are comic characters first anyway.

    Who knows what we're getting. If they manage to bounce back like they did with SFV, we'll still be getting new characters when IJ2 is a memory. That's not exactly guaranteed, but it's not impossible either. And yeah the Turtles are comics but they aren't DC comics and there are plenty of iconic characters that are still missing from IJ2. From what I've seen the reception has been mixed. A lot of the people who are hyped by this announcement don't even play the game. That might be a good thing though if people decide to buy the game.

    Fam Injustice shits all over MvC man it's not even close.Combat Gameplay is up to preference but content wise Injustice 2 is lightyears ahead of MvC...just check out the customization options n unlockables alone....Capcom could support MvC for the next decade and still not equal the amount Injustice offers right now fam...and if they ever would they would charge you hundreds of dollars for it lol.
  • Re: Tight Jeans Slaps His Girlfriend In Public..... (Who Raised These Young Niggaz??)

    Hoes acting up in the pool? Take some notes from Sean:

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  • Re: Foreign (non US) Film, World Cinema & TV recommendation thread.

    From looking at the views and post count of this thread I guess one can conclude that the IC gives no fucks about foreign films lmao